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I felt something different,


Like its magical.


“No,magical is a little word that can’t describe what I felt.


Maybe I should call it a soccerry… so so magical…


I felt it as the person took the cloth instead of me.



What i felt from the inside made my heart cold for a seconds.It happened the moment that I raised my hand to pick the cloth…it’s like something magical within me.


“who the heck is that???


i shouted like the aggressive bitch that I am.


“I saw the cloth first!!


I rants because it looks like the Saree is the most beautiful and the hottest in the mall.


The Saree will surely make thousands of guys bowing at my feet,so I need it desperately.


“I saw it first!!!


I yelled.


“I took it first! the voice echoed and melted my heart deeply like the storm will turn a sail.


I got angry the moment I heard the voice even when I haven’t see the person who owns….


That voice sounded like the sweetest voice ever,even more sweeter than Richie’s own.


So tiny and loud,not like my fake voice.


“who the heck is that????


“I get what I want and I always have everything!! I yelled,gangaa flinched.


“who are you to take what I liked???.


i retorts and quickly step to the other side to see who it was,I saw them,they were two….


Two sisters probably……


one got more hip with big buttocks than the other….


She looks like a model,so perfect.


They were masked,I couldn’t see their faces.



“who the hell are you??? I showed off my mask to reveal my face,so they will know that Emily Daniel’s is my mom.


“I am who I am” one of them replied and took off her mask,making her hair to fall and spread on her wide hip and dangled at the base of her buttocks.


“is this not the most beautiful face??? I searched for answers and watch her hold hands with her sister.


She held those hands like she will only let go when death come….


She opened her eyes fully well..




Gangaa screamed and fainted.


“what’s happening here???


securities came in and stand behind the twin sisters.


Nare quickly hide her beauty by wearing her mask,I was shocked all through…


“what’s all this shits???


“pat get the trolley,let’s move outta here” another guards commanded and rush to collect the clothe from Nare.He took it from her and added it to the one’s they’ve picked.


I glared in awe ……


“that girl that I have pained”


“that girl I lied against”.


“the girl I sent out in the rain!!!.


“I purposely left her in that gymnasium, not knowing that am pushing her into Richie’s arms…..


“I really did myself!


“if I had lock her indoors all days and nights,then she wouldn’t have had the


opportunity to meet him!!….



“I don’t know what’s happening,let’s leave” she said in her tiny voice and held her sister hand while Richie’s guards pushed the heavy trolley that contained what the twins bought.


I watch them pay and left.


I dare not do anything stupid because of Richie’s guards… I’m sure they are gonna report to him.


And that Richie does not takes shits!!!


“Mhesha,ain’t we going again??? Alisha asked.


“I am not going anymore”


I drop my pride and speak calmly for the first time,not wanting to tell her what transpired between me and Nare..




“we concluded we’re gonna go together,what’s all this????


“its an idian ceremony at the Miles mansion and its gonna be fun! Tahsha sneered.,..


“okay” I slam my forehead and scorned the unconscious gangaa on the floor.


“Let’s pay” Alisha seethed and ordered one of the security to push the trolley that Gangaa couldn’t push.


We paid and entered our respective cars,then drive straight to the Miles.




we got to the miles mansion and packed together at the same spot….


I hope we won’t get caught,because we are not invited.


Jenny step out first and brought out a shopping bag that contain the clothes she will be wearing.


I step down too,still wearing my gooddam mask.


“who’s more rich between Richie and his father??? Jenny asked.



“Richie,is 10times richer than his father” I replied.


She smiled at Richie’s dad mansion.


“and his mother,I heard her name is Beauty Dana” she said as we got to the main door….


“have seen his mom one times…. I was waoowed.


Since then,I stopped asking why Richie is so cute.


He must have inherited that gen of cuteness from his mother” Jenny started blabbing… mind wasn’t there,my mind was remembering all what happened at the mall.


“You’re invited too” one of the maid said and directed us to a place in the beautiful mansion ..


it was really crowded that I can’t tell who it was.


“yeah,do you know that this ceremony is always done yearly because of Richie!!!


Jenny said,I looked at her and closed my eyes halfly….


We got to the place we were directed to,it was a wide room….


other classy girls were there,there’s lot of bed there,so jenny, alisha,Tasha and I


picked one….


We poured all what we bought on the bed and started selecting what we’re gonna wear..


That’s our life’s, we like party …


Especially the one that is been hosted expensively just like this..


The other girls were shouting into my ears,they were just talking random girls stuffs into my ears.


“seriously,who are this low lifeless banes” I spoke,they kept quiet like they know


who it was….




“is that Mhesha!!!


“what’s she doing here???


I heard murmurs but I cared less…


“Mhesha are you sure you’re not up to something for coming here” Jenny whispered.


I gave her a “what do you mean” look.


She knows am here for something…


And am gonna do what I want….


To disgrace that idiotic Nanare since she she hate insults….


⭐Richie Miles⭐



I was inside the stupid room that was asked to stay,waiting for Pedro to bring Nare here and have been trying to reach him on phone… but the network worsened the matter.


“what’s all this???


“Get out,I don’t need you” I glared at the guards with me in the room.


My mom knew I won’t stay so she had to put guards with me.


“sir,we can’t go!!


“your mom said we should stay” they replied.


“leave!!! I replied calmly….


I really don’t like stressing myself too much..


“sir it’s like you don’t understand the Indian’s tradition,its not proper for you to be alone,you need people to stay with you till the ceremony begin…you will be announced officially next year as the president. we need extra security…


“We can’t possibly leave cuz we don’t know all the people that attend here.Some might just be here to harm you” one of the guards said.


I ran my fingers into my hair….


My number one reason why I hate India tradition…..


“that tradition is full of senseless things,things that are not real.


“I really blame myself for being an Indian.


“hey you,call my mom” I ordered,already getting tired of the room…..


I stared awkwardly at the decorations on the bed before lying on it.


“Sir,we’re here…


“where should I keep Nare and Nara?


Pedro texted.


“Take Nara to Rita’s place and bring Nare to this stupid room that I am” I texted back.


immediately I texted,it was my mom and the lanky guard.


“Richie,don’t try leaving this place!


“don’t you know how dangerous it is????


“what if someone come and try killing you just like they did last year,what do you want me to do????


she said,I rolled my eyeballs….


“this ceremony stuff is tiring and stupid,arggh” I frowned,she curved out a small smile.


“tiring and stupid but you’re getting the fames and popularities just because you


will be the next president,is that not tiring and stupid too??? she smirks….


“you see,that’s why I don’t like coming here… each time I come,its either you’re doing party or stuffs like this!!!


“gosh,just hoping this will end” I smirks, she smiled.


“Just don’t leave this place! she said..


“you see that’s why I like Massey than you!!! “Gaaaaad,why can’t Massey be my mom??? I said my mom smiled.


“thank God am your mom already, you can’t push me anywhere”


she smiled.


I layed back on the goddam bed with phone on my hand.


My mom was still there,am surprised she’s not leaving.


“mom,you’re not going”


I asked, not wanting her to see Nare enter my room.


if she sees her,she won’t let her stay with me,she will take her to another place…


Maybe to Paula’s place….


That Paula is really bad girl….so bad that she can corrupt someone’s fresh brain.


“I feel like staying with you for now” she said with her eyes on my phone.


I better tell Pedro not to bring Nare.


“Pedro don’t bring…..” I was still texting.


“Richie your phone” she said,I frown but she was too smart to have hijacked it….





she won’t allow me and Nare stay together.


I made a baby look and stood off the bed to the door.


“remember,its not time to go out” she said, I gave her a superior look, with that, she kept quiet.She really knows it when am serious.


“You’re bringing your girlfriend,you want her to stay with you here,it won’t be possible ..


“its not yet time to be staying with her,especially this time…” my mom started mentioning those stupid Indian rules I hate to hear.


“why can’t I stay with Nare???


“you’re starting it again!!!


“gaaaad,why did I even come in the first intense” I said with a confused.


“I can’t allow Nare stay with Paula, Paula will corrupt her mind…..



“mom you know what,am not interested anymore, I don’t want this president shit anymore,its tiring and stupid!!!


“how long am I going to continue with your silly rules” I frowned.


“No going back!!


“you really fit for this time of stuffs!!


“Enjoy it!!! she said….


“don’t worry,she’s with Paula” she retorts,I gave her a “are u serious look” she nodded yes.


“mom!!!!!! I exclaimed her name.


“Mr president!!!! she exclaimed too.


“your girlfriend is safe,panic less” she said and pass by my side to the exit.


She went with my phone too….


“seriously,what type of tradition is this!!!!!!!



Nare Nare


“what’s happening???


“why am I not seeing Richie???


I asked from within and stared at the unfamiliar faces around me….


“can you take off your mask,my name is Tita” one of the unfamiliar face said…


I kept quiet and still stared..


Like am not getting this anymore!!!


“don’t be confused…. but this is how the ceremony goes,we are all gonna stay


indoor for 1hour first before coming out to start the party.” tita said,I still stared.


“okay,I know this type of party…..they’ve done it once in my village,it was really


fun” I said.


“really,you came from the village!!



another unfamiliar voice said.That was when I noticed I had mentioned the word village!.


“yes” I nodded slightly and took off my mask.


They stopped talking and stared.


“may I know your name?? tita asked.


“Nanare” I said.


She smiled.


“meet Paula,she’s my twin” tita said.


“waooow,you’re a twin too” I exclaimed. it looks like am liking tita.


“yeah, are you also a twin!!


she asked.


“yes” I replied and started talking to her..


Paula coughed in the middle of our conversation.


“you’re close to Richie right??? she asked me directly.


“you know so why asking??? Tita speak for me.


“Tap mouth,am not talking to you” I watched as Paula shunned tita.


“back to you!!!


“what have you both done together? she asked.


“Paula!!!!!! Tita shouted and tap me to keep quiet…


“don’t answer her,she’s a bad girl…


she said and made Paula looked like a fool.


“what have you done together??? Paula asked again.



“Nothing” i replied her so she will leave me alone but it looks like I just fueled it up.


“you haven’t kiss” she pouted.


Tita threw one of the big pillow to her.


“stop it!!!! she said.


A maid rushed inside and bowed in front of tita.


“your mom send for you” the maid said,she stood up and left, leaving only me with Paula.


immediately she left,Paula stood up and came to lay beside me on the bed.


“you can tell me anything,am a sister to Richie… we’re families” she smiled.


Like her smile intimidated me to start telling her everything.


I started from Mhesha side of the story.


“sorry,but you’re in wealth now,don’t you want to pay Mhesha back after all those things she did to you”


“if I were you,I will pay back!! she said, I looked at her with a small smile on my face.


“so you’ve had s£x with Richie right?? she asked.


“No,am a good girl” I replied shly to my new friend.


“aaah,do you even know how to have s£x!!!


“do you know this style????


Paula asked and crept on her fours.


“stop,I don’t know what you’re talking about” I said,feeling a bit embarrassed.


“what about this cow girl style?? she asked and did another thing….


“Paula!! I shouted her name,she smiled and stopped.


“do you like Richie??? she asked.


“why do you ask??? I asked back.


“did he tell you you’re beautiful? she asked, making it too different thing.


“Nope,he told me am ungly” I replied.


it looks like I like Paula too.


She likes talking just like me.


“you see,you’re smiling,you like him.. don’t worry will teach you how to have s£x!!


she said.




“no way,am not interested! I replied.


She smiled,her phone mistakenly fell on my tommy,I picked it and pressed the side




Kd’s picture appear as the wallpaper.


“he’s my crush!!!


she said,I almost through up…


Kd of all people.


“you know him?? she asked.




“i don’t know him” I denied.












(as long as I love you)




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