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(as long as i love you)




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continues from Richie……..


Seriously, this is craziness. Asking her out.


“damn,she won’t cope with my luxury life”


“what if we were with my mom and she starts eating with her bare hands??? “ohh no!! I slam my forehead like am frustrated.


“Richie,the food is sweet right”


she said,innocently.


I stared at her and slowly brought down my hand from my forehead.


“Nope am having headache” I cook up lies.


“headache!! she exclaimed with pure love and affections clinging in her eyes.


“yeah,its headache” I slam my forehead lightly.


“should i call the doctors??? she asked.


“Never mind! I rolled my eyeballs and left her alone..


she kept on looking at me as I raced up the slivery lapsed stair case.


I got to my room and locked the door by pressing a particular button on it.


The headache was actually because I don’t know how to ask her out.


She will thinks I want to use and dump her.


I brought out my phone and called Scot,perhaps he might be of help since he’s the funny type.


“Hey buddy” his voice came up.


“scot” I said nervously.


“yeah your mom called and told me about ceremony stuffs,am invited too” he said,I gasped.


“i phoned you for something else so stop those ceremony shitss” I said.


“Richie,jenny is really giving me big time problems,real problems! he said again like he’s sad.


“forget about her,I called you for something important” I said..




“what’s it??? he asked..


“I’m not joking,it might look childish but to me,its not childish…..” I retorts for a






“what can be holding someone influential like you?? he asked.


“Scot,forget about influential stuffs, how do I ask a girl out? I chirped in.


“how did you ask Valarie out?? he asked back.


“I’ve never ask any f**king girl out, they through theirselves cheaply at me and besides it was Valarie that said we should date…….i don’t even like her but I did dated her for dating sake” i said.


“so you’re gonna do the same thing to this one too! he replied.


“Scot, stop it!!!


“I’m the one asking her out,you should know some feelings are attached to it…so


help me!!!


i pleaded.


“use google” he replied and started laughing.


“you don’t understand!.


“like how do i tell her” i went straight to the point.


“use maker to write will you be my girlfriend on her face,after that, show her a mirror” he said,I was forced to smile.


“that’s too childish, I’m 21.Don’t you have sense at all” I said and hung up. He’s just making matter worst.


“yeah,I know what to do.I will rather call Massey Miles. My one and only aunt that will always find a way.


i phoned her,she pick up on the first ring.


“Hi Richie!


“its been long tho and I really miss you a lot…I miss your dimples in particular.


please do come to your mom ceremony,i wanna see ya” Massey said.


“okay” I replied…


“hmmmm,Massey help me with something” I said,sweetly..


“what’s it,baby?? she asked.


“how do I ask a poor girl out?? I smiled.


“ohhh you mean a girl that has never tasted wealth?? she asked..


“yeah,exactly the type” I replied.


“does she talks a lot?? she asked.


“yeah and playful too” i replied.


“are you not sensible enough to tell her direct??? she asked..


“she won’t accept!!!


“the very first day I took her to my treasure room,she almost collapsed. What do you think she will do if she sees all my inheritance???.


“I don’t think she will accept and I don’t wanna loose her to one stupid Alec Jaiho” I said.


“is there any body close to her???


she asked..


“yeah,her twinnie” I replied.


“good,tell her twin sister,she can help you tell her if you can’t..


“oops,thanks and bye” I smiled, she blew a kiss over the phone and hung up.


I drop my phone on the table stand and took the expensive accessories I bought from Pakistan.


“I hope she accept!! I said and tuck it properly into my pocket.





Nare Nare



“he’s having headache,what do I do???? I muttered while searching my trolley for any pain reliever drug but I still didn’t find none.


my patient was just running out….


I don’t like seeing him in pains,he had helped me a lot.


I checked my trolley one more time again and finally found the drug. I checked it over and over again.


Sure that it was the one,I held it tightly and walk out of my room….


I walked down the hallway door and climbed on that same slivery lapsed stair case he climbed on.


I got to his door…..


it was smelling wealth…


Real wealth just like his name implies.


“can I come in???? I knocked,hoping that the door won’t come away.


I didn’t hear anything so I didn’t try opening the door.


“can I come in??? I knocked again.


“come in” he said in a firm voice.


I touched the door,it slide open automatically…


I saw the whole sight…..I was amazed…..


“do I really belong to this little paradise?? I asked myself from within on seeing the pure diamonds that stood firmly plastered on the walls.


the painted walls are professionally done… The scent of his room smells like where he comes from.


He came from Richness so it scented like him.


“Nare!!!! he called my name when he noticed I was shaking while in his room.


The bed enough is enough for the whole universe to lay on.


“Nare!!! he called again and pull off his bandana.




“you mentioned headache……”


“so what are you hiding behind your back??? he asked and started walking close to me.


“No,its nothing,stop coming close” I objected but who am I kidding??? No one,because Richie Miles won’t listen.


He took my hands and saw the drug.


“you were the one that said you were having headache” I startled bit his eyes are else where.


“whattt???? i gasped and trailed his eyes..


it was on my neck.


“Richie!!!! I shouted his name when the look was becoming intense ..


he didn’t answer.


“aaaah,I think I should leave” I said inwardly and turned to the door,he pulled me back and made me inhale the wealthy scent I was running from.


I was as scared as hell.I’m not scared of Richie,I am scared of the name “Richie”.


“I want to go and meet Nara, she’s calling me already” i lied,he tightened his grip on my my wrist just like he had gotten fiercely battles in his heart.


He took his lips in,my own legs started shaking. I’m always like that.


wealth, money and all sort of stuffs like that are not my things.


“look at me!! he commanded.


…am I really the luckiest girl or what???


“No,i can’t” I replied bowing my head with shaking lips.



“look at me,I’m not Alec jaiho” he said.


“okay” I said shakingly and met his gaze on my neck again.


Those looks are damn scary and I can’t really interpret it’s meaning.


“Nare be my girlfriend” he said and left my wrist.


my lips and legs shake the more, i shifted back,he moved forward and was all over me on the door.


“you heard me”


“I said be my girlfriend and am saying please” he said and Tuck his hand into his jean pocket, he brought out many flat stuffs that looks like bangles, as he did that,a paper fall off,it was the receipt.


i picked it up quickly but I was too smart,I saw the price ..


“7,000,000,000 rupee notes”…..


that money can buy 10houses.


“be my girlfriend, i will marry you when am ready” he said and look straight into my face.


“No” I shake my head fearfully.


“I don’t take no as answer”


“if you know how much you trapped me,you won’t say no” he frown.


“No” I said firmly and pushed his hands off the wall so I could pass to the door…


The bangles was just exactly the type Mhesha lied that I stole when I was still staying with her.Richie went ahead to buy a more expensive and updated one.


“So you won’t be my girlfriend???


he asked and whirled me to his face.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories




“No Richie, I won’t cope” I said with tears falling off my eyes.


“why crying???


“i hate nonsense!



“in fact,you’re now my girlfriend.. it does not matter who you are. As long as I love you,anyone who try hurting you should get ready for me also” he said… legs stop shaking as he fixed all the bangles into my hands.


I was still crying as I remembered all what Mhesha did to me and Nara.




“You’re shaking too much” Richie said.


“no,am not” I replied in a whisper..


and turned away,I lost support and fell back into his arms.


He made me stand firmly while I had my hands round his neck…..


“who’s in your mind??? he asked.


“its Mhesha!!! I replied with shaking lips…


“what happened to her??? he asked.


“nothing” I replied.


“then why thinking about her? he asked.


I won’t cope…..


I can’t adapt” I said.


“you will adapt” he cautioned and kissed that particular spot his eyes was looking on my neck…


Now,I need to get ready for Mhesha, she will show up soon.












(as long as i love U)





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