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I turned back almost immediately and didn’t see anybody, the coloring book isn’t there too.


it looks like a dream but its looks real for a dream…


“but…the… coloring book was there!


I muttered and rush to the opposite door almost immediately.


I opened it and saw the backside of a lady.


She’s dressed in a pink Saree,that color really fit her skin…


but why us she running and hiding???


Her hair was packed up in a funny ponytail with the tip tied with a corresponding pink material.


Finally I find my voice….




“are you the one behind those real diagrams???? I asked. She didn’t even wait at all,she vanished into the thin air.


“gosh!!!!! I puffed out air in an annoying manner and ran after her but my bad luck didn’t let me catch her plus she’s too fast and smarter.


Her name is not even written on the book…..


So disgusting!!!!


“wait up!! I speak in the dark and started descending down the stairs in the sane durecton she went but she had long gone.


I stepped on the last stairs and gave up but then,my foot something on the last stairs, it pushed it and allow it make a silent sound.


I bent down and picked what my foot hit,it was an inhaler.


“is she asthmatic????


I wondered, trying to get a grasp about the mysterious lady.


“I think she’s the one Mr Tam’s said scored the highest mark in arts!! “how can I be sure???.


“does she even attend Young Artists High????


“I can’t just jump at conclusion!!!.


I held the tip of the inhaler and stared at it deeply like its my first time seeing one.


“i knew it that there is someone better than Jennie!.


“I’m very sure she must be more cruel and more wicked than Jennie if she must be better than Jennie.


“seeing someone better than Jennie means,there’s someone more deadlier than Jennie,someone who don’t even hesitate killing me if she have the chance to, because jenny started exactly like this simply because am a stupid idiot to the word LOVE.


That same love that made me lost half of my wealth when I was 19, That sane love that made me stay in comma for 70days and 70nights…


That same love that made me lost my beloved brother…..


“Ladies, you’re wicked!!!


“Ladies,you’re Lucifer!!!


“Ladies you ain’t worth loving!!!!!


I muttered inwardly with my body guards already staying at my back.


“sir,you’re crying!! one of my escorts said and handed me an handkerchief


I ignored him and allow him open the back seat for me while passing the car key indirectly to the other escorts.


We got in and started driving.


“sir you’re still crying! that sane guard said.


“on no condition must you look back at me, you must not talk till we get home” I gave my orders strictly and cried my tears alone.




I was alone in the darkness as usual.


This time,i was shirtless.


I was just alone in the black jeans that me and richie have in common.


I was facing the mirror with a clear paper and a painting brush on my right hand.


I bent and made my spiky hairs fall before I start scribbling the back side of that


Lucifer I saw.


I drew her perfectly and brought out her inhaler…..


I placed the inhaler on the sheet and started writing about how broken I am,wishing death will just come knocking on my door.


“What’s the essence of life when stardusts get recompose each passing day???? “Why do I have to keep living when I keep feeling broken and falling down and down????


“With my nails rotten fell,


“My skin shrinking but they weren’t!


“My body diminishing because of the several touches I received from different Lucifer’s who keep pretending to be angels!!!!


“Ladies, let me just describe you with the word “EVIL!


I wrote and shut my eyes halfly….


I started thinking how best to hurt females breeds each time they cross my lane but I found none.




Nare’s p.o.v………..


Three guards drive into our mansion first before Richie’s car drive in,after that,one last limo drive in.


“I still don’t get what’s happening and I dare not ask.Not after all that happen.


Richie park on the special space he usually park and faced me,I quickly face the window.


“Look at me” his voice sends shivers down my spines.Am just getting scared for some foolish reasons.


“I’m… I’m… okay,like this” I starmmered.


“do what I said??? he commanded, not minding if Nara is there with us in the car or not.


“do it!!! he ordered,I faced him quickly. I don’t just know what happened,I find myself revealing those deep sided dimples have been hiding.


“you’ve got dimples” Richie smiled and quickly replace it with a smirk.


“Come close! he ordered.


With a beating heart and a courageous mind,I pop my face almost close to his face…


“More closer” he ordered.


With stupidness, I moved my head more close and gave him more entrance to kiss my neck.


Nara was watching in shock.


“what Dylan did was my fault, I’m sorry” he said while still kissing my neck.


He stopped when he noticed that Nara was closing her eyes.




“Elsa, is back,go and meet her” he ordered.


“okay” I replied and step out of the car like I was being chased by something.Nara followed too and came to hold my hands.


“Nare wait!!!


“I’m starting to think Richie have plans for Dylan! Nara said the moment we got to the main door that was already opened by two maids.


“let’s wait and watch” I said, Nara tightened her grip on me.


Such a scadey cat!!!


“Sir he’s here???? one of the guard said and pushed Dylan out of the last limo.


“Gosh, is this my village Prince!


I gasped and stared at his diminished body.


“Bring him forward” Richie snapped, I watched in shock as Dylan staggered forward.


“what’s Richie gonna do???


“is Dylan not his best friend again???
















(as long as I love U)




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