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Scot p.o.v


I walked weakly to my door post and inserted my key into the lock. I got in and


locked it back immediately.


Everywhere was just dark.


Dark just as my heart,just like days are completed by dawn and dusk.


No one to hold unto,


No one to say her name,


No one to sing a song with,


No one to paint with,


No one to hold hands with,


No one to smile with,


No one to brush my shoulders with..


“gaad,why is my life boring????


I rubbed my temple and sat amidst darkness like I were the king of darkness itself.


My phone rang,it was my mom and so I pick up immediately. I so much love that woman.


“Scot” she called.


“mom” I replied,trying to force out a smile.


“are you thinking??? she asked.



“No” I replied.


“really,who’s jenny?? she asked suspiciously.


“what happened,did anything bad occur??? I asked, Jenny won’t dare do anything to my mom.


“that girl is a badass,she came to one of my malls with her friends,they started


insulting me and was surprised when they mentioned your name, she and her


friends insulted me and my mall.


“She did a bad thing to me!!


“something bad I can’t forget!!!


my mom said,almost crying.


I just kept quiet because no one can hold Jenny Yan.


After the Miles, the Yan’s are the next most feared.


“Scot, do you know that idiot girl???


my mom asked,still wondering why jenny will just suddenly start insulting her.


“mom am sorry!!!


“sorry for what she did,I made a mistaken by falling in love with her” I said and threw my goddam phone away.


I started crying my eyes out.


“Really,am I the only one????


“I’ve dated ten different girls now plus jenny will make it eleven!!


they all end up leaving me broken!!!


Jenny own is even better,


Skyler’s own is the most worst….


Skyler own made me go into comma for 70days and 70nights…


Each time I remember Jenny, skyker will always come to my mind. ..


Because of Skyler, I lost my only brother.


Skyler killed my only brother because of s£x….


I never knew she’s a real bitch..


She wanted to make out with my brother,he didn’t accept…..


I caught Skyler killing Samiel my brother.


I waved the thoughts aside because my eyes was already getting darker..


if not for Richie, I would have die of heart break…


With shaking hands,I picked my diary and opened to a fresh page.


Samiel picture was on the other page so I closed my eyes while opening it….


I don’t wanna see samiel face….


He look exactly like me….just that am taller…


“Girls,here I come!!!!


“I don’t know why you are doing me evil,why can’t you just be like my mother!!!!!


“I wish I knew how to stop being kind and caring.


I opened my eyes and started writing on my diary.


Dear darling diary,


Are you feeling the same way am feeling?????


“broken,sad,lonely and depressed???


Hope you won’t leave me as well as those bitches that are not worth loving did????


Those bitches that are not worth loving!


Those bitches that played me as if I were I pair of dice to be tossed aside!!!


Those sluts that never hold unto me even when I clung tightly to them….


So dairy,if I teach you a song will you remember me???


So diary, if I should hold your hands,will you hold mine????


I wrote with pains all over me.


“bye dairy”.


“please,keep my little secrets safe”


I shut my eyes and went to sleep still in the dark..


(enchanted by adesola adeomowole Mariel).




⭐Nare Nare⭐


He kissed my neck,I held back tightly…


he was holding me tight and kissing me like its a first time….


so slow,steady and emotion filled.


“Richie being your girlfriend looks scary”


“its getting more hotter and scary!


“I’m really scared” I whispered into his ears.


He stopped kissing me and took my bangle braided hands and kissed it too.


“you look like a queen!


“nothing is scary……to me its getting fun filled.


“being your boyfriend will make ENCHANTED movie more interesting.


“forget about Dylan,kd and Mhesha, they are just nothing. All I need is just you and I..


“forget about Nara,i will take care of her, she won’t die as an asthmatic patient…


“you will both taste real wealth” he whispered back…


I was moved,I played with my fingers he kissed my forehead.


“you will be doing anything I say” he said..


“who will do it?!! I asked.


“you,are you not my girlfriend??? he furrowed.


“yes,I am your girlfriend and wife” I said,he smiled.



“say it very well” he snapped.


I back hugged him.


“okay,you will sleep in my bed tonight” he said,I opened my mouth in shock.


“I have my own room,I don’t belong to this expensive room” I exclaimed, he knock my forehead..


“you’re forgetting something” he said..


“ohh,I will sleep in your bed,I forgot am your girlfriend” I replied,he smiled and asked me to get into his bed.


“get to bed” he said.


I look at the expensive bed then back to him.


He understand the look and took me in a bridal style to the bed.


“you wanna have a bath??? he asked.


“huunnnn no!!! I replied quickly.


“its not like I will peep” he smiled,I covered myself with the duvet.


He came close to me on the bed and removed my necklace, he unhooked it and kept in on the high table stand.






next day



I opened my eyes and found Richie on me,the red duvet that serves as a coverage was on the floor,the pillows were no where to be found…


His position on me was really awful.


his head was resting on my br**sts while his finger was flicking my flat that tommy…


I opened my eyes widely and gently move his head away.


His phone started ringing on the table stand.


I stood up and took it…


By picking it,I saw the difference between his phone and my phone.




I gasped at what I saw..


he used me as his mom contact photo .


“waooow,its good to be a girlfriend” I smiled and was watching how the phone ring and vibrate.


“I better handle it with care” I muttered but mistakenly click on the answer button.


“hello jophiel!!! his mom said…


her voice sounded like his own.


“jophiel won’t you talk?? his mom said..


i don’t even know what to do or say.


“ma’am good morning”


“sir is still sleeping” I replied softly.


“whose voice is this???


his mom asked.


I kept quiet.


“speak!!! she ordered.


“I’m his slave” I said..


“slave or girlfriend” she retorts.


the phone started shaking in my hands, I turned to look at the sleeping Richie, he’s awake already…


He met his phone in my hand.



“his slave or girlfriend??? his mom asked again.


Richie heard it all.


“give me my cell phone” he said.


Again,I forgot that I am his girlfriend, I stood up and stretch his phone to him with a slight bow.


“you’re forgetting something! he said, I remember I was his girlfriend and so i quickly climb the bed and handed him his phone in a casual way.


“she’s my girlfriend if that’s what you want to hear” he said to his mom on that same phone.


I don’t just know what came over me, I shouted words into his phone.


“ma’am don’t mind him,am his slave!! I said into his phone.


“who should I believe???


“the two of you are hiding away!!!!!


his mom said.


“give the phone to Jophiel” she blurts out….I took the phone and handed it to




He collected it and send me a disappointed look….


I already knew it from the start that I won’t cope.


“Jophiel,am expecting you at the ceremony” his mom said,he cut the call.


“why do you lie to her??? he asked.


“nothing” I shake my head…


“well,you’re gonna call her back and shout it into my phone that you’re my girlfriend” he said,I gasped.


“watttttt!! I widened my eyes..


“I’m calling her already” he said and redialed his mom number..


she picked.


“mom,my girlfriend want to speak with you” he said..


I frowned..


“is Richie crazy or what???


“okay,give the phone to her” his mom replied…


I took the phone with shaking hands.


“better say something sensible” Richie said…but me,my heart was beating fast.


“say something, I wanna hear that voice again” his mom said…


her voice speaks of pure wealth.


I opened my mouth to say something, nothing is not just coming.


“you’re shy” his mom said…


“yes” I replied softly and ended the call.


I stretched the phone to Richie.


“I’ve spoken with her already” I said.


“you didn’t, I’m calling her again” he said….




“no….” I exclaimed and wanted to hijack his phone,but ended up in his arms…










(as long as i love u)




© adesola adeomowole


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