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episode three .




I think am having heart attack just because of what she said.


“ummm yes,I’ve done it with with 1,2,3,4…yes with 4people” she replied my headache increased just because of jealousy.


“who did you do it with???


I asked in a whisper so that she won’t be scared.


She kept quiet.


“who are they???


I almost shouted.She flinch back, her nerves failed her cuz she slump to the,bed and pull me close intentionally and make us to fall on the bed together.


As usual,my head touch her br**st while her red lips surveyed in my hairs.


“who are those,people you did it with and how did you do it???


I asked,trying to be soft.



“Richie, don’t shout,I will tell you”.


she replied in an icy tone and got off me.


we we we did it like this”


she breaks words and climb the bed,making sure she stays at the center.


This is,how we play love on the bed.Like this!!


she said and started jumping on the,bed till her tied her lose and fall on the base of her big bumbum.


“Richie,you will jump very well.Any person that hang in the hair for like 1sec is the winner.I use to play it with granny amber,with Nara, with me and myself”


After that,we always do pillow love too.


“do you know pillow love???


she asked.


plillow love like this”


she smiled and use just a finger to throw a pillow on my face.


that’s how we play our love on bed”


she smiled.


my headache disappeared immediately.


that simply means she doesn’t even know what s£x is….


Even kiss,I was the one that taught her.


“So will you make love to me too??


I asked..


“yes” she screamed excitedly.


if only she knows the real meaning of what am talking about,I’m sure she wouldn’t have say yes.


“Richie,when do you want us to do it.?? she asked,excitement in her voice.


“are you sure you can do it and you want it??? I asked.


“yes,let’s do it.This night on my bed”


she said happily again.


I smiled and left her room.


Her ignorance is bigger than her. She’s saying yes to what she think is right.


The Nare I know won’t give stupid chances of her body parts showing.


I smiled till I get to the last floor with my guards following me behind.


“your Excellency, the Daniel’s lawyer came by today but we dispersed him,telling


him that mhesha’s lock up is not by you,it was actually by six-stars,prior to the time


enchanted will take place but the lawyer stood on his ground saying he wants to


see you oersonallte,we tried explaining to him but he wouldn’t listen.he wants


Mhesha to be realeased”


Pedro said..


“she won’t be,released.let her stag there small” I took my lips in while he open the door for me.


“so what did the, lawyer do???


I asked.


“nothing. he just made a looser look and left”


he replied.


I brought out my phone and started pressing it.I was,kinda chatting with, Paula (my cousin).


But not until Pedro interrupt my moment.


“We are there” he said.


I smiled and wear my face cap.


“no sir,wear mask”, he said..


“can’t I be free,must I always cover my face???


I asked,he bowed.


“sorry,am doing my job which is to protect you.Six-stars might replace me” he replied with a stylish bow.


*ohhk” I pouted and fix the mask very we before opening the car door.



“Sir,you did not wear it very well.Your eyebrow is sharp,fans might recognize you” he said.


I drag the mask up disappointedly. I thought I will be able to see the faces of those fans who are always shouting and screaming my name but no,I can’t.


“your excellency,we will soon get there” Pedro said,telling the guards to block all opportunities that fans might use to get close to me.


I drag my mask down and check the exterior decorations.


ever since I’ve been coming here,I never got chances of checking around cuz am always masked each time I’m in the public.


“sir,what you’re doing is a taboo.Indians presidents don’t show their faces in the public”


Pedro remarked.


I covered the mask back.


We passed many places,just few steps to the elevator and I started hearing screams,I can feel camera’s lights on me and I can hear sweet words from different angles.


Richie my love


Richie my crown


my multimillionaire


my only king of hotness!!!


Richie soooooo cute!!!


I heard the whispers.


I feel like removing the goddam mask so that they can see,me but the traditions don’t allow that.


The noise and screams keeps increasing…



no noise,no shouts, no screams


respect your soon to be president by keeping quiet.he doesn’t like shouts,if you continue shouting his name like he’s a god,he won’t be happy” Pedro said.The noise die away instantly.



I can still feel the camera lights till I got to the elevator.Pat pressed the green button and gave way for me to enter.


I nod my head and,pull off my mask. at least,I should make them happy by allowing them to see my face since they are my lovers.


The rate at which lights flash increased.





he isn’t proud


he is so soft


he’s sooo cute,he got dimples too”


I entered the elevator.


my red phone started ringing.


I didn’t pick it cuz it was Alberto ( my manager and mentor). He might be mad at me for removing my mask for fans to see my face. I didn’t pick his calls,he sent text message instead.



you’re gonna explain to me why you show your face in the public. if you don’t have any tangible reason, then get ready to be flogged”


he sent.I scoff.


“sir,I told you not to remove it”


Pedro said.


I smirks and entered the last elevator that will open into six-stars board stage.


Sir Xavier was sitting close to Albert,


Scott and kd in the same pouch,


while a new face was on the next pouch.


That pouch is for Dylan.


Why the sudden change??????


“good evening”


Xavier and Alberto stood up and bowed while Scott gave me a warm hug.



Kd wanted to hug me in a manly manner but I shrugged him off by saying “don’t come closer,it won’t work” before sitting beside Scott.


“hummm why sitting there,this is your place,not there”


Alberto pointed to a royal seat.


“I’m okay here” I replied.


“that place is not your seat”


Xavier glared.


“can’t I seat beside my best friend anymore or is the seat your seat??? I pouted,Scott smiled and drag my ears,he whispered something there. something that made me laugh.


Alberto frowned,


seriously he thought me and Scott are making a big fool out of him.


“what did Scott tell you????


Alberto frowned.


“must you know????


I asked.


“help me ask him ooo!!!!


“aiisssshhh,that one too” Scott made another funny remark that make me, kd,Xavier and the new comment to laugh.


“why did you change Dylan???


I asked with pity.


“he’s not worth it”


kd replied.I sent him a “I did not ask you look..


“let’s pity him”


Scott said.


“pity who??????????


Kd exaggerated.


I scoffed cuz I still don’t trust him and Dylan.








20 more days


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