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Richie Miles……




she shouted and held me in a same pinching manner.It was the exact way that she held me the first time I made love to her.


I felt her pains once again,


I felt her blood dripping wet,gushing out and on my top.


I don’t know the exact thing to do at that moment.. all o know is that my head is on fire…



“She is carrying my 1week unborn baby!! will my miles version 3 die away like this??????


my blood became more hot because her blood is making me cry inside…


“honey,it is peppering me,I’m in pain!!


“my eyes are doing me somehow….


“Richie,I feel dizzzyyyyy!!!!!!


she screamed and,tighten her hold on me…


“am sorry,I caused this!!!


I said and felt my tears pouring out.


The rain kept lashing on us while the guns pointed to my brain increase in number.


I shut Dylan a glare…


Valarie just look down.


“Richie why are you holding her like that??? is she carrying your baby!!! Dylan smirks.


“honey am I pregnant???


nanare whispered lowly into my ears.


“She’s pregnant right???


“Not in my presence…it was already in the golden book of India that your next son will be the next president…. I doubt it if you will see that child!!!! Dylan smirks and cocked his gun.


“Richie, am I pregnant????


nanare whispered again with her heart beating very slow…


Dylan clicked his gun but was shot from the back by Pedro.


The detectives rushed them,while my guards,mhesha and seesha rushed to my side.


“Your excellency!!!!


“your girlfriend!!!!!


they said and helped in packing the bracekets and earrings that I poured away….


I don’t know what happened, Nare’s heart stopped beating….


I rushed her to my car while pat drove faster to the nearest hospital.


“where is my twin sister???


Nara showed up immediately we got to the hospital.


“my daughter!!!!!!!! Elsa started crying as Nare was laid on a stretcher…..


“Richie what happened??? how ???


Kelvin started crying while Paula stared at me with a blank expression.


Nara couldn’t do anything….


She fainted.


The doctors walk out few minutes later.


“she is dead….the bullet was sooo deep!! he announced.


King Jaiho joined in the crying….


I shivered in fear and walk out of the hospital with my guards following up and down.


“Richieeeeeee wait!!!!


Scott followed me but never catch up with me.


My guards drove me home within an hour and I still could not get all that happened….


“we’ve captured Xavier. He is the master planner of the work! Pedro said. I nodded and covered my face with an Elliot cap…


he is together with Dylan,Tom and Valarie in the opposite dugeoun that we kept Emily.What should we do to them????? Pedro asked.


I took my lips in…and with a flapped lashes,I bounce walked inside and met my parents.


“Jophiel!!! my mom said.


“Severn!!! my dad called me by his name….


“mom,I lost her….mom my first child too!!! I blurted out and started crying. Love


is really a weakness to me…


I turned and met the stupid lawmakers bowing their heads for me.Anger suddenly surround me…. while venom run deep into my veins.


“I want you all to withdraw my name as he next president… I don’t want anything to do with this country anymore because you all caused the death of my young girlfriend by telling me that you want to see the next heir…….you caused this!!!! I don’t want to see you all!!!


You all are the pains that is eating me alive….


You made me………


“Jophiel!!!!! my mom interrupted me.


“mom, stop!!! I caught her short….


“no more president!!!


“no more singing!!!!


“I don’t want,I want nare!! I said and run up the stairs to my room….





mhesha’s pov



I am the most pained person right now.I feel somehow incomplete. I feel like I have a hand in Nare’s death


“my sister is death!!!!!


Nara started crying again immediately she was revived.Scott rushed to hug her…


Mr Jaiho did not say a thing…


He just let his tears pour down freely.


“your highness,take care” I sympathized.


“dear,I should take care….I don’t think I can take care because I just reconcile with


my daughters. I didn’t enjoy the joy of a father for so long…


Life is just too partial! Nare’s dad replied.


I couldn’t say a word,I just followed seesha to Nare’s ward.


No cotton wool yet,her body was just covered… I swear,I felt sorry. “is she dead for real????


seesha asked and wipe her tears.


“Nare please wake up…. Your Richie is lost in his world…Name stand up and


lighten his darkness” I said…but she didn’t stand up.


“she’s dead for real!!!


seesha said and walked out.


I couldn’t go…my heart couldn’t take it.She is too beautiful for death……..


“Nare,my model don’t do this!!! I said but her lashes was flaped tightly….


I unveil the hospital cloth and checked where she was shot,it had been cleaned up but why is shecnit waking up???.


“Nare,I’m sorry and I love you…please forgive me! I said and kissed her cheek before leaving.


Richie Miles……….


I don’t think I can live…


I’ve lost everything….


I lost happiness too….


They didn’t take only her away…they took my one week unborn child…


is there any solution to this tongue twister???………


I stared at empty spaces, my hands holding the test pregnancy result tightly.Sooo


sad she does not know that she is pregnant….


“ummm I lost my first fruit also!!


this is just soooo sad!!!


I lamented and opened the poisonous drug that I bought.


“Severn Miles!!!


my dad shouted my name and banged into the private place that I usually kept treasures for my unborn son.


“Severn Miles!!!


he called me by his name again. I quickly hide the poison but he caught me and hijack the poison.


“Richie,you’re dumb for allowing your weakness bring you down! he knocked my head.


Massey shook her head and quickly dispose the poison.


“poppa she’s carrying my first child! I uttered.I dare not cry in his presence.


“Richie what is death????


Massey miles asked me.


“death????? I said.


“yes,what is it??? she asked.


“Aunt, death is when……” I stammered and shut my eyes.



“What did I tell you death is?? common,be smart like your aunt and dad!!! Massey miles said and touched my hairs.


“Death is the cessation of all life activity without looking down at your self as a looser…you fight..without crying in front of your enemies,no matter how deep and painful the wound is.That is death!!!


I replied…Massey smiled and touched my hairs the more but it wil never bring back Nare and my one week old unborn child.My world, my first fruit,my miles version 3.


“Tell me the difference between a warrior and Richie Miles!


my dad asked….


I wanted to cry but I dare not cry in his presence.


I kept quiet and clasped my sweet fingers together.


“will it bring back my girlfriend?? aunt,dad,stop asking me questions” I replied,telling them to stop playing on my intelligence indirectly.


“Seriously????? Richie why so sturbbon!!! Massey frowned.


“a warrior and Richie miles???


“A warrior in a battle field faces the enemy alone but Richie Miles faces the enemies and also save the soul of his loved one and whosoever saves a soul is equal to a god” I replied,wishing I had taken the poison before they came in.


“will you attend the finals???


“please help your girlfriend fufil her dream! Massey said.


“fine,I will go but I won’t sing with anyone,I will just watch” I replied and started removing all my rings. I promise to pour all those treasures I wasted my money in buying tomorrow.


“Richie please sing!!!!!!!


Massey went on her kneels.



“Aunt… don’t kneel down.. you’re my can’t be kneeling down for me” I said..


“Richie, please sing on stage…you will find a more better voice to pat you.I’m very sure you will win” Massey said.


“No… one can sing like Nare.I don’t think I can stand any girl” I replied.


“Richie you said I’m your mother!!


“you promise to always obey me….” Massey starts blabbing.


“I will do it!!


I replied and quickly hide my tears.My dad wiped it away and hugged me…You’re 25,stop crying. Your mother and I passed more than this and here we are today!!


I break away from the hug….


I raced downstairs and took a lonely walk to the prisoners yard….


I shakes my head at Xavier and walked away immediately my eyes caught with Dylan’s…


“Pedro,I want his right hand broken. break the hand he used in shooting my woman” I gave orders and walk away.I will still do more but I need to let things cool down for me first.


Next day….


final competition …..


“Richie, I’m happy you’re doing this again.Thank you” Alberto smiled and called


me up to the stage filled with millions of people and billions with voting meters…


My other competitors sang….


It was so so good but my script song still top them all.It would have been better if it was me and Nare here. I have always wanted to show the world how beautiful she is.





why the sad face??????????


Richie,set our vocals on fire with your voice!!!!!




I got 70millioms views within 20minutes of standing on the stage.



Richie soooooo cute!!!!!!


what’s the secret of your handsomeness?????


my votes kept increasing….


what if I sing?????


I’m sure the voting meter will blank out because I,Richie Miles, never lose in a competition.


I opened my eyes and scanned the crowd….


1billion views…this is serious.



My Goddess,this song is for you.. I never knew ALL OF ME can love all of


your red lips like they’ve never loved before…..” I said into my mouth piece…





who’s your goddess!!!


can I be your goddess?.??


votes started increasing….I flapped my lashes and started singing in my most sweet


voice that Nare’s loves hearing.



Better than the Richie’s of this world…better than the sounds of my friends voice


Better than the biggest dream of my heart,baby I love you from the start.


I sang….



I think you’re great!!! a soft voice came up.


we would be so good together” the voice became more louder.


you are the perfect mate,



I think we could be good together


I turned back and saw the person that backed me up…




I gasped,knowing fully well that her voice can’t be good like that.


I raised my head to check the vote meter,it had increased beyond what is required.


“mhesha!!!! I widened my eyes.


“you deserve her..I’m sorry!!! she started crying and pointed her fingers to the back of the stage.


Everyone looked back….


And Gosh!!!!!!!!!!


my girlfriend


“is this mhesha’s handwork!!!!


I look at mhesha then back to nare.


Nare’s hair was dyed white…..


She looks more beautiful and was dressed like a goddess…..



is this a human being…why so beautiful???? Richie Miles, is her lips really red??? Rich, this is getting tougher!!! my projector beeped green.


“Nanare!!!!!!!! Nara shouted and rushed to hug her.


They pulled away from the hug.


Nare’s quickly rush me on the stage.


“Honeeyyy!!! we said together again.


our votes kept increasing.


I smiled at her Tommy and sang.



But when you left me,the sun stopped shining,my eyes felt like flooding…I don’t want to live life this way I don’t want us to hide away…


She smiled….


and gosh,her dimples….



I’m so in love with you


all of me wanna stay with you


until we are old and grey


love you till my lungs give out


I promise till death we part!!!!!!!!!


She sang the last part and rushed to hug mhesha again….


They wear the same clothes.


“waooow,this is tough!!!


“Record broken again……It’s the best. Six stars won this enchanted concert!!!!


The judges announced…….


“This is my wish!!!!


“Richie thanks for making it enchanted!!! Nare fling her microphone and rushed to hug me again.I kissed her and took her in a bridal style.


The end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Miles version 3.




©adesola adeomowole. m.







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