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episode fourteen








“who is that idiot???


he asked.


I kept quiet and hug him tight with my heart beating really hard against his chest.I have never hug him this tight.


“who is the stupid idiot????


he again,not hugging me back.


He did not even touch me.Instead, he brought out his phone,I know that the person that called me had just landed into a big trouble with him.


“Richie, please!!!!


I begged.


He rolled his eyeballs and remove my hand from his back. He still did not say anything,he moved away and snap his fingers like he is ordering some maids.


I have never seen this commanding Richie


He bat his lashes at me,then back to the phone on the floor.


I got the message and pick the phone,I handed to him with a shaking hand.


Thank goodness, nothing happened to my phone.


He unlock the phone and copied the number that called me to his phone.


“Honey,please!!! I pleaded.


he cast me a glare I can’t interpre and threw my phone to the floor in a manner that everything broke.Then,he walk away,making sure that he lock the door behind.


“Richie wait!! I called.


he opened the door and slam it almost immediately with a disappointed look.


I tried opening the door,it didn’t open.


I guess he must have smart lock the door.I went back to the decorated bed and cursed the person that called me on phone silently. The person said it exactly as if we have met before.


I swear,I don’t know who that person is.


I look at the broken phone on the floor,it was damn broken.I’m not even sure it can make a call.





“still can’t believe you lose to Nanare. Well,there is still hope.Six stars industry is not the only industry. You can sign up with other small small industry and form a band.I’m ready to sponsor you” my sugar daddy said


“no,I can’t” I sniffed,crying silently.


“why can’t you do it??? those bands am talking about also have good people who are so fluent like Richie” he said.


“no,I don’t want them,I want Richie”


I sniffed.


“he doesn’t loves you.Why not pair with Tom, he will be coming back from Germany this week” he tried convincing me over the phone but my heart is strongly tied with Richie.


I’m attracted to him both s£xually and physically….


“dad don’t worry,I will cope!


I replied.


he drop his calls.


“this is serious!!! Tasha clapped in a teasing manner.


“so seesha disgraced you like that?? I swear if it was to be me,I will commit suicide” Alisha chirped in.


“It’s all your faults!!!


“why don’t you pay Theo more money to reduce Nanare vote counts pretty well so


that I can have my way with Richie!


I glared.


They kept quiet.


“as a good friend,I did it.I paid Theo 50million just to remove 20million from her vote counts” Tasha said.




“does it mean you use all my money?


I asked,really confused.



“yes,I use all the money in your credit card” she replied.


my head started spinning…… it simply means I don’t have any money in my




I burst into tears and run to my room.





“why is Richie’s manager disturbing me with calls????……


He stopped calling.


Just then,sir Xavier called too..


I picked his call and listen up to whatever he wants to say.


“what business do you have with Richie??? he asked.


“nothing,we are cool” I replied.


“did you passed boundries with him?? because the Richie that I know can not suddenly tell six stars to replace you within an hour” sir Xavier said.




“replace me within an hour?????


“what did I do???? I asked.


“that is why am calling cuz am not understanding what your offense is! he replied.


“I did not do anything!


I replied,proudness in my voice.


“can you come to six stars now?? maybe he will at least hear you out?? he asked.


“okay,I’m coming right away”


I replied and drop the call with just three things on my mind.


must six stars always obey whatsoever Richie says??????


must they always put please first whenever they want to speak with him????


must they always acknowledge him respect????




I reached six stars few minutes later and rushed into sir Xavier’s office but I stopped at the entrance when I heard voices conversing.


“why do you insist on getting him replaced?? sir Xavier’s voice echoed.


“remember, you are told to obey whatever thing I don’t question me,just do whatever I say” Richie’s voice echoed in a sweet whisper.


“can you at least say what he did???


Alberto asked.


“get him replaced” Richie replied with anger in his voice.


I don’t think I did something bad to him.All my life,I have always wish to be like him.Why is he suddenly giving orders for me for be replaced???


I opened the door and went inside and gosh,Richie’s face was……..


let me just say his face has both combination of furry mixed with plentiful of handsomeness.


He was wearing a white top all over a black jean,on his feet are black slipper with real diamond on the platform.


“Richie did I do anything wrong???


I asked,he smiled and revealed his dimples.


Alberto signalled me to keep quiet for some reasons best unknown to me..


Richie’s hot tempered side is really bad for a view.Whenever he is angry,I don’t think there is someone that can hold him down.


“Xavier, do what I asked you to do…. let this be the last time you will question me”


he pouted with a soft look.I can’t even look up since we ain’t in the same category.


“next time, you won’t try having an eye for my woman” he scoffed at me and left….


His voice penetrated deep into my bones and weaken my joints.


“is he in a relationship with Nanare??


I asked facing sir Xavier and other six stars agencies.


“why did you call Nanare???


Alberto slammed his forehead.


“can you beg him for me??? I asked.


Sir Xavier called Alberto…..


“what, I can’t face Richie right now, Pedro can face him” Alberto replied.




“aahh you’re not good.Do you want me to die young????


“Pat, help them beg Richie!


Pedro replied….


“Kurth” Pat called….


“Nuel” kurth called.


they continue pushing it to each other…..


They can not face Richie.


“Alberto pleaseeeee!!! I pleaded.


“sorry,I can’t.That hot tempered face is too much for me.I can’t face him. maybe you should tell Scott or kd, he will listen to thrm.Just count me out me because once he has spoken,there is nothing I can do!!!…..





Xavier disturbed me with lots of calls, I know he wants to plead on behalf of Cliff but I don’t tolerate nonsence.


“how dare him have an eye on Nanare???????


“if not because Nanare told me please already, I know what I should have done.I’m not gonna let it slide away like that.



He just wanna take an advantage of her and I’m sure Nanare is not smart to those




I took my phones,and the new one I got for her,then I raced into my residence that is meant for relaxation only.


I walked steadily and raced up the stairs to my private place where I kept Nanare, I unlock the door and saw her sleeping peacefully on the bed with her hair scattered all over her.




“that stupid cliff really spoilt things for me today”


I drop the new phone on the bed,almost close to her.


like she knew I was coming close,she shifted back and covered herself well.


“Nanare, I am sorry” I pleaded.


She didn’t say anything,instead she rolled on the bed and saw the new phone. I noticed her blush…..


“should I come???


I asked.


“come to where??? she asked.


“join you on the bed” I replied.


“come,but that does not mean I have forgiven you” she replied.


I smiled and joined her on the bed.


She drop the phone on the bedstand and faced me.


“there is punishment for you” she said.


“punishment,okay I agree” I said.


“you won’t touch me,you will only open your eyes till tomorrow” she said.


“what type of punishment is that one????? I asked.


“orrr you sleep on the floor”


she said.. making my eyes to widen the more..



“okay,the first one”


I suggested.


She removed the duvet and slept in just a white top and a skimpy bumber shot that make her ass more prominent and her hips wider.


“the punishment” she said.


I quickly close my eyes….


I don’t think I can continue closing it cuz the temptation is just so much.


“can you release me????


I asked….


“no,till tomorrow” she replied….


“I can’t wait” I replied.


“then sleep on the floor” she replied.




“how many times should I say it??


I asked.


“1million times” she replied.


“Honey,my eyes is blinding already, should I open it… lashes are getting


sticky already” I said.




“just open it” she replied.


I opened it almost immediately and glared at the s£xy figure on the bed.


“let’s play love” she said.


“are you sure???? it will pain! I said.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,stand up and let us do something” she said and stand on the bed..


it will be so stupid playing that type of play when we are not kids……


“umm presidents don’t jump on the bed,it looks stupid” I mumbled.


“it Is not stupid,it is fun.common!!!!



“1,2,3 ready go!!! she chanted and jump up,the next thing I felt was loads of pillow


on my head……


“Nanare stop!!!!!!!


I said and wanted to grab her hand but instead,I grab her br**st……


why did my hand go there?????






as long as i love U


©adesola adeomowole. m.


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