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Alec Dylan Jaiho



The darkness that I grew up with hovered and howled deeply in my heart as I drove my car straight into the miles mansion. I didn’t come for the goddam party,I came to get what belongs to me.


I’m there already” I texted Mhesha


“where??? she texted back.


“in a black Benz” I texted back and rested my head halfly on the steering,making sure that my hair fall on my face.


The other side door of my car opened,it was Mhesha. I raise my head up and gave her a welcoming smile.


“where’s the map??? I asked.


“here” she stretched it to me while I stretch the evidence.


“that evidence is actually worthless if we don’t get either of the twins signature” Mhesha said,I gave a confused look.


“is nanare a twin??? I asked,


“yeah,they are two….


“don’t be mistaken,they are very identical and cunning…Nare is the one with red lips while the other one is pure pink! she explained.


“By getting Nare to sign this statement of slavery,you’re making it easier to separate her and Richie… once you get her to yourself,you can do whatever you want with her…all I want is that I don’t want her with Richie!!! Mhesha glared.



I sat properly and stared at her as she speaks.


“I never knew that she’s a twin but all the same,I will get her to sign” I said.


“bye,till then! Mhesha waved and step out of my car to meet her crews, I watch them drive out.


they didn’t come to any party,they just come to deliver the map to me and also to get a glimpse of the evidence”.


I shrugged my shoulders and step out of my car,I entered into the miles mansion and stared at the unfamiliar faces that are busy partying.


What I need that moment is Nare!


“just get her to sign the evidence then,I will be out.


“Dylan,you’re here! scot tapped my shoulders.


“shit” I cursed inwardly and formed a strong face.


“hey,am not Dylan, am Alec jaiho” I said smartly before he could suspect anything.


“you look like Dylan” he said and started following me.


He is seriously gonna spoil what I came for.


“young guy,I don’t know what you’re talking about” I scorned him,he stared at me for a while before walking away.


I started checking everywhere in the mansion but still couldn’t find Nare.


if I don’t make her sign,then there’s no way she’s gonna be mine. I just have to find her before the next one hour.If I didn’t,then I think have lost her to Richie Miles.


I was still searching…..


while still searching,I found Richie in the middle of the ceremony,he was dressed as the president he wished to be with many top people surrounding him.


That’s Indian for you…..



on the other side were many young beautiful ladies…each of them are staring really hard at Richie who seem to be their demini god.


i glance admist the beautiful young ladies,thinking Nare will be there but she isn’t.


Like Richie knew something was wrong,he looker back and turned his attention


towards where am standing, I quickly moved away,he didn’t see me….


He kept looking around…that he had to remove the expensive mask away from his face.


He signalled at pedro and three other guards,then whispered something i couldn’t figure out what he’s telling them.


Pedro smiled then nodded a “yes”.


He turned his back at Richie and climbed the slivery laided stairs with the remaining three guards.


i took another direction and with the help of the map,I was able to trail them behind without any of them knowing.


I checked my time,I have just 50minutes left to get Nare signature.


The guards stopped on front of an automatic door,I stopped too and hide somewhere around the hallway


They knocked,the door slide open to reveal a young lady.Its like she’s part of Richie’s family.


“Paula, is Nare safe?? pedro asked.


“yeah,she’s safe…and Nara is with Rita, they are both in the study while Nare is hear with me” Paula replied.


“okay” Pedro nodded and left with the guards.


immediately they left,I stood up from my hideout and checked the time, I still got 40more minutes…


the party will be ending in the next 40minutes and if the party ends,Richie will be here to get Nare.


So,I have to act fast!!!!


I went to the study first with the help of the map and peep through the door hole,I saw a young lady just like Nare in the midst.


Her face was hidden in a black mask while her body was covered in pink Saree.


on her hands were painting brushes…


She’s Nare’s twin….!!


I puffed out air and left for the door pedro knocked earlier..


I knocked exactly as pedro did.


“who’s there??? two voices asked at the same time.One voice was for Paula while the other is Nare.


I kept quiet and knocked again.


“who’s that idiot banging on the door? Paula shrieked.


I felt her standing and walking towards the door,she opened it,I quickly brought out an handkerchief that had some poison in it and then stuff it into her mouth and nose…


She lost consciousness and fell to the ground.


I entered fully well and locked the door, making sure that I kept the keys in my pocket.


I viewed the room and met her shaking on one end in the room.


She was actually resting her back on the wall while trying to use the large window curtain to cover her beauty.


Soon and after much struggling, the curtain shakes off her body….


Her hair was dyed white,


Her long lashes made me starred at her more deeply….while her red lips stood


gummed together like they’ve never been kissed.


She opened her mouth and wanted to say something and I love it whenever she opens her mouth like that.



Slowly,the pretty face of the goddess formed into a frown that,made her look more Enchanted.


My eyes fell and landed on her waist, it started counting the number of chains on her waist.


Twelve tiny waist chain!!!


The waist chain were visibly resting on her wide hip….


Her ear ring was little… her a pure natural look.


i closed my eyes halfly,not wanting her beauty to get into my head but am just making everything more worst.


“Nare,sign this!!! I said and brought out a pen.


“No,I won’t sign! she replied sharply and pulled her black Saree cover all over her bra top diamond stoned cloth.


I checked my time,I have just 30more minutes.


“Nare sign,you will be free from Mhesha” i lied.


“no,am not!!!


“can’t you just let me go???


“what did I ever do to you????


“I don’t know you and you don’t know me too,so why are you after me!!! she retorts…..


i quickly felt the sense of smartness in her.


“I’m Alec Jaiho,your village prince so do whatever I ask you to do! I said…




“you can’t command me here,its in the village you can command me and as you can see,we are not in the village” she replied…. my eyes started rolling in balls of red.


She’s practically bringing out the demon in me!!!!!!



“do it now!!!!


“else you’re gonna end up like Paula” I threatened.


“i don’t carrrre” she replied,stressing the rrrrr.


I was forced to have my way with her.


She collected the evidence I gave to her and tear it…


As she tear it,it felt like she’s tearing my heart apart.


“Nare!!!!!!!!!! I shouted her name and grabbed those hands she used in tearing the


evidence tightly…..


She struggled in freeing herself but am a way too stronger….


She kept on struggling till her Saree cover fell off!!!


“I know you’re sturbbon….


“your stubbiness will vanish away now by the time I have my way with you!!!


“by doing that,Richie would practically lost interest in you” I said abd stared into


the trance of her clear skin….


“lay on the bed! I commands….


“whaaaaaattt!!!!! she shouted…..


I touched her waist and use my other hands into her long hair..


“do it simply or I tie you up,which one do you prefer??? I asked…


She kept quiet and stared blankly into my face……


I know she’s finding a way out,and I bet it,she won’t find any….








TBC. .




(as long as i love you)


adesola adeomowole


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