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episode 15










Nervousness displayed on my face immediately I felt his hands grab my br**st.I was damn scared,it looks like I will faint.


“is this what Richie calls love making????


“aaaahh,I know it!!


“it usually pains a lot….. I thought it was a different thing.When I asked Paula


about it,she laughed and started asking me embarrassing questions like;


“where does Richie likes looking on your body?????


I told her my ass and sometimes chest..


“has he ever touch you there before? she asked that same day.I didn’t answer that




Then she mention the word ‘s£x’…



She said it also means to make love with a trusted partner. She scared me by saying it will very painful if one is still a virgin and might bring out blood.I told her to stop telling me cuz I already understand what she meant.


I don’t think shy people like me can do that.I don’t even like leaving any part of my body exposed.I can’t imagine Richie seeing my nakedness, I can’t imagine him doing it for me…..I might die of fear and the blood that might come with it. I don’t like pain.


“honey,your hand is still there” I said.. closing my eyes halfly.


I don’t think I am ready for this but Richie wants it.


“hope I’m not doing bad by pushing him away?????


His hands left there and brushed my tommy down to my hip.I feel sweetness from inside but the pain!! I don’t want it.




he pouted and stood up,he pick his phones and remove his rings and the two tiny gold bracelet he is wearing, he kept them both on a glassy stand and bounce walk to the door,while removing his hair band.


“honey,I am ready”.


I stopped him.


“Ready for what??? he smiled out dimples…


“for…. for… for your type of love making. Let’s streghten our love bond” I replied.


“are you sure???? it will pain but I promise,I will be gentle with you” he replied…


my eyes widened.


“you have done it before??? I asked.


“ummm yesss just with 3 different girls” he replied…


I screamed,my eyes opened widely. I held the pillow tightly.


“3 girls??? who are they???


I asked….


“Valerie, Samantha and Laurel at Australia” he replied…


I opened my eyes a little bit and close it immediately….


“So why do you leave them??? I asked…..


“they are sluts” he replied.


“what about me??? am a slut too???


“you will leave me after you have done it?????


I asked………..


“Nope…it’s fine if you don’t want it, am not forcing you” he replied.


“okay,I am ready” I said and use one pillow to cover my laps while I use the other one to cover my chest.


“come,let us do it” I said,tightening the pillows on myself.


“won’t you remove the pillows?? he asked.


“Pillow’s….. give me ten minutes” I replied,shaking at nothing in particular.


He remove the pillow on my laps and pack my hair up. He pack my hair up and was surprised he knows how to weave…he weaved the front halfly and pack it up.




I stopped him from removing the pillow on my chest.


“let’s do it tomorrow in your room. I don’t think I am feeling fine” I replied with a shaking lips…while bidding myself under the silky duvet that was sparkling silver on it’s edges.


He leaned on me and kissed my forehead before going out.


Immediately he left,


I jump up on my bed and bounce back on it….


“tomorrow right????


“I should have said next year!


“ohh no,he will see everything tomorrow” I bite my lower lips and took the new phone.It looks more expensive than the formal one.


“tomorrow,please don’t come fast!!!!






“mom,jin jaiho is alive.Don’t you think we should leave the throne for the real owner??? I suggested,furry in, my eyes.


“does he now remember everything?


she asked.


I scoffed out darkness and solemnity.


“yes,he remember.He now knows everything. He knows who is wife is, he is now getting along with his daughters” I replied.


“why should we run???


“he doesn’t have a male child so he can’t have the throne” she replied.


“well,he already handed the royal inheritance to Scot since he is one of the twins boyfriends, adding to the fact that he was the one that train him up.They are getting



mom,let’s just leave this place and run for our lives.let’s run away first then, we can


think of what to do later” I said…..


“no,I can’t go anywhere!!!


she replied.


“mom,let’s do it fast,the case has gotten to Kayla Sebastien” I scoffed.


“dear,let’s start going now” my dad added.After much talk,she agreed.


We didn’t pick anything since we have another secret house in Thailand and that’s where we are traveling to.



We took just 4guards along with two cars.I was in one with two guards while my parents took two cars too.


we have not even reach half of the way when I heard the sounds of detectives siren.


The sounds was getting nearer.


“stop the car!!! I orders and step out but my parents car was far off.


I collected the car key left my guards. Two detectives had already block my parents car at the front.I made a smart turn…..


Then,the chase began.


I am not even scared because it is not the first time detective will be chasing me.


I am a drug dealer and I know what it means to be in a hot chase.


I made many smart turns,.the detectives kept shooting my car……..


“I stopped the car and ran deep into the side forest…. I kept running till there was


no way to pass…


I didn’t even know I climbed on a cliff.Moving back will allow me fall into trances of oceans.


The detectives saw me and pointed their guns at me…..


Should I fall or allow them catch me????????


“ohhh no!!!¡!


I shut my eyes and fall…..


I will rather die than them catching me……





“well,this is not the end,mhesha, it is just the beginning!!!!!


seesha banged into the smaller apartment I just rented.I lost all I have after the contest with Nanare…


I don’t have any money again….


Tasha,jenny and Alisha left me….cuz I don’t have a dime…


It was the penthouse am always boosting about that I sold just to have a little cash


since my sugar daddy said he won’t give me a dime if am not serious…..


my life is just miserable….




“this is just the beginning!!!


she smirks at the house I just rented.


“don’t miss it out!!!!


she scoffed and threw a magazine at me.I pick it up and saw Nanare’s picture




The picture was damn cute….just like a goddess.Her milky skin was just so




“It’s certain,she’s gonna allow six-stars make more money….Yes,their competitors


will bow mere looking at the sight if this goddess”


I read the headlines…..


She threw another magazine at me…


The magazine had Richie’s picture..


Presidential annoucement- 3moths time…….


Enchanted live play-1month time…


Wedding party with Nanare Jaiho- 1years time……


I suddenly start crying……



how is market????


where is your house?


where is your money?


where are your friends???


where is your beauty????


Better go and join Tom’s industry!!!



Tom is not even up to Richie!!!!!


Does he wants to steal it????


she teased and left….


i look at the magazine and starts crying.


She came back and said….


“remember you killed twinkle!!!!


I burst into another set of tears.






I wore my mask and step out of my car,I locked it and entered the gymnasium I learnt Paula gym at…


I entered inside the gym,not knowing who I should ask about Paula.


“do you wanna gym????


“registration is over there”


I small girl pointed her left finger to a stair way direction.


“nope…. do you know who Paula miles is????? I asked and squated to her level.


“yep….she’s an arrogant brat…she’s so spoilt,a crazy boxer,too bossy,so cunning, so arrogant, so……” the little girl started blabbing.


“call her for me.Just tell her Richie is waiting for her here” I said.


“my reward???? she asked.


“what do you want??? I arch both brows.


“a car” she whispered.


“call her first,I will buy it for you” I replied.


“buy the car first” she said,with seriousness.


“okay” I replied and brought out my phone and phoned a car dealer right in her presence.


“colour red” she screamed….


like a fool,I bought the car from a nearby car dealer.


She jump up and ran up the stairs.


“tell her it is Richie” I reminded.


“noted” she replied.


10minutes passed,I didn’t see Paula or the girl.


I was about going when I saw Paula coming,I removed my mask,her cute face changed into a dangerous frown that could kill.


“you’re not my sperk!!!?


she seethed,showing off her boxing kits.


“leave!!! she did that frown persistently…..


It makes me feels as if I am nobody.


“gosh,she is sooooo proud!!!!!!


“I should leave??? I asked….


“yes,I hate you” she scorned….


“well,I love you” I replied….


She blushed… and said “I love you too”


“you love me???? I asked….


She quickly replace her smiling face with anger.


“when did I say that????


“get the f**k outta here!!!!!!!!


“you’re not my taste!!!! she yelled…..


“okay” I took my lips in and left..


Her arrogance and spoilt upbringing won’t allow her love.








“who else want to see Nanare being deflowered???? watch out….






as long as i love U





©adesola adeomowole. m.


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