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I stood firm and watch the ongoing drama,waiting for Richie to send her out of his mansion because of the decent dress I switched to a call girl dress.But come to



think of it,her skin did not turn flaky and blemish like mine,instead it glow the more.


“what’s happening????


“Neutro skin fairness is. known to be the most worst skin blemish treatment. it tends to destroy natural skins….


She’s lucky,


making me to look stupid because I just made her look like a rare creature….


But I’m very sure that this dressing is gonna upset Richie.


He doesn’t like nonsense….


he’s soooo jealous…


he doesn’t like his woman body to be exposed like this….


“ummmm walk away already”.


I click inwardly, waiting for what will unfolds.


From where I stand beside the last stairs,I can see the tears dripping out of her eyes and Richie was staring as if it is the first time he saw a girl.


He stared at her from her hair to the nails of her feet.


the two weren’t talking,


even the maids just keep their heads low.


“your Excellency sir,


“you know am the only one assigned to enter ma’am Nare room. I swear I didn’t give her this cloth to wear. I’m very sure someone must have switch it”. the rude girl speak. Making my heart skip multiple beats.


Richie bat his lashes and moved close to Nanare.


it looked exactly like a knife was stabbed into my heart.


“what is he gonna do to her???


my heart whimpered in pain.


I might even get caught.


he moved closer to her….



I know she’s scared of what he’s gonna do to her and so she bowed her head and reduce the rate at which she was crying but I want to see her crying.


He lifted her chin,


sgr closed her eyes in gear cuz his eyes were shining fire.


“open your eyes”


I heard the whispers of his voice speaking honor.


“No,honey,let me close it”


she replied and did exactly what I want by crying.


I love it when she cries but it is just painful that crying makes her more beautiful….


the very first time I saw her laughing with her twin sister,I went mad.


“open your eyes”


Richie said again.


My brain can’t interpret the emotions he is speaking with,he’s just so fluent.


“Rich,let it be like this, please”


she replied with her lashes sticking with tears.


“well,someone might go crazy if you won’t open it” he said,this time more commanding.


He held her waist,


it looked exactly like he will die if he doesn’t do that.


I hide my face not wanting to see them kiss.I would have loved it if he sends her out but no,he likes the poor thing so much.


He sent his ringed fingers into her hair and kissed her forehead down to her red lips.


I feel like dieing cuz the kiss was just the best I have ever seen.


So slow and steady.


She’s good in kissing.


“who taught her?????????


I was mad.I almost screamed.


30minutes passed,they are still like that.Ohh Mhesha!!!!


I watch their tongues locking and unlocking,wishing I am the one he’s kissing with.


“if I should come in my next life,I will keep falling in love with you” he said and kissed her neck while she held him tight.




“see what am missing!!!!


He took her in a bridal style,


I fumed in little anger.


My urge to want her dead keep increasing.


Why on earth will they always be together?????


He took her in a bridal style and passed my presence to the main door while his guards followed them.


one was holding is phones and car key while three of them carried three of his briefcase.


I know it contained money.


But wait,does Richie know that I’m on this mansion????


I wondered teriffied.


“Sir Richie confirmed an intruder here.Pat,check the projector for confirmation” Pedro(the head of guards) commands.


“ohhh no!


“I feel like running away”.


“I don’t want to be locked up like my mom cuz I know Richie can be patient and kind enough….but his one second of hot temperdness is a hell. I need to escape quickly.


“yes,I’m checking the camera’s and everything” pat replied.


“and am suspecting somebody” the rude girl exclaimed.





“they will catch me”


my teeth started shaking.


I better run away.


I stylishly took the direction to the golden hallway since its the only linking hallway to the presidential mansion.


“lock the gates!!!!


I heard another whisper but I won’t still give up.


I run till I get myself in a spacious place.


I raised the fake gown up and brought a purse,out underneath my gown slowly so that the injections there won’t shook me.


I removed my phone from my bra and phoned Tasha.



hi baby!!!


are you now luring him sweater in bed or his he deeply in love with that shit???? Tasha rushed words.


Tasha,it ain’t easy,the securities are strict, sooo tight.I’m seeing myself as a suspect and it seems Richie knows I’m here. You know Richie is unpredictable!! he might want to catch me unaware.” I replied.


escape fast!!! she replied.


the gates are,locked” I replied.



ummm call Dylan”,she said,I dropped these call.


I call Dylan.



have you gotten the crown??? he asked,I rolled my eyeballs.


I’m screwed!!! I rushed words.


The projector started beeping red lights.



I drop the call and run away,I got to the backyard and crawled on my fours till I managed to hide behind the flowers,hoping that I will escape.




enchanted by adesola adeomowole.




The drive was very cool and silent.


I wonder,where,he’s driving to,


I wanted to asks but his looks shunned me out.


His phones started ringing,


he checked the caller ID and didn’t pick up.


The phone ringed persistently but he ignored. I check who was calling, I saw Kd’s picture.


Kd is calling him but he is not picking, he just continue driving.


“ohhh no, my boyfriend is hot tempered!.


“why is he angry?????


“can he just smile????


“why is my boyfriend so cute???


I look at his ringed fingers on the steering. He look really innocent with his swags


but him not smiling…….


a real bullet for cuteness.


“sir Richie, can you smile for me??


I pouted lowly.


he didn’t answer.


Instead,he removed one,hands from the steering and used it to squeeze my hands.


“sir Richie smile!!!


“hot temper is not good…..” I pouted lowly again.


He left my hands and kissed my cheeks while still driving.


“sir accident!!!!


I screamed,he stop and control the car in a swift.


Then,he let out a cute smile.


“do you know that Mhesha is in our mansion?????


he said,I kept quiet.


“I saw her face….


I saw how she fooled one of the guards by pretending to be a maid in the CCTV” he said and bite his lower lip.


“so what are you going to do???


I asked.


He made a wide smile till his dimples couldn’t go further deeper.


That dimples!!!!


it means death for Mhesha.


“I know she switched the clothes”


he took his lips and look at my laps with his tongues out.




I covered my laps with my hands.


He won’t stop looking.


“well,I like it!!!


he smiled but I know that those killing smiles are thinking of the next thing to do. I wonder where he got brains from!










(drunk in love )





© adesola adeomowole. m.

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