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episode eleven








Swears,am going to hit her if she does not do what I ask her to do. She is just wasting that big bumbum by not using it to do anything because if it were to be me that have a bumbum as big as that,am going to use it in seducing the whole word.


She’s still not doing anything!!


I glared,peeping through the center of the glass door.


Someone tape behind.


I don’t need a prophet to tell me that it is Nara.


“Paula” she called my name and did that gossiping look, I did it back.


“twerking mood” I said.


She smiled and shakes her head sideways.


“my twin sister won’t do it,she’s not as bad as us” she said.


“hunnn well I love task.


I replied,she joined me in peeping.


“shy people like her cannot twerk in front of their boyfriends” Nara said.


“she will because she did not want me to tell Richie the mic fell from her hand during the clearance exposure” I replied, Nara shrugged.




“she’s my sister,I know what she can do. She’s like that from childhood.. just so childish” Nara replied.




I silenced her when I noticed Richie drop his phone and stood up,he pick another phone into his pocket and walk closer to Nanare who shifted back.


“God,see the girl I have been training all this while!!! I seethed,nanara laugh into my ears.


“when duf you teach her twerking??. she asked.


“the same day I taught you” I replied.


“did she get it?? she asked.


“very well.She can even do it more than me that teach her” I replied.


“really!! Nara eyes widened just like Nare own.


“stop talking,let’s watch”


I covered Nara’s mouth and drag her not to close to the glass door.


Richie only stood up,


Nare had already shifted back with fear all over her. I wonder why her legs started shaking. Richie noticed the shaking leg and was like “what’s happening to my girlfriend??.


I wonder why her legs are shaking.


“your legs are shaking” he said.


She did not speak up.She was fidgeting the more.


“aunt Paula said….. I…..should…..”


she paused and look down intently.


“she said you should what???


Richie asked,taking his lower lip inside his mouth in a sweet manner.


He had quickly figure out that it is my hand work to get them together.


he stared sweetly at her from her hair down to her lips,down to her neck, down to her chest,he look there for a while and shifted his eyes to the side of her big ass. he took his eyes away quickly because she’s really a temptation no one can resist.


“I’m listening,what did Paula say???


he asked like he doesn’t know what I mean by pushing her to him.


“she said I should……do a lap… no no she said I should twerk for you” she


paused.Richie smiled the bad boy smile and stared at her sweetly.


“did you feel like?? Richie asked.


Nare started shaking and pull herself to hug him instead of twerking.


“gosh this girl!!!!


“she’s wasting everything!!


“why can’t she twerk for my brother?


“who is she keeping it for????


I frowned.Nara frowned too and drag me away from the door to downstairs.


“I told you she can’t. She doesn’t have that dirty mind.In fact she can kill for her body” Nara laughed and turn on the plasma.



my Richie



Paula should have know that nare is not strong enough for dirty stuffs. She can’t. I know all what I did before she finally accept me as her boyfriend.


I took my lips in,shocked with the way she is hugging me,the way she buried her chest deep into my chest.


“sorry,honey” she said with a shaking voice. I smiled and look down at her back side,I starts dreaming silently on fantasy. I placed my hands on her waist, down to her hips, I was almost touching her bumbum when she froze.


“Richie, am not feeling fine” she said in a whisper and held unto me tighter.


“I know” I smiled and touch it softly. She still froze with her heart beating against mine. She is acting exactly like am the first person touching it.


“am I the first person again???


I asked.


“yes yes” she replied reoeatedly with a shaking body.


“don’t touch it again,it’s paining me, it is even doing me someone when you touched it because granny said it is my private thing and that if anyone should touch it too much,I will get pregnant” she said with a good sense of humor.


I smiled and held her more tight with my fingers romancing it deliciously.


“I will get pregnant because you’re touching it too much” she screamed.


I pouted and kissed her neck, saying “you will not get pregnant”.



“no matter your inferiority nor your rough background, all of me still belongs to all of you” I said and kissed her forehead with my hands leaving her bumbum slowly.


Like seriously,she ran out of my room immediately I left her. I curved out a smile and checked the messages that buzzed into my phone.


I know she didn’t twerk!!!


Paula sent with angry stickers.






I ran out of his room to the living room and met Paula and my twins sitting close to my twin sister, they are watching my favorite television show but immediately they saw me,they switch it off and hised at my direction.


“are they ignoring me???


“aunt Paula wait for me” I said, she didn’t even look at me not to talk of answering me.


“simple something, you cannot do!


Nara glared at me.


“I did it” i lied.


“you did not!! Paula grinned.


I still followed them even though they didn’t talk to me.


Soon it was time to eat, we sat down together at the dining but they are seriously ignoring me.


The three of us usually eat together on the same plate but they removed away from their circle.


“you didn’t twerk for my brother,so you can’t be in our circle” Paula said and started eating together with Nara, knowing fully well that little things hurt me a lot.


“he doesn’t like seeing girls twerking” I said with frustration.


“he loves it” nanara replied.


Gosh, she’s as spoilt as Paula.


I furrowed my eyebrows and carry my food upstairs.


The two of them are damn spoilt especially Paula….


I can’t do it!!!





“ummm Mhesha Daniel’s!!


I don’t think she can change her dirty ways and I know she’s up to something evil that will make Nare loss in the challenge” I said to kd and Scott since they are requesting more information about Mhesha.


“she can’t hurt her because,she have already sign an agreement with Richie.The only thing I know is that she deceive over 10million people in her blog with sweet mouth by telling them that Emily is not her mother, she even said it that she have a secret dad because if she should use Daniel’s as her surname in the voice task,she might not win because of the bad reputation her mom built already. People might not vote for her and if they don’t, she will drop.


instead, she renamed herself Mhesha Jasmine Daniels” I said. Scot shakes his head.


“who’s Jasmin?? kd asked.


“Jasmine is mhesha’s sugar daddy but she made it sealed to fans….” I replied.


“thanks for the information”


Scot said..


“please make the twins safe tomorrow, Dylan might be up to something evil” I said, the two of them nod.






next day, voice task day……


mhesha’s p.o.v



I left my penthouses very early and drive straight to six-stars. I joined other contestants on the stand at the stage off building. we were just nine.


Nanare hasn’t come and I pray she won’t.


“once again,welcome to six stars, the best organization that works towards the accomplishments of young dreams.Sorry to announce this little inconveniences, there will be a little change. No one is going to wear an outfit brought from home instead you’re going to wear what ever the industry is providing just to pass the first stage and the perfectionist stage” the manager announced. We the contestants mumur on a low key.


I totally do not like the plan because it’s not everything I wear that always fit me..what if the cloth the industry is providing is not up to my taste???? I lamented.


“your cloths are over there,it has your tag detach to it.So just pick yours and walk to your numbered room that will definitely link you to the stage. Once again,good luck”


the manager said and left.


Some are happy why some are sad.


“get ready” the operator beeped green.


Everyone pick theirs, leaving only two


one for me and one for the absent Nanare. I opened the one meant for me and noticed that it was kinda big, I opened Nare own,it was just moderate and perfect.


As the frustrated girl that I am, I detached both tags and sawp the cloth before fixing back the tags.


Satisfied with what I have done,I took the one meant for Nare and changed into it inside my suppose room that will open to the stage.


I rushed my facials and took time in packing my hair before wearing the newest sneaker in town.


“number 9”


the projector in my room beeped.


I checked myself in the mirror again and open up to the stage.


“am Mhesha Jasmine Daniels,


22years old.I know am the best for this cuz the world have always bow to my voice,coupled up with the fact that I wear my crown with pride” I introduced myself again.




Mhesha we love you!!!


the screams and shouts am getting already tells that I’m going to win the task.


Just then,the three best friends came in.My stares were directed mostly to Richie. I don’t know why he does not likes me.


The noise died away slowly cuz everyone was admiring them.



Richie love…..


Scott sugar plum


Richie my heart beat,my crown


Kelvin my painkiller…..



Just little mumurs as they sat close to each other on the seats designed for them.A new guy sat close to Richie.


So someone else is replacing Dylan!


I shrugged.


“number 10” one of the agents called.


I prayed silently that she will not come but who am I kidding?????


she came.


“Nanare Jaiho,20years old, I feel like this is the most perfect opportunity for me to inspire many helpless creature who are suffering out there with my voice because I was once a victim” she introduced herself and got a clap from the audience. it is not even up to what I got.


She will fail!! !!!


I seethed at the cloth I changed. To my surprise,it looks like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on her.


I know she’s scared and that fear is something that will kill her cuz she’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


I got many screams and shouts but she’s surprisingly getting more stares because not even a part of her skin have blemishes,marks nor scars.


I smiled cuz I know she will act clumsy since she doesn’t like people watching her,not to even talk of large audiences.


Her microphone fell down.


it attracts noise….



poor girl, she’s a commoner…


she’s acting poor…


is she really a commoner???


she started getting nasty comments.


She didn’t mind,


instead,she bent in a way that make the audience go crazy…..


That her big bumbum is really drawing attention….


but in the end,she will be the one failing.


We are not looking at beauty here,


we are looking at sense of composure……










a day task


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