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★Dylan’s p.o.v★



The hurt that I had always lived with overpowered my heart and made perspirations like fire to burn deep down into my vertebral column.


“is this really what love turn me into?


“This love is actually going to break down the friendship bond that I’ve spent years in building.


“Not so soon!!!


“I’m not giving up on Nare,I met her first and will possibly do anything to get her back even if it will cost my last blood dripping.


“I’m not gonna give up on her red lips! I muttered inwardly and sent her glare.A really deadly glare and she knows what it fully means.


“Stop staring at her,she’s not the cause of your misfortune” Richie snapped me out of my dirty thoughts.


I opened my mouth to speak back but I dare not.Richie Miles is……


I can’t even find the perfect word to describe him.It doesn’t take him 2sec in killing me,he can kill me without anybody questioning him since he has gotten the upmost superiority to rule Indians.


I’m an Indian,am not left out.


“Dylan you’re Alec jaiho my secret rival.Is that not who you’re???? he sneered. I only stared back with dark humor clinging to my eyeballs.


“when I speak,you speak back….


“forget about the president and wealth that I have acquired…just speak if I ask questions!


he said,furiously.


“I’m not Alec Haiho!


I sturltled in tears.


Nare widened her cute eyeballs.


“Dylan you know you betrayed our friendship already…


“You drained my confidence when I needed you the most,you murdered my trust and buried my conscience, leaving me alone to count empty stars in space. I left you and didn’t punish you even when am capable of punishing you.



“You tried shits with nanare,knowing fully well that I loved her but still,I overlooked your stupid ass.


“do you think am a fool for overlooking you???


“I know about everything you’ve done,I know about the lies,I know the times you’ve hurt our friendship but I still keep quiet and did as of nothing is wrong.


“You’ve hurt my woman countless time.I know everything you’ve done to her but still I kept mute and acted as if everything is alright.


“why can’t you do this last favour by telling the truth??? Richie asked with a perplexed look on his face.


“I’m not Alec Jaiho” I lied.


Nanare’s widened her eyes the more like she know the real truth but she knows nothing.


“why do you like lying???


“Dylan you’re the same person as Alec Jaiho” Richie speak and I kept on denying.


“I’m not,


“I’m Dylan! I denied.


“I know you won’t say the truth,yoyee the same devil that sent Skyler to kill Scot but the stupid Skyler ended up killing his brother” he said,my body went cold.. Richie actually knows my hidden secrets.


I planned shits with Skyler.


The plan was to kill Scot then cater away with his wealth but Skyler ended up killing Samiel instead of Scot.


“you’re lucky am not Scot!.


‘I’m still wondering what Scot will do to you if he finds out since he’s still suffering from heart break.



“those shits you tried with scot,don’t you dare try them with me! Richie cautioned…


“guards lock him up! he said with a start.


“No,leave him” he said again.


I’m not surprised that he’s this kind.


“don’t cross my path! he scorned and went ahead to hold Nanare’s hand like he will never let go.


But me,my plans are perfectly planed by mhesha.




★NaRA’s p.o.v★



We followed Richie quietly into our mansion since he had warned us not to call it his mansion, he said it is ours.


He’s just so kind.Even after all what that ingrate had done to him,he’s still kind to let go.


“Do you need to see a doctor???


he asked Nare.


“hunnn no” she replied.


“okay” he smiled and left us alone in the hallway that leads to the large kitchen.


“I pity Dylan” Nare said.


“I pity you for pitying Dylan” I replied, wondering why Nare has this kind heart.


“Aaaah Nara,you don’t have mercy at all” she exclaimed.


“Dylan doesn’t deserve mercy!


“that same arrogant prince that wants all the good things in life without working for it,seriously,there’s nothing to pity” I glared.


She frowned as we enter the kitchen.


Elsa was there already.


“Nanara,I miss you!! Elsa smiled.


“Did you miss me too?? she asked.


“yeah,we miss you” Nare speak and was already hugging her.


“where did you go all this while??


she asked.


“ooh,I was looking for my husband and the only twin I gave birth too” Elsa replied,I felt something cold in my heart.


“did you find them?? Nare asked.


“no,I didn’t see my husband neither did I see my twin daughters” Elsa replied,almost close to the verges of tears.


“since when have you been looking for them? Nare asked.


“since the day I gave birth to them!


Elsa replied..


Nare started crying….


the more she cry,the more her dimple go deeper.


She was crying,Elsa was crying too.


“I’m suspecting my husband’s second wife,she might be behind this. in fact,she was the one that sold me into this slavery” Elsa said,Nare cried the more like she’s affected.


I stared on like I don’t know what they are talking about.


Just then,my attack came.


My breathe slow down because of the smoke that is coming from what Elsa is cooking.


Slowly,my eyes shut dead down.


“Nanara!! Elsa shouted and quickly lifted me in her arms while Nare rush to bring another inhaler from my room.


She came back few minutes later and sniffed the inhaler into my nose.


I came back to normal but the breathing was still painful.


“sorry” Elsa mumbled.


“mom,I know that am going to die soon” I said,Nare shut me up by placing her finger on her red blooded lips……




Next day


★Scot p.o.v★



I took my car keys in my hands and plung in my white headset while adjusting the belt of my new designer bag with my left hand.


The door was opened by my escorts..


I just sat on the back seat and allow Daxton to drive me to school.



few hours later …..


“seriously,what’s hard in this thing!


“its so simple if you have the brain of composure!


“Relax your brains and try it again!


mr Tam’s nagged and turn off the smart board.


His principles were just too hard.




“your painting is still not up to my taste!.


“I want it perfect! he nagged.


“Scot let me see yours” he said. I raised my brows then took of my masks.


That’s it,Lucifer’s will start staring at me,especially Jennie.


I so much hate her .


“here” I said to Sir Tam’s while still sitting and chewing gums at the same time..


“89%” he said.




“he got it!!!!


“he’s just soooo cute!!!


“his paintings are out of this world!


I heard murmurs since I’ve always had the highest score.


“any other one” sir Tam’s asked.


“here” jenny said while standing up.


“79%” sir Tam’s said.


She sat down immediately. she can’t possibly have more scores than me.


*any other one! sir tams asked again.


“No other one! Jennie cuts in.


“where’s Nara Mia???? he asked,everyone turned back.


Jenny frowned immediately.


“here! a shaking voice said from the back sit with her hands raised up.


I turned back for the first time, she was masked with golden mask, on her left wrist is a blue bangle that suited her skin color..


“here! she said again with that shaking voice and showed what she painted to the whole class.


it was more than ENCHANTED!


So eye catching.


“100%” the whole class shouted even before Tam’s could say anything.


“case closed! Tam’s said and kefr the huge class.


I turned back again to see the so called Nara Mia but she wasn’t there anymore.















(as long as i love U)




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