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continues from Richie’s p.o.v…..


I don’t understand the way she is looking at all.


is it too painful that she can’t talk???


I wondered and took her hands in mine…..


“is it still painful????


I asked.


“yes,this place is really painful but am happy it is you she replied and held me more tight.


I bent over her and carried her out of the huge bed and in the long cardigan that she is wearing….


I even closed my eyes while touching her laps.


“honey,open your eyes”


she said said and used her index finger to touch my brows.I opened my eyes and look at how she looks in my arms,I took her to my washroom and mixed a soapy bath for her.


“should I go or stay??? I asked.


“no,stay,,yes go…wait outside the glass door,I will call you when am done” she said,fluency in her voice…


I smiled dimples and walk out, pressing my phones in front of the glass door..


I was not even pressing phone,I was staring at her through the transparent glass door.


“can I really get tired of staring at her??????


I bite my lower lips as she took off her cardigan.


I closed my eyes immediately the cardigan left her milky skin.


I can’t wait anymore….


After enchanted live show on stage,I am getting married to her in the next five months.I don’t mind if she’s too young,all I know is that she will be 21 in the next


two month and by then, I will be 25….


Indians get married very early….adding to the fact that I am a soon to be president


is even making it more faster….


The citizens don’t mind if I am young or not,all they care is to see the next heir…


I wonder who took such decisions???


Just because I broke the wealthiest record and that no one didn’t get half of what I get for a good 6years is making them push the post of that presidents to my family alone like it is some inheritance….


As if that is not enough,


they are seriously asking for the next heir not minding my age or my girlfriend age.


“is this not strange???????


I opened my eyes,


she’s already out of the bath,


she had even tie a towel around her body….


she glance at the sets of glassy creams,not knowing the exact one to pick.Finally,she settled for a white colored one.


I smiled immediately she touch it… like she knows that is what I normally use.


I left the washroom door to my room and pick her ringing phone.


“who can be calling her by this time of the day?????


I picked the call and wait for the caller to speak first…



my dear,I just heard about you not quiet long and I must admit that you are beautiful and s£xy as your voice. Can we meet up????


the caller asked……


I ended the call immediately I noticed nare coming out of the washroom.I hide her phone under the pillow and then turn back to look at her.


“honey, am through”


she pouted,using one hand to hold her towel tight….


I look at the pillow where I kept her phone with jealousy.


“darling,am through” she jolted me again…I look away from the pillow and bounce walk to my closet where I kept the package that I ordered for her….it was a complete set of a s£xy nighty I had dream to see my woman wearing.


I opened the package by sliding the lid, then I poured out its contents on the bed.


She picked the long transparent gown with the matching pants and bra. After that,she pivkdf a singlet.. and closed the box back with the slivery lid.


“can I wear it for you???


I asked in a jealous tone and hijack everything from her hand.


“hunnnn….president Richie!!!


she gasped….


“I don’t care” i replied and flick her towel down with just a finger.I squated down


with the pant and watch as she slowly dug her legs into it…


I stood up and pull the pants up slowly..I smiled cuz I got the size of her pant.


I made another bad boy smile as I hooked her bra before wearing the singlet…


The singlet looks kinda short but I tried….. if not for her wide hips,it should be her


perfect size.


“I will swear for myself if I don’t marry you!!!


I said,she smiled and look down shyly as I wore the long net for her.


Her phone started ringing again….


She turned immediately at her phone under pillow and checked the number that


was calling….


…..if I should catch that idiot calling!!.


I said,she kept quiet and didn’t even touch the phone.


The phone continue ringing out.


She picked her phone and ended the call. She looked at me,I look away…


“Richie, am sorry” she said.


my nerves calm down immediately but that jealousy is still there.


“I will not leave you….your mom told me you are too jealous,Paula and Tita said


you are damn soft and tender towards the people you love and you might get weak if they hurt you….I know you’re hot tempered.. I won’t try touch…I won’t




I didn’t allow her finish talking,I kissed her forehead.


(enchanted…..miles version3)








it is like I need to bury this unsual feelings am having towards Paula…. Kelvin,are


you not tired of getting rejected???????


I scratch my forehead and tuck many cash into my briefcase…


Some call me demon,


some call me monsters,


others calls me beasts but if only they know I am not a play boy…..


This love I desired,I am not getting it..


I scoffed and cursed myself inwardly.


why on earth did I like Paula????


Someone so proud and sassy???


Someone who doesn’t gives in???


Someone whose family is stinkingly rich????


Someone who doesn’t care about all other peoples feelings??????


This is really terrible!!!!


I bite my lips and finished my last shot of whiskey and carried my two briefcase of money with three of my gaurds following me behind…



sorry,I am on my way” I texted the agent that wants to sell a beautiful mansion for me.


please be fast,there’s another rich buyer” he texted back….



on my way…. please I need that mansion,I need it for someone,I am dashing it


out,okay” I texted and urge my driver to drive fast.


We got there within an hour.


I paid the,money and was given the key to check round.


I entered the room and started checking round but I found myself being locked up in one of the rooms..


it’s like I jammed the door on a smart look…


“ummmmm….I pressed the green button on the door,it didn’t open….I turned


around in the place I lock myself in and met miss Sausy….


“what are you doing in my house???


she glared….


“your house???


“but I thought you’re staying in enchanted mansion????


I asked her inside my mind.


“now get out!!!


she yelled.I didn’t answer…


The agents might have collected money from the both of us and dupe the both of


us at the same time….



“you this flirt, get out!!!


she scorned…. but I noticed something


She’s wearing my necklace!!!!







is she one of my fans?????


“that necklace was given freely to people that loves me….but Paula,is she part of




“get,out!!!! she scorned and walk to the door,she stepped on my foot….


Such an attitude!!!!!!!




I winced in pain,cuz my feet’s where bring out blood already. She stepped on me with the sole of her heels and it was damn painful……




“Kelvin,I’m sorry,I lovvvvvvvvvveee you!!!!!!! she screamed and quickly squated on the floor,almost close to my feet……….








He stop kissing my forehead and laid me on the bed. He walk away immediately. I guess he have things important to do.


I have not even slept when the phone started ringing again…. I ended the call till I


am tired of doing such.I don’t want Richie to break this phone and I am seriously pitying this person calling me because if Richie should interfere, life will not remain the same for the person….


I ended the call several time….


The person gave up and started sending messages instead.



Can we meet????


can we talk?????


why are you ignoring me?????


I learnt you’re a twin, tell me more


Please answer,you’re in my heart already!!!!!


the messages keeps getting much,that I can’t even sleep.


Richie joined me on bed again, 2hours later with my favorite ice cream….


I sat upright and started drinking the ice cream.Thank goodness my phone didn’t




I finished the ice cream and stole glances at Richie who was seriously working on


his laptop


His own phone beeped…..


it was a message from an unknown number too….


He went through the message and held the anklet on my leg really tight..


“honey, what’s happening???


I asked and joined him in reading the message on his phone.



Dear Richie Miles,you really did a great thing by keeping the presidential post


to yourself and your unborn child alone….Well done and a great job….


You know,losing your precious girlfriend will make you weak??????


and losing your hard earned wealth will remove you from that post…..


I doubt it if enchanted will take place because if it should takes place on stage,it will make you more wealthy!


But will you do if the most precious thing in your life is taken away??????


I read the message and look at Richie who also look at me….


“honey!!! we said at the same time.









miles version 3




©adesola adeomowole.m.


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