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I pulled off his mask and made his spiky hair fall off on his right eyes, other people in the meeting gasped, trying to figure out what’s going on but am a way too smart to keep it sealed.


“why did you remove my mask??


the so called Alec jaiho asked.


i threw his mask away instead.


“is he really Dylan?


but Dylan is never a Prince.


“how soon??


I watch him push his hair backwards in frustration but I cared less.


“who are you?? I asked with that same firm of superiority.


“Alec jaiho of Amandor” he replied.


“Alec Jaiho or Dylan Amandor??? i arched my brows at him.


“im Alec Jaiho of Amandor” he framed.


Damn,he’s really lying….


he looks like Dylan.



“good to meet you”


I said in a friendly manner but deep down,am ready to trail his identity.


The meeting commenced, I started using every little opportunity to study him.


The way he talks in the meeting and every other thing, its till the same thoughts. Same thoughts that he is Dylan.


“okay sign” the coordinator said and passed a paper round.I signed and pass it to him to sign,he signed exactly the way Dylan does.


Now,I think Dylan is trynna act like two person’s.


“Alec, I need your digits so I can always call you” I acted friendly.


“okay,he smiled and pressed his number on my iPad.He’s really smart to have input a different number.


So cunning of him.


I signalled Pat, for us to leave,he took my briefcase and followed me to my car.We got in, he drove off.


“he looks like Dylan” pat commented


“yeah,he looks like him” I replied.


“he can actually be the one” he retorts.


“if he’s the one then why is he hiding his goddam identity? I asked,like I don’t know the answer.


“I never can tell” pat shrugged.


I took my lips and phoned Alberto, he pick on the first ring.


“Alberto is Dylan a Prince? I asked.


“No,if he’s one,he would have spill it out” he replied over the phone.


“okay” I replied and cut the call.


My mind keep telling me he is Dylan.


“Dylan in a mission! I said and rub my temple.


Pat drove in,I met my guards exactly the way I left them,meaning they didn’t allow any intruder in.


i smiled and step out of the car with pat beside me.


“Elsa is coming today,you guys should go get her at the airport” I said and took my briefcase from him.


“okay” was his reply before he left.


I got into my mansion,straight away to my room.I changed into some casual wear before pulling on one


of my cardigan on my black jean.


i brought out my laptop…



“Alec Jaiho” I said and it on the empty space bar and placed it on net worth so as to get every piece of information about him.


“so silllly!!!!! I smirks while reading the information I got. I shut the laptop and took my phone….


I checked my mail and saw tons of missed messages.


“There’s ceremony tomorrow,be present” i opened my mom’s message first.


“i sent the money,when will I get the gems!! I read another message and some till I got tired.


“Pedro meet me at the sixth floor” I said into the landline.I took the required key before going to meet him there.


I gave him the key to the door.


“pack ten each of ruby,emeralds, jaspher and sapphire” i bat my lashes.


“6,000,000,000rupee note” I calculated with my head while he pack them into the box.


“he sent the remaining money already, so you can go and give it to him” I said,he smiled.


“use my car’ I winked.


“which of them?? he asked and started mentioning the names of all my car.


“anyone” I replied,he smiled…


My phone started ringing,I brought it out,it was Mom….


I clicked the green button just to here what she have to say.


“Jophiel,you saw my message?


she asked,calling me by sweet name.


“you know i can’t come! I replied,knowing fully well it was because of those pictures Alberto sent she wants me to come.


“I want you to come with that……


she continue saying.


“with what??? I retots…


“with what??? I asked again.


“Just come, okay” she reframed.


“why should I come??


“seriously,you’re starting it again!!


“mom all those ceremony stuffs are superstitious…. why can’t you Indian’s open your eyes…why do you


believe so much in ceremony.




“coming there will be headache.Don’t try forcing me simply because I won’t come”


“I ain’t coming,bye!


I replied and wanted to cut the call.


“Severn!!!! she called me with my dad’s name and ended the call…


“arggh,stressing the hell outta me! I hissed and walk downstairs towards the kitchen. I really miss Elsa’s food”


I got to the kitchen corridor and met Nare, she had on white apron with white cap, on her feet are a pair


of fansy flip flops.


Opposite her was Nara.


“Nara,you shouldn’t be here,you’re asthmatic. Go,don’t worry,i won’t cheat you in the food…we will share equally” Nare said.




“you will cheat,its not your first time” Nara reciprocate.


“hunnn,why will I cheat? am I not a good sister” Nare frowned sweetly and turn off the gas.I hide behind the corridor and watch them do their stuffs.


“its ready” Nare announced happily.


She really like food.


“share equally” Nara said.


“noted” Nare smile and took a big spoon from the big spoon stand.I knew it that she’s gonna cheat.


“Nara,remember you don’t like food.


guess one spoon full should be enough.You know am still gonna remain for pat and sir Pedro” Nare said.


“share,that one does not concern me. if you like remain for the whole universe” Nara caught her scope.


She started sharing…


“Nare,that’s too much….you want to kill me….wait….i can’t finish it! Nara said and poured what Nare


served for her in to the pot.


“let me serve myself” she said,Nare handed her the spoon.


“one spoon is enough for me”…



“its in your habit to always take one spoon”Nare said to Nara who took her plate of food and a plastic water from the fridge before leaving for her room.


She didn’t even see me because she took the opposite direction.


I entered the kitchen and rested on one of the counter.


Nare didn’t see me too.


She took three big full spoon of what she cook into a big plate and covered the remaining one.


“this one is for pat and Pedro” I heard her saying.


I saw what she cooked….


I’ve never seen that type of food neither have I tasted such.


She took a small spoon and started eating right there in the kitchen while using her other hand to pull off her apron and cap,making her hair to fall on her hip.


“delicious. ..I miss granny amber! she said and took another full spoon into her small mouth.


She ears a lot and she’s still not fat… so slim..not like Nara.Nara is fleshy.


but her,she’s so slim its only her hips and buttocks that made her almost close to the same range with her sister.


And those hairs….so long that she takes up to 30mins in combing it.


“weird” I said.


She turned and met me resting on the counter, she moved her slainted eyes and went back to her food.


“I met Alec jaiho” I said.


“hunnn,don’t talk about him,I want to enjoy my food” she said.


I rolled my eyeballs at what she was eating.


“you want??? she asked.


I stared at the food,it looks like gibberish to me.


i foolishly said yes.


“open your mouth” she said and scoop some into her spoon and raise it up to my mouth.


“sorry” she uttered and went to change the spoon to a diamond one.


“You can’t use my spoon” she said and scoop another quantity into it before raising it to my mouth.


“f**k food!!!


“I’m not interested in it,am interested in her but how do i tell her???


“I better not try this. Nare won’t date me….my wealth is too pronounced. Maybe if I become poor she


will date me….



“open your mouth and stop looking at me” she snapped…I opened my mouth,she pushed the food into my mouth.


“eat it already” she said and used her own spoon to continue eating.


“so slow! she said and drop her spoon, she started using bare hand to eat it.


I stared at her as she eat with bare hands.


The food was so sweet,I want more but she’s using hand.


“use your hand like this” she said and demonstrated.


“do it,hand is better than spoon” she said, I stared at her in amazement.


Life with her is far better than Valerie


“do it,hand is sweet” she said like she’s talking to a robot.


I tried it out,I don’t know how to eat with bare hands….my mom didn’t teach me how to eat with bare


hands so am really bad at it.


My father trained me….he really made me felt like me and wealth are inseparable.


Nare was almost finishing the food when am still finding it difficult to eat one.


“let me pity you,it looks like you will cry if I finish the good” she said and took the food in her hand to my mouth.


“Richie!! she called…


i opened my mouth, she made her way to my mouth,I held it while she scoop it into my mouth…


I ate it and started coughing….


“sorry,there’s no much pepper” she said and brought out plastic water from the fridge.


I walk out of the kitchen,still coughing while she followed me with water.


She caught up with me and pulled my arms. I took the plastic water,she already opened it.


I drank it all and gave back the plastic for her to dispose.


“how is the food????? she asked innocently.


but me,.


“how do I tell her to be my girlfriend?




she won’t answer,am too rich….


she won’t cope with the luxury life am living in….


Alberto said it already that she won’t cope…..




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