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★Scot’s pov★



I stared back at Richie in the manner with which he sat amidst the top wealthy politicians with each of them wishing they can have a son who would just be perfect like him.


I stared more deep into the trances of his blue eyes,he’s just busy staring at the slivery lauded staircase.


“Severn you’re not concentrating”


One of the politicians snapped at him by calling him with his father’s name.


“I’m concentrating! He replied with eyes half closed.


3minutes passed,he’s still not concentrating…


“Jophiel!!!! His mom called,he quickly drift Hus gaze away from the staircases.


“Mom,am concentrating”


He speaks with the superiority that he’s born with.


“I don’t think you’re concentrating” his mom replied.


“I am” he cautioned and took his lower lips into his mouth.


With that,he gave the kind looking politicians a soft look,like he’s begging them to be fast.


Really,Indians are so funny…….


I don’t think they can do without this silly ceremony stuffs.


“Sorry,we are almost done” another politician which I recognized to be Mantae Sharma said.


Richie blinked his lashes and indirectly rolled his eyeballs at mantae while stylishly dogging the gazes he’s getting from girls.


“Are you not done???? He asked,almost immediately.


“Will soon be done” mantae said and brought out a golden book,he passed it to richie and asked him to sign in the space bar.


That would be the tenth time Richie’s name will be entering the golden book of India.


“What a good record!!!!


He collected the book and slide the page the pages with carefulness before signing.


“Done! He pouted and stood up abruptly.


He made his way to the stairs with his hands on the shining metallic rod.


“Wait!! Mantra stopped him.


He turned back and took off his suit jacket till he was left in a white tux.


.”wait for what again?????


“If you wanna make me the next president,can’t you do it without party stuffs!!!


“No more party again,you can all go home! He gave orders and glared at the ladies who were busy drooling over him.He didn’t think twice,he ascend up the stairs.




★Richie’s p.o.v★



I got to Paula’s room and knocked,I don’t think I trust her that much.She must have teach Nare stupid things.


I placed my ear on the door but heard nothing.


“What can he happening? I startled with Scot behind me.


I forced the door open and met the shock of my life,like I knew it was gonna happen.


My cousin was lying unconscious on the floor with handkerchief stuffed into her mouth and nose.


As if that was not enough,I caught Dylan rough handling Nare like he’s trynna rape her.


He saw me and stopped but is still dragging nares hair like she’s some piece of toy.


“Dylan,what did I ever do to you? I asked softly,not wanting to go hot tempered.


If I should raise my voice with anger,am very sure I will kill him.


“What’s happening here? My mom banged in and met Dylan holding nares hair.


“Mom,don’t say anything” I cautioned.


“Your son stole my woman!


“Must he always steal everything from me! He shouted at my mom.


My patience dismiss into the blues and got replaced with the darkness that I hated to see.


gradually, I started loosing consciousness…


I garabbed Dylan close to myself and punched his mouth with my diamond rings till he spit the amount a of blood i wanted


“Richie,you’re gonna kill him! My mom rants.


“Exactly what i want,let him die fast! I retorts and continue beating the hell out of him.


“Richie,he will die” my mom blurts out,Nanare started crying.


Her tears made me left him.



“How dare him make Paula go unconscious??


“Lock him up!! I commanded Pedro.


“Sorry,my dear! My mom dried nanare’s tears.


“Did he touch you? She asked her.


I turned and fixed my gaze on her.


“Common tell me,what did he do to you? She questioned her.


“Nothing,he just wanted to take off my clothes” she replied.


I closed my eyes halfly,wondering why it mist always must be me and Dylan.


“Let’s go home” I said to her and took her hands.


She followed me out of the goddam room to my car.


Nanara was sitting at the back seat already,so we just entered.


“Sorry,I forgot something! ” Nara said and quickly step out,leaving only me and Nare in the car.




★Scot’s p.o.v★



“Where did I ever keep my car keys?? I muttered and dipped my fingers into into my hair.


“How can I…….” I stuartled but stopped when I sighted it from afar.


Almost close to the key was a small painting book with pink soft cover that is really captivating.


I opened the painting books and saw real paintings that can be only done by professionals and I doubt it if such person still exists.


Only Jenny can paint and draw perfectly but this particularly one looks exceptional.


I turned to check the name on the painting book and saw “ENCHANTED”.


The person didn’t put name.


I checked the back of the painting book and read what I saw there.


“Kindly return to where you took it,it’s not to be stolen” was what was written at the back of of the painting book.


I drop it back on the same spot and turned to leave.


Just as I walk to the hallway door,the opposite door open,I turned back almost immediately, I didn’t see the person,I didn’t see the colouring book neither. .










(as long as i love U)




© adesola adeomowole.


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