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I look at her pretty face,


her long lashes had been flapped,


her lips more red with slight shaking while her hands held tightly unto the succulent white silky bed spread.


“Nare are you cold???


I asked and slowly whirl her face closer to mine.


“no,am not” she whispered back.


I took my lips in and wish silently that all this villains of a stuff will stop.


“sorry” I uttered simply and got off her bed to the window side,wondering who the help the,intruder can be.


I turned back and saw that Nare had slept.


“is it Dylan again????


I guessed,while trying to stay cool at the same time. My hot tempered attitude is just so bad so I try to stay cool even at the slightest provocation.



who’s the intruder???


I text Pedro.



still haven’t find out”


he replied.


who do you think it can be?? she or he??? I text back.


I don’t really know” he sent.



I did little things on my phone and left Nare room,making sure that I tell two maids to watch over her.


Being a president is the most worst thing that has ever happened to me…


Even as the richest,I have never got problems like people spying on me, people acting like they are my guards and all other stupid stuff.


it all started the moment I agree and registered as a nominee.


Swears,if I should come in my next life,I won’t try registering my name as a president nominee.


I went to the living took and saw that it had been surrounded by nine guards.They bowed slightly when they spot me..



your excellency,we are trying our bests in ensuring your safety,we are puting more efforts also.The intruder will be caught soon”


one of them said.


“where’s Pat???


I asked.


“at the maids quarter,I’m very sure he’s checking the maids one after the other since he can recognize some if not all of them” he replied.


“what about Pedro???


I asked again.


“he’s guiding other guards who are standing at Emily Daniele’s boader” he answered sharply.


I nod my head and went out to where I lock the most wicked villain. There’s no way she can escape!!


Pedro smiled the moment he spotted me all in white.


Emily Daniel’s was just struggling with the big chains she was tied with but hell no, she can’t free herself cuz the big key can’t even be broken. I left and stand almost close to the blue pool.


Two more hours passed,they still haven’t find out who the intruder is.



meeting in 1hour.


hope you’re getting ready??


Albert texted.


I ignore the message.


I don’t think I can go for any goddamn meeting if the intruder is not caught.


“your excellency sir”


one of my guards said behind me.


I turned back just to hear what he have to say.


“i don’t think the intruder is here again.Maybe it’s just a mistake or some random




he uttered.


“mistake????? I pouted.


“yes sir” he replied.


“call Pedro” I ordered.


Deep down,I know that something is wrong somewhere.


Pedro appeared behind me and said the exact thing the first guard said. Till am convinced enough.


“if that’s the case,I’m off.Just get me my white briefcase” I beamed.


“sure” he returned the smile and went inside the mansion,he came out few minutes later and drop my briefcase on the seat beside the drivers seat.


“are you sure you don’t need any guards to accompany you to the meeting?? he asked in a low tune.


“I’m cool to go”


I replied and got into my car.




Clifford’s p.o.v…….



Everything had been set but the meeting is just delayed for no reason.After it had been canceled for five good times.


How can a,meeting be canceled five times just because of one person??


“Kurth,what’s all this???


“you should have tell me this before I sign in with this godamm contract. I’m very sure this gathering will be canceled again! I lamented.




2more hours passed,the meeting hasn’t started.


“sorry,just give us 30more minutes!


the meeting coordinator pleaded.


30minutes passed.


“sorry,another 1hour” he pleaded again.


the,most surprising thing is that people ain’t complaining about their time being wasted.


ohh he’s here!!


the coordinator breathed out.


“who’s the person delaying this gathering and why are this people not




I asked kurth.


‘I don’t know the reason why they are not complaining. Perhaps the,person delaying this meeting can be someone very special and influential” he replied.


Your Excellency, have your seat…


this way!


thanks for coming!!!


I heard murmurs from the coordinators as they led the so called Richie Miles to his seat.



“I’m scared we might loose to him! I whispered because there’s one thing about Indians, they focus more,on money,fames and,looks before assigning anytging to anybody.


Like I had predicted,we lost the contract stuff to Richie. Its unfair but to the Indians, it is nothing.


I’m disturbed with jealousy but I manage to hold myself down and took stylish glances at Richie with the way he was talking with Desmond Sean,another influential person.


The white track suit he wore fitted him perfectly,just like an angel.


he didn’t use much things.


Just a neck fitting chain,a single ring and earrings.


“oohh Its here des! he said to Desmond and opened his white briefcase….


I was whao!!!!


its not like I’ve never seen money in my life but this particular one,is extra ordinary,in the sense that the money is plenty. Too plenty that the,zip of the briefcase is difficult to open.


“what’s the solution to this tongue twisters???






“thank goodness!!!


“I thought I will be caught”


I smiled and pretend to be among the maids working in the huge mansion. I don’t even think the maids can recognize each other.


Despite everything,its so surprising that they are being paid money for the little things they are doing.


“hey,what are you doing here????


a husky guard asked from behind.



“nothing” I nodded,thinking of a better way to start my plan since enchanted is just in three weeks time.


“then go and join the other maids!


he said sternly.


I took my left turning.


“where are you going! he rants.


I use my brain to interprets that I took the wrong direction,I quickly take the left direction till i got to the golden built hallway …..


There,I met like twenty more maids inside a big wide section.


I entered just to feed my eyes.


it’s a good thing I wasn’t recognize. I didn’t do facials. Facials is my beauty.


without facials,I can never be beautiful..


I got into the section and note that its just like a mini mart for skin treatment stuff.


“ma’am Nare is feeling cold!


“So cold……


“someone should prepare a hot water massage bath”


I heard a tiny voice. I can’t even tell where the voice is coming from cuz they are projectors everywhere in the mansion.


“I can do it” I speak and rushed into the place.




“is your hand clean????


I was,pushed away by two short girls. if only they know who they just pushed.


“let me feel your palm!


a tall maid commanded.


I submit myself and showed her my palms.


“it’s soft,let her do it”


she started.



I washy hands in the white sink and started mixing the hot water medication. While doing that,my eyes caught “Neuro Bio White Fairness skin medication” its a skin treatment that is capable of spoiling natural beauty. its not good for people with clear skin like Nare.


it will make it flaky and cause blemishes.


I took the medication and pour almost half of it into the bath before acting fruit extract.


“done” I signalled..


The hot treatment was,placed in a tray with a white towel beside it.


I’m so gonna teach that poor commoner a,good lesson!!!!


I followed the other three maids to her room….


it was more than classy.


Everything there are just to expensive and do not come cheaply,but from a plater of gold.


She’s even wearing designer night gown, laying on a king sized bed and also sleeping like the sleeping beauty that she is.


I’m going to show her who she’s toying with.


I grinned and knelt down beside,her bed and dip the towel into the massage bath before squeazing it.


I used it on her laps down to her feet.


On her shoulder and hands too.


The other maids turn her over in a gentle manner and unzip the night gown,leaving her alone in a skimpy bra top and bumber shorts.




I know she’s a total definition of beauty that’s why I will make her look like the most ugliest creature in the world.


I use the towel all over her body and behave like a maid by covering her up with the silky white duvet.



I left with the,other maids and gave her one more last look.


“Nanare Mia, I give you just 2hours and you will be the most ugliest creature????


I seethed and went away.












(drunk in love )




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