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Beautiful Love Song


(Krishna )
















my mom and I had been standing outside our doorstep for the past 2hours, wondering who might have kept expensive gifts at our doorstep.


Everybody in the,neighborhood now knows Krishna to be the guys ladies.


Suitors are always coming to seek my hand in marriage at this my tender age of 19. what is this world turning into????


I smirks and shake my head at the wrapped presents.


“Krish, let’s wait a little bit” my mom said.I nodded and sat upright,resting my soft jaws on my knee cap.


“how long will this continue???


“guys here and there all around me like flies,with there eyes sending me lustful gazes.


“mom,it’s dark already!



I cautioned. She sighed and pour all the gifts away.She poured them on the space beyond our door step,then she took me in.She locked the doors while I shut all the windows.


We don’t even have a single idea of who kept the gifts there,it had always been on and on.


“Krish, maintain your worth. I never pray to see you out there like those girls without vision,don’t copy their foot steps,don’t look up at those niggas,ignore their whistles because once they get your body,they will leave you alone for good” my mom said with a strict face.


“I know….I promise not to forget”


I replied,knowing fully well that we are gonna see more gifts by the time the day break.


I took my phone on the low three sweater couch and walk straight to my averagely decorated room.


we are not poor neither are we rich.


I got to my bed and opened my window a little bit.Shatai’s window was opened also.


She saw me from her window and waved.I waved back and opened my window widely.


can you come to my house now?


I wanna share things with you!.


Shantai sent.


I checked time,it was 10:30.



my mom…you know she is strict” I sent.


then,I will come” she replied.


I watch her insert her phone into her pink pajamas pocket then she left her veranda.



just open your window” she sent.


I swallowed into nothing and,opened my window wider.Shantai appear almost immediately and shucks in thought my window.



“I gotta show you something about my high school” she said. I grinned and joined her on my bed.


“what is it all about??? I asked innocently and peeped into her laptop. Shantai is my only close friend who knows about my secret of dancing and singing.She is so bent on getting me admitted into Dice training high but I rejected the offer.


Dice high is for verrrrrrrry rich teenagers. Even if I can afford it,I won’t still go. I prefer the one my mom registered me in..You and me know that Dice high is a real hell”


I said, Shantai frowned and did her mouth in an angry manner.


“what do you Indians see opportunities as??? Krishna this is a great chance for you to become a star” shatai said.


“only the almighty can make us stars, not mere humans” I replied.


“will the almighty come down to help you?? Shantai asked and showed me some videos on her laptop.


I watch keenly as the three girls danced with hot techniques. We read the comments under it and it was damn thrilling and encouraging.


“what’s the name of the band leader?


I asked Shantai while pointing to the sweet looking lady on the laptop screen.


“she is Han Lily,dice high role model and first runner up dancer” she replied.I widened my eyes and admired the lady on the screen.


“you’re lucky to attend the same high school with her” I smiled and read many more comments.


“Han Lily’s impacts in Dice high” I browsed on shabtai’s laptop.


The screening headlines that came up signifies fire.Everyone have many bad things to say about Han Lily.



life is not a bed of roses. I think Han lily should learn from my saying because practically everyone that attend Dice High trainers have nasty things to say about her.Han Lily makes life miserable for the middle class masses,she only favour the people that befit her standards.This is soooo bad.If this could be done to the middle class set,then how will the poor masses be treate


d as??????


maybe like trash!!!!!.” the commoners that tried their luck were swept out with a common saying….


“Dice high is for kings and queens”


a girl commented.


“it was my best high school as a dancer,I always daydream to be there, I see myself there in my sleep but I never knew it was hell because it only belongs to king and queens.”


a boy rated Han lily 1 out of 5 stars.


“is Han lily this rude???


I faced Shantai.


“what do you expect??? she is the only daughter of dices founder,she always get whatever she wants and she hates seeing people who can dance and sing. The two of you might become a thing if she finds out about you”


Shantai said and shut down her laptop.


“do you know about double-R???


she asked.


“I don’t know” I replied,she smiled.


“Krish,you are a brilliant girl,I just wish you can leave your dummy high school


and attend mine. I’m very sure you will become a star overnight because you a


better than Han Lily”


Shantai said.


“sorry,I can’t” I replied.


“still stubborn” she said and sneak out of my window. I bashed my lashes and went back to bed.


Next day



I woke up as early as possible since I need to do some laundry work with mom.I picked my black overalls and tied my hair in a upper pony tail. I left my room and packed our laundry materials.


“you don’t need to take anything” she said.I dropped down what I picked and followed her out..We both took a cab and drop at a very beautiful closed estate. The Gate was signed Dice,everywhere was just sparkling wealth.


“are we washing cloth in this house?


I asked with surprise.


“yes,they paid already” she replied.


We got to the gate,it was more of the word magnificent.


The gates slide open by itself,it closed back.The guards scanned us with a beeping detector before signalling us to enter.


I admired everything as we entered the two storey building mansion.


“mum,do you know this place before? I asked,surprised with the way she moved in quickly.


She smiled and opened a particular door. On one side in the room was a heap of used clothes while on the opposite side were lots of laundry machines.


“Krishna,let’s start” my mom said.


We started using the machines to wash the heap of expensive clothes.


We’ve not even gotten to quarter of it when a girl of my age entered the section while chewing gums in a lousy manner.


She had on a skimpy bumbshort with a bra top.Her hair was dyed gold while her fingers were painted red.


The anklet she had on her feet was signed “Royal”.


I kept my head low and concentrate on what I was washing. I was warned not to speak anything by my mom.


“wash this also!!!


she fling three g-string panties on my mom’s head while she throw two bra on my face.



“be a little bit nice” I was tempted to talk.


She chewed the gum more lousy. I looked at her and carried the washing spa mix.


I slipped and the contents emptied on her body.


The lady flinched back with visible fury in her eyes.


“sorry, I didn’t mean to….”


she shut me up with a glare,then she brought out her phone and called securities.


I looked at my mom who was signalling me to go on my kneels.


“am I really in trouble????


“aunty sorry,I didn’t know” I said and made an attempt to touch her gold hair. Krishna what have you done!!!!!


Is she wounded by just an ordinary water??????






extraordinary everyday.



Beautiful Love Song


(Krishna )

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