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episode two .






“ummm,we are going to stay here together till it fall off”


he repeated and come more close to me,in a manner that his head was resting on my laps.


“still waiting for the rope”


he said.


“okay” I gave in and thought of other plans. Maybe I should make him sleep very well before snatching the clip from his hand.


I allow him rest very well but it seems he’s more smart than me. He is pressing phone and also monitoring my hands at the same time.



am all over you.. I’m all over you, all of me wanna stay with all of you, I won’t let us hide away”


he hummed little song.


“Nare don’t touch your back,just let it loose on it’s own accord”


he said in a very fluent manner.




I nodded but deep down,I’m damn scared.


I’m always getting into trouble with’s not easy being his girlfriend but I’m gonna try my best.


I wanted to stretch my back but the thing might slip off.


And Richie was,also looking at it.


“someone should just please call Richie!!


“please call”


I mumbled and peered into the second phone in his pocket, he receives calls mostly on the white phone,I don’t really know what he usually do with his other phones.


“Nare, stop looking at my phone,no one is gonna call me” he said and cast me a sweet long look.


I look away shyly.


Just then,his phone started ringing.


I was happy.


soooo happy because he’s going to go else where to receive his,calls but it shocked me when he end the call and switch off his phone.


Richie why?????


I lamanted cuz my back is doing me somehow because of the rope.


The second phone he was,pressing started ringing too.


He rolled his eyeballs before picking it up.


Arrrgggh,he’s still not going.




“Your Excellency, evening sir.Xavier on the…..”


he didn’t wait long,he end the call and balance his head well on my laps..


“what an attitude???


the phone rang again,


it was a different number,he pick it up and didn’t listen to what the,caller wants to say, he just rush his words.


“I can’t come right now.Am very busy with something very important. It’s very important,in fact,am in a meeting, don’t bother calling my number again,bye bye” he rush his words and drop the call.


“is Richie for real???


telling his partner that he is in some,important meeting when he’s here resting his head on my laps.


am I important than his wealth.


I didn’t say anything,I just hope someone else will call him do that he will leave me alone.


His phone ring again,


it was,that same person.


he,pick it up and wanted to answer.


“sir,let me help you,I promise the person won’t disturb you again”


I cuts in.


“okay” he replied and handed me his phone.


my joy knew no bounds.


I quickly pick the call and wait for the caller to speak.



Richie, please am begging you hunn,drop the attitude, we need to talk or are you on your way? are,you not coming??? the caller asked.


“tell him am not coming”


Richie demonstrated.


I nod in victory and place the call on a loud speaker.



he’s coming already,he will be there in the next 50minute.Thank you” I replied.


Richie remove his head from my laps immediately and collected his,phone.


“Nare what did you just do???


“why telling him am coming!!!


“gosh,Nare you’re……”.


he stop what he was saying and closed his eyes.


I took the clip away from where he kept it and quickly clip the rope before he open his eyes.


“I’m so smart!.


he uttered immediately he open his eyes but I never knew I clip it in the wrong way.


I have never wear something like that,before so I don’t know much about it.


“Nare, you’re smart!


I completed what he wanted to say but his eyes are else where on my body.




right now,I feel like,laughing and if I should do,I will just laugh too much.


“what type of human being is she???


“she can’t clip a common swimming truck lace!!!


“she did it in the opposite way!!



I hide my laughter and unlock her hands away from the duvet,I remove it and stared at how she look in what she wear.


She really look breathtaking…


the swimming truck clungs tightly to her whitish skin,bringing out her massive


curves.Her bumbum kinda looks big.


Soo big,


but her chest….


it’s normal.


Small but not to small.


Her hair,long,curly and full down to her teddy part.


Exactly my taste of woman.


I wonder how our kids will look like.


I’ve observed that whatever she put on always fit her perfectly.


I like everything about her,her innocence and ignorance makes me fall more deeply in love.I know she’s different from other girls.


She’s even pushing me out to meet Xavier even when I said I won’t go.


Apparently, other ladies would have supported me by switching off my phone.


The ladies have had relationship with will always want me to be with them at all times,kissing them,s£xing them and doing all sort of nonsense but, Nare’s principle is just so difficult.


Being her boyfriend is so childish, I just need to play along,praying you won’t change if she taste the better part of my wealth.


“Richie,I told that man that you’re gonna be there in the next 50min. won’t you start going???


she asked,fluency in her voice.


I carry her up like a baby and drop her in front of the mirror.


“Richie what are you doing??


she asked,I kissed her neck and remove the clip from the rope.


“my br**st!!!


she screamed.



“hold on baby,I’m not looking,I just want to teach you how to clip this cuz you did it in the opposite way” I replied and held the strands of lace that was holding her br**st firm.


“sir Richie,please don’t look.close your eyes and clip it” she said.


I smiled and clipped it on the right pattern.


I feel like looking but I can’t.


I’m very sure she will bite me if I try anything silly with her body parts.


“Sir Richie did you see anything??


she asked.


“umm no,I closedy eyes”


I replied.


“okay,open it”


she said.I opened it but her body curve is really affecting my brains.


I’m scared I might go crazy.


“you can go,thank you for clipping it”


she smiled wildly and hug me unexpectedly in a tight manner.


I know she’s bribing me to go and I don’t really like the idea of going to meet Xavier.I’m very sure he called me because of Kd. He only want to partner me up with him and Scott.


He wants the three of us to sign into an ambassador stuff six-stars will be bringing up soonest.


The idea is really good but working with kd is actually out of my optical point if view.


No matter how I try,I can’t trust him anymore,I can’t partner with him in anything cuz he had long murder my trust and buried my conscience.


I can’t work with him…..


“should I sing my beautiful love song for you so that you can go??? Nare asked.


She know music is my weakness.



“okay,sing for me and kiss with me,I will go” I replied.


she smiled wildly and started singing in the most rear voice I have ever heard.Those voices don’t need microphones or editing,they are naturally tiny and loud.


just like a goddess singing.




I fell in love with you



not for how you look



just for who you are






although you look pretty great too


you stole my heart


I love





she sang….and quickly kiss my cheek.



“I’m through,go and see them”


she said.


“that’s not how to kiss” I replied, she smiled.


“will kiss you very well when you come back” she said and smiled shyly.


“one more question”.


“Nare,have you make love on bed???


I asked,staring sweetly into her face.


“make love on bed????


“Richie,start going,I don’t understand what you’re asking!!!


she widened her eyes.


“gaaad,so ignorant!!


I stared sweetly.


“okay,I now know it.I have remember. I have done it countless times in the


village,it’s so sweet”


she replied.


My facial expression changed.


“with how many people???


I asked.


She shakes her head with a smile.


“I can’t remember, let me start counting” she replied.


I don’t know what happened,I suddenly start having headache.


This girl will not kill me.


is she joking or telling the truth?????


I think am having heart attack already.










20 more days


©adesola adeomowole. M.


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