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episode thirteen








Nanare Jaiho had a total of 80million views in just one hour”


the projector finally beeped green.


Scars filled my heart…as I watch the person,,Nanare the most hardest task I faced.


I stole her cloths,


I stole her songs,


I removed 20million counts from her votes but she still had 80million while I have 19million…..


That means she actually have 1billion views in just an hour.



“80million views in one hour,it is gonna rise up to 1.6billion in another one hour time.Nanare this is tough!


Park smiled and brought out the real script with golden bars.


I drop my head down in shame,


I hate this girl!!!


I hate her with everything!!


I cried silently, forgetting that I did facials…..


“miss nanare,come forward for this”


park said with voices filled of affections.


Nanare look like she doesn’t understand.


Sweeear,I hate her.


“you’re gonna be the next lead voice for six stars plus you just got the new role of the beautiful poor girl. Once again,congratulation” park said,making the audience to stand up and clap.


Nanare smiled while looking down intently,slowly playing with her fingers.


“I won mhesha!!


she pouted and gosh,her sight was more of a goddess.


More lights flash on her while her background color changed occasionally,revealing her natural beauty.


I was pained with the rymth that her full long hair move,even her curled down hair raised up.


“nanara this is for you,thank you for not dying in the time of difficulties” she smiled.


“so here it is,come forward” park said with a smile,her legs started shaking. She walk with that same dangling leg in a hot way to collect her reward for winning the best voice.


I hate her!!!!!


I seethed inwardly cus there’s nothing I can do.Richie will kill me.


“why are you shaking,collect it!


park said.She bowed humbly and raised hand to collect it but another superior hand collected it and carried her in a bridal style.


I screamed and ran out of the stage while my guards rush after me.



Kelvin Diamonds……



Mhesha screamed out of the stage immediately Richie showed up and carried nare in the presence of the people she had fed with sweet lies that she is the one dating Richie, she even went as far by telling them that she is engaged to Richie and those people stupidly believes her.


Seriously,she is mad,insane and crazy.Sanity is truly far from her.


“I will continue loving you”


Richie said in front of those people mhesha had lied to and carried nare in a manner that his hands was wrapped agsint the down of her laps, almost close to the base of her bumbum.


He confused virtually all by kissing her on the neck.


Mhesha couldn’t hold the pain anymore,she screamed out.


Her guards rushed her while many of the audiences followed her up just to get the real gist.


She has not even gotten to anywhere before they catch up with her.



mhesha explain!!!


we are confused!!


are you still with Richie?????



who is more beautiful between Nanare and mhesha!!!






no way,it is Nanare!!!!



Yes Nanare, she is natural!!!


mhesha looooosssserrrrrrrrrr!!!


mhesha liar………


her angry followers started throwing things at her.



wait,I can explain!!!!


mhesha raised her head and gosh,it was ugly cuz the facials she did had burnt close to half of her face.



hunnnn explain what????


explain kill you there!!!!!!!



I can explain!!!! she said again while the mob continue insulting and throwing things on her.


“I will explain”


seesha showed up from behind with her fellow media.



this is the hidden truth;


mhesha is not dating Richie, Richie is dating Nanare but he made it sealed just to protect his beautiful girlfriend and her twin sister from wicked villains” seesha said, the crowd gasped.


“now, who is Nanare?????


Nanare is an ordinary tender girl who will certainly pass by as a queen, she and her


twin sister are princesses to a particular kingdom….


but you see this devil!!!!


seesha seethed.and pointed her index finger at mhesha……


“she is the pain underneath the twins flesh!!! seesha said.


mhesha burst into tears and ran away.


this is serious!!!!!



I mumbled and walk away,my eyes diverted to a lady coming from the opposite elevator,my body slowly reacts to her.


“hey,be my friend” I smiled abdvwalk towards her.


“you’re not my taste” she rolled her eyeballs at me….


I puffed out air ….


perhaps,she doesn’t know who I am.


“I’m Kelvin, the third most wealthy artist in Delhi” I introduced.




“f**k offff,I am Paula Miles and I am richer than you” she raised her head up and made a look that scared the hell out of me.


“oops she is Paula,the face of Thai”


I seethed,knowing fully well that she is stinkingly rich.


“buddy,ain’t you going????


Scott tapped my shoulders.


“yes” I nodded,looking in the direction Paula headed to.


“You’re staring at Paula Miles???


he asked.


“yes,I like her already but she can’t be mine” I said,Scott smiled.


“certainly true,she is Richie’s spoilt and arrogant cousin!!!!


“the fact that she is Massey miles twins daughter,they are just two.Just paula and Tita,they are the only two female daughters.That alone made her more spoilt and the fact that Richie is her nephew makes her speaks anyhow cuz their family is rated the most wealthy” Scott said,I nod my head in agreement but I really like her.


She can’t be mine,


we ain’t in the same category….


“but Richie is not proud right???


I asked.


“yes,Paula is only proud cuz she is the only female daughter in her family” Scott said.


“ummm okay,do you find out where Dylan is hiding???? He asked, changing the topic.


“not yet” he replied.



my Nanare…………


“where am I?????


“where is mom????


“where is Nanara???????


“where is aunt Paula???


I exclaimed in anstonishment.


The last thing I remembered was that Richie asked me to stay with three girls but those girls took me inside a car and started driving me here.


“where is this place????


I asked and tried opening the door,but it was locked.


The door opened and I saw those girls.


“where am I??? I asked.


“ma’am sorry,we are only doing things based on his Excellency’s orders,don’t painc,you’re safe.Just sit down” the average height girl said and pulled me to sit on a chair, then she came to my back and started removing my necklace….




I shouted,with the way she touched my princess necklace.


“sorry” she bowed and asked me to stand up.



“ma’am can you go there and change your clothes??? she asked and opened the water floored washroom, on one side was a loved shaped jacuzzi.


No,I am okay like this” I replied with a negative nod.I can’t undress in her presence,I have only done that with Nara and Paula.


“I don’t mean any harm,I promise, I will close my eyes or let me lock the door” she replied.


“okay” I nodded and entered.


I locked the door and shut the curtains. I then undress and had a quick shower.


“ma’am, take” she said from the exterior and passed in a glass jar that contain an oily substance.


“rub it on your body”she said.


I smelt what she gave me….


it smelt really nice….


“what is this???? I asked.


“Tatiana lopex secrets,it is a skin treatment for people like you.Rub it, I don’t mean any harm” she said.


“okay” I replied and push the thing aside..


“I have rub it” I lied.


“okay,here” she said and passed a new set of underwear without bra.


“what’s this girl doing????


I lamented and wore it like that cuz I don’t even know what to say…


“here,this one,wear it”


she passed a white number short and a white top….


“how am I suppose to wearcit without bra????


“ma’am please,don’t wear bra,if you wear bra,I might get fired” she said.



“okay” I replied and did what she said but my nipples was seriously pointing out.


I wrapped my hands around my chest and came out.


She smiled something I couldn’t figure out.


“did you rub it???


she asked.


“yes” I lied.


“you didn’t” she caught me.


“sorry” I replied.


“wait here,I will call his excellency”


she replied.


“who’s his excellency,where’s this place and why are you dressing me as a call girl??? I asked.


“your boyfriend wants that”.


she replied and left.


“hummmm” I mumbled and quickly hide myself on the bed.


The door opened,


he entered,wearing white too.


I pretend as if I had slept.


“stand up,honey” he whispered.


I jumped up and stand beside him with my hands on my chest.


He removed it,I hugged him so he won’t see my nipples.


“you won mhesha”


he said,I held him more tight.


just then,my phone started ringing.


I left him and went for my phone.


it was an unknown number.



I don’t think I know the person.


“hmmm I have always wanted to tell you that I love you” the called said…


I think Richie heard that.


“give me that phone” he said…..


I stretched the phone, it mistakenly fell……


He thought I did it intentionally….


he did that sad but cute face and took his lips into his mouth.


“Richie, I don’t… know….”


I stammered and rush hug him, he didn’t hug me back.


“Who is that idiot???


He asked.








a day task.


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