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Emily Daniel’s…….


Out of the nights and darkness that covers me in the clutch of circumstances that my villain attitude lead me into,I did not cry, instead I wince in pain and thought of the best way to get out.


Even if it is for mhesha sake,I need to get out…..


She needs me…..


mhesha needs me…..


I’m very sure she must have been looking miserable…


I’m very sure her money would have been exhausted since she doesn’t have a good source of income and her friends must have left her.


“gosh,she needs help!!!


I mumbled and turn my already stiffed neck sideways.It made some cracking sound. The cracking sounds made the already dozing guards to adjust their selves. They even added another padlock to the twenty that they already chained me with.


Emily,you are a mess!!


you messed up badly with the wrong person…


you are disgusting….


hunnn you are a mess!!!!!


the guards started dragging my hairs.



“don’t try something stupid”


one of the guards maintained a strong face.


I was swallowed into nothing and made an attempt to move my tied up legs but it was damn impossible….


“stop disturbing the chain, it can buy the whole of you and your daughter’s worthless lives” that same guards insulted.


The insult shook me badly that I started crying till mucus drip down my nose.


I turned my neck around in tears but still did not find just a single escape route.The mansion is just soooo wide that I can not even place the exact beginning and ending part.


I keep turning my neck in the little angle that I can till I saw him.


My eyes forced closed immediately I saw him….


He is just sooo cute and white….


He was busy looking around like he is looking for something…


I was quick to have noticed the presidential ring stuff on one of his fingers.


“Richie Miles… you’re so lucky you are ten times smarter than your father.If not,I would have get you down a long time ago but you seems to be my most difficult task!!!


I said inwardly and bite my lower lips slightly…..


Richie look around for a while and finally settled his gaze on his phone.


He was scrolling on one while he was holding the other one with white pouch on his left hand.


Like he knows that someone is looking at him,he stopped what he was doing on phone and turned sideways too, I looked away quickly and drop my head down and pretend to be fidgetting with the chains I was tied up with.


But deep down, I want to know what he is staring at on phone….I know it can not


happen but I wish to see it.


How can I see it?????


can I even go close to him?????


“scratch it off,I’m now a prisoner!!!


“he is now my boss!!!! I sniffed, wishing ther can be someone who will get him down from that post of honor that he is…… I glared,followed by a scoff.




“why are you staring at our boss??? Do you really need to have sense in the hard way????


I got kicked in my tommy by one of the guards till blood flew out of my mouth…..


I still won’t hear cuz I can never change my spots…..


I turned to look at where Richie was standing….it was damn far from where I was


chained down but I won’t still stop.


He was wearing a white royal overalls all over a black slipper with vissible


diamonds playing on the dark sole….


it was kinda big for his cute feet’s that had just one anklet each but the little over


sizenesss made it look more fitting and attractive….


His face was the same,


just the, normal plentiful of handsomeness as he chew bubble gums quietly…..


“if I should catch this stupid idiot!!!!


he smiled killing dimples while using his other phone to place a call….



Alberto,I need more securities… there is another intruder” he said fluently…


Do it okay….




he hung up and bounce passed the linking hallway to the coiled up stairs with


touching the slivery metallic rod.


I kept looking at him till he was out of sight..


Well,I pray this new person will bring him down……


Paula’s p.o.v




“kelvin,I lovvvvvvve you!


I shouted and squatted beside his feet that I match mercilessly….


“Paula what did you do???


“well my arrogance caused this!!!


my lips started shaking as I use my hair band to wipe away the blood.


“I’m soory, I don’t want the mansion anymore, you can take it! I said.


he smiled and stared sweetly into my face….


“do you mean what you said first???


he asked.


I drop my head down in arrogance and pride….


“I love you!!!


I wanted to say but my pride made my voice deny me.


“do you mean it?????


“forget about my bleeding feet, the real thing is that do you mean you love me???? he asked,I widened NY eyes and look at him…


Tall,long s£xy neck, lips like mine,sharp eyebrows like Richie…..


I pouted and started showing off my pride and arrogant character….


“ummm…I don’t mean it,,I can’t move you cuz you’re not my sperk!!!


I said….he look away to the other side in disappointment… and I swear, he was




“ohhh,I made my crush cry!!!!


“well,he deserves punishment for not noticing me since….


He nodded in disappointment and limped to the door…



“I know you can’t love someone like me because am not wealthy like him, you want someone like your brother.”


he pouted his plum lips….


Swears,I feel like jumping on him but my pride won’t allow me….


“Kelvin… you see I I …..lo…..”


I wanted to tell him that he is my crush and that I love him.


“don’t tell me again!!!


“stop reminding me I’m not your taste…I just decided to fall in love but all I got is a bleeding lips…”


he scoffed and tied his hair up with a black bandana.


He just look damn hot.


“you can have the house. I have Kore than enough to buy ten times of it”


he replied and opened the door….


He started leaving….


If he should leave,am very sure he will travel out tomorrow because they usually


travel out to get things off their minds……


I rushed to him and pull him back…


“I I I I ……..want…..I I ….love…noo.. hate….yes…love….hate…” I stammered,not


knowing what to say.


My phone fell.


he picked it up and mistakenly press the side button.


I quickly closed my eyes in embarrassment…..because I used one of his picture as


my lock screen..


“I love you but you’re wicked, you didn’t notice me! I said and rush hugged him before he could think of anything…



Scot’s p.o.v……



“who is this idiot threatening me to leave Nanara and the throne???? I scoffed and re read the message that buzed into my phone…



you have just 24hours to reject the throne offer,you have just 24hours to breakup with nanara or else,you will be done for good!!!!


“who is this???? I scoffed and replied the message.



You’re an asshole to think I will get scared by your empty threats!! I sent.


You are still strong headed??? Remember,you have just 24hours!!!


another one buzzed in….



you are stupid…stop texting my phone!! I texted..



then watch out!!! another message beeped in.


Will advice you to do it if you don’t want to die together with J+E×N²…..


another one buzzed in….


I’m confused, what is all this!!!!!!




Richie’s p.o.v…..


“who is this idiot??????


“this idiot should stop playing dirty games because it might turn bad with me and if it does, I’m very sure I won’t take it easy…Even as the kindest being,.I’m very cruel whenever it comes to punishments….


“I don’t have anytime for nonsense…


I must get this person!!!!


I love challenges a lot!!!!


playing smart games is my favorite!……


“Your Excellency, Sir Alberto is here”.


Pedro said while standing behind me.


I nodded.He got the message and came with Alberto few minutes later.


“Richie, hope the practice is going on well with Nanare… because mhesha Is currently signing in with DCQ.And there’s another Mhesha from Thailand….. She might be another obstacle or perhaps challenge for Nanare cus she’s good….the

new mhesha is damn good too but nare still have maybe 50℅ chances of wining”


Alberto said….


“well I didn’t call you to ask about that…I don’t need to know who will win or not” I chewed in slowly.


“hunnn Richie,be a little bit nice… remember I have the opportunity to knock you” Alberto said.


“Alberto did you tell anybody the hidden secret no one knows about miles version 3??????

I asked…..



“no,I did not,i didn’t tell anybody about miles version 3. That secret is behind only me,you and the two highest and most powerful law makers in India!!!! he replied.


I continue chewing my gums slowly.


“i think someone leak out my secret to someone dangerous” I shrugged.




“i don’t understand??? Alberto asked.


“well,someone is trynna hurt me by using nare….the person even mentioned


unborn child.


That means the person already knows that if I should marry Nanare and give birth to a son…..the son will be the next president immediately I clock 60….


It’s the only secret between me and the Indians lawmaker’s but how come this person knows!!!!!!!!!!


The person knows I love nare and love is my weakness….


I might not marry another girl if the should kill Nare and that post will be taken


away and there will not be any miles version 3…..


Did you tell anyone my precious secret???????


Do you know who the person is????










miles version 3




©adesola adeomowole. m.


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