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All my life,I have never come across someone as wicked as Dylan.He pretend to be a friend to Richie and yet he is the pain that is eating him alive. I just wish he would let my write my really sucks being here alone with me.


I checked time,one hour had passed already and the exam is just a two hour thing.


“Dylan please!!


“let me write my exams”


“Dylan please,just let me write it,you can do what you want to do to Nara to me.Don’t hurt my sister” I pleaded, he didn’t even look at my side.


my jaws dropped down at his silence to my pleas.


15 more minutes passed….


another 2minutes passed.


I made a pleading look but he did the worst thing by asking me to just look into his face if I don’t want Nara dead.


I had no other choice, I started into his staring eyes that showed no emotions.


“Do you know what am doing???


he asked, I shut my eyes halfly.


“I’m making you pay for Richie’s pride and arrogance, I’m making you pay because Richie is the youngest richest dude in India plus his name had entered the golden book of India.


“I’m making you pay because he’s the next president,I’m also going to kill your dream of appearing on stage. Enchanted won’t take place because if it should take place,Richie’s wealth will be times ten,plus am going to kill him then take you as my wife if possible and your twin sister will be our slave” he shrieked with darkness visible in his voice.


“okay” I replied lowly.


I know I won’t write my exams again,


I know I will fail,


I know I will disappoint Richie.


I’m not a good girlfriend.


Dylan just wasted the time and energy I have spent in reading those hard subjects.


I checked time again, two complete hours has passed.That means exam is over.


“listen up,


“if you try acting smart or telling Richie about anything, just know that your sister will be dead” he said sternly.


“okay” I replied lowly again.


Another three hours passed.I’m very sure roshni and Richie’s guards must have left….



“Dylan,open the door,Richie’s guards and Roshni must have left” i said,using style to beg him.


I’m not really comfortable with the way he’s looking at me.


“Nope,you’re still going to stand for 4more hours,that’s your punishment for


accepting to be Richie’s girlfriend!


he said,I gasped “okay”.


After about 4hours,the door burst open,it was actually opened from the front view..


it was mhesha.


“Dylan,let’s lock her up here,Richie guards and roshni had left since” mhesha winked at Dylan.


“Really,let’s lock her then” he replied.


“mhesha please!


“I don’t remember doing something bad to you,I’ve never hurt you and I don’t know why your hatred for me keep increasing.All I did was to admire you.Most times,I wish I can be your close friend despite the terrible things you’ve done to me, Despite how you made me wear oversized clothes,


despite how you made me and Nara stay out without foods, I never complained because you were doing good to me but you think it was bad.


To me it was good because you pushed me to good lucks…..


and that’s it,


I don’t know why you hate me!


I never hated you!


I don’t know why you’re exhibiting your exuberance towards me.


Mhesha,its unfair oooo, its really unfair” I sob silently.


“Hey,give me that glass in your hand” she commanded and hijacked the fansy glass that Richie bought for me from Australia.


“your life or nanara” she said.


“nanara” I replied,still sobbing.


“sorry,love,I just have to do this” Dylan shot me a glare and within 30minutes,they locked the whole place,both the windows and doors.


even the lights were disconnected.


I stopped crying and took my phone on the floor,it wasn’t coming up a bit.


I was becoming more scared with me alone in the dark but all I could do I to just bite my lower lips.


I’m just so unlucky…..


No exams,


I won’t get to see Richie and Nara again..


“mhesha why are you so wicked!


“don’t you think about what other people feel???


“what did you gain by taking people’s joy???


I cried real tears and hit the door with the little strengths I have.


I knew it,no one won’t come to open it. I’m just so unlucky today.





Nara’s p.o.v



Thank goodness no one saw me!! I exclaimed as I descend down the stairs to the parking lots.


Jennie must not find out that I took off my mask.The little devil had warned me not to talk,not to unveil my mask and not to participate in any of important activities if I don’t want to be disgraced publicly.


She must not find out and I thank God she didn’t find out.


i got to my car and drop my books on the seat beside the driver seat.I wore my sear belt then drive out of the school.


I reached home at exactly 6pm then,it start to rain.


So cold” I pouted and took my bag, not allowing any of the maids to carry it for me.


I got to my room and changed into something casual.After that,I took the bedside landline and ordered for confectioneries and chocolates while I ordered some ice creams for Nare so that she will do my home work for me because no matter how she explain, i don’t always understand.


“can I come in?? a soft voice said with a knock on my door.


“yeah” I replied.


she entered and placed my orders on the mini classy table.


“thank you” I smiled unlike mhesha who will not say anything.


I opened the chocolates and took one bar into my mouth.I was about eating the second one when that sane maid came.


“sir Richie wants to see you” she bowed with fear in her eyes.


“what happened???


“is something wrong???? I asked with a breaking voice.


“Ma’am Nare has lost” she replied.


Big bangs recompose in my memory.


My twin sister!!!


I love her more than anything!!!


“how??? I asked with my heart beat subsiding.


The last time someone kidnapped Nare when we were in the village, I almost died.


“I don’t know’ she replied.


I sprang up and followed her..


“where are we going?? I asked because the walk was kinda long.


“to sir Richie’s place” she replied and pressed a green button on the 6th floor,the door open into a very cold but beautiful place. the place was so spacious.


many guards were standing with a slight bow,only Richie was sitting down and


he’s putting on white all through..


only his face cap and ring is black.


“Where did Nare tell you she’s going??


Richie asked with a calm voice that made me lost into a trance of ocean.


“she didn’t say anything….


“she didn’t tell me….” I was about saying.



“stop!! he commanded and stood up from where he was sitting.


He faced Roshni.


Now,his appearance looked like a demini-god.


“sir,immediately I drop her,she went straight to the exam hall.After the exam,she didn’t step out,then I and the guards started looking for her. we were looking for her but we stopped when one girl said Nanare’s had left.


we didn’t believe the girl but then we got a text from Nanare..Nanare texted us that she’s not interested in acting the live show of enchanted on stage,she texted us that she want to be alone” Roshni said.


I looked at Richie,


he clasped his fingers together and stuck his tongue out.


“So she texted that” he said.


“yes sir” Roshni replied while showing us her phone.


“No Nare can’t do that” I protested.


Richie stuck his tongue out again and took his phones.


His guards bowed while he left their midst.











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