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Can she beg????


Does she even knows how to beg??


I rolled my eyeballs at her and mouthed a “Mhesha Daniel’s watch your back!.


The medias popped around her,stuffing different things on her blemish looks kind of childish to me but that is what India call fairness in judgment.



miss what do you have to say??


speak up!


speak up!


the media oppress her.


She kept quiet and wouldn’t speak.


“1bucket of cold water”


I click my tongue and urge my guards.She opened her mouth slightly.


“seesha don’t ruin me”


she,made a pleading look cuz cold water will make her lose the small beauty she’s managing as a result of several face facials.


“seesha,tell them to stop”.


she commands. Her ego won’t make her say “sorry or please” in a polite way.



1pack of juice” “3bottles of Irish creams”


“4bottles of blended malt whiskeys” “6crates of egg”.


“10cupcakes” I ordered.


Within a swift,I can see the press pouring all what I mentioned on her since she doesn’t want to speak up.


“good one”.


I smiled and rest my back on mg car.


I turned sideways to check Richie’s car,he wasn’t there anymore,it was only his guards.He must have left in order to prevent paparazzi’es or any form of rascal.I can also see that the main door that can make one to gain entrance into the main mansion has been locked.


At least the rich guy deserves piece of mind.


I took one last look at Mhesha,


she look exactly like I wanted,


her hair is looking drowsy cause of the eggs,her clothes soaked,her,lips pale,some spots on her face had burn cause,of the shot of whiskey poured on her. Exactly what I wanted.


This is the type of punishment I had always wished for her.


“presses retreat”


I speak into my mouth pub since the detectives are already around.


The,detectives moved close to her and instructed her to follow them.They can’t put handcuff on jet hands cuz she didn’t commit any crime in the mansion.


She shot me a glare,


I shot back “this is not the end” look before leaving with my co-media since my work is to broadcast trending gists about what’s going on within the royals.




enchanted by adesola adeomowole.




This is the most worst punishment of my life,what I hated the most.


I hate embarrassment and shame…


but today,I had been shamed by the finger that I once fed.


“will you move,miss???


the detectives speaks softly.


“idiot,am moving” I replied and got into their car.It was damn tight and stuffy.




we,got to the station,


I was brought out in a gentle manner ciz I ain’t a criminer,am just a suspect.


I was placed on a seat in front of a Young lady who really looks like an


interrogator.she keeps asking me questions….



do you have a tangible reason for acting as a spy in his Excellency’s mansion?????


she asked.


I stared blankly at her,like she’s not referring to me.



or are you an undercover murderer???? she asked.


“no,I’m not.” I replied.


“then why did you sneak in??? she asked back.


“I always wish to see his mansion since it is rated 5 out of 5 stars,even as the most beautiful mansion,but I’ve not been opportuned do I decide to try my luck by sneaking in.Interrogator,I didn’t do anything” I lied.




“you did something!


“you did a lot of things”.


she smirks and show me videos of how I sneak into Nare room and switched her ckothes.


Thank God,I didn’t show the injections.


“I didn’t do anything bad”


I shrugged.


“but you were speaking with someone on phone earlier and you’re kinda talking about crown stuffs.What’s the crown All about??? she questioned.


I shook my head.


“look interrogator, you don’t have any right to ask me any goddam questions so far


am not yet a criminal,you can’t even detain me here cuz am only a suspect.I have


my rights too”


I faked tears.


“sorry miss,you can’t leave!


“you will have to stay”


she cautioned.


I started forming tears.


I even kneel down,begging her to call Richie for me.


“I can’t hunnn,this does not corncern his Excellency, we are only doing our job” she replied.


I started crying and begging her at the same time till I pushed her to the tangent.


She,connected her phone to the glassy projector screen on the wall, then she dialed his number.


he pick up immediately,


his picture appeared on the screen, exactly what he was doing.


it just look so real.


He was sitting on a high chair,all dressed in a white overall royal stuff that gave him that sweet look.


The quality screen mode really made his lips more pink and shouting, his lashes,longer.


“Your excellency sir!


the interrogator bowed slightly.



He was penning something down but he stopped when he heard what the interrogator said.


“why did you phone me in her presence??


he asked in a disappointed manner.


“sorry,she requested……”


the interrogator didn’t finish what she wanted to say, the screen shut down cuz he had ended the call.


He doesn’t want to see me!!!


he ended the call cuz of me!!!!


“sorry,maybe he’s busy….


for now,you can’t go” she said.


I think I need to drop my ego but my problem is that I don’t know how to beg.


“ma’am, please teach me how to beg someone!!!!


I cried,almost kneeling down.


gossssshhh am a mess!!!!!!


“well, you just did it.You just begged me” she replied.


“ma’am, please call Richie again! I begged,kneeling down.


“sorry,I don’t know who Richie is”


she shunned me out.


“I mean “his Excellency”


I corrected.




she rolled her eyeballs and dialed Richie’s digit.


He didn’t pick up.


I was almost giving up when he picked.I jumped up and went on my kneels, then I started crying his name.


it’s my first time begging,I don’t even know if I’m doing it very well or not.



“Richie please!!!


“I’m promising I won’t come close to her and her sister anymore!!!


“just tell the detective to let me out!!!


I cried.


He just shut his cute eyes,making his image to look more sharp on the projector screen.


I continue crying and begging….


“why are you begging me????


he asked sternly and wanted to end the call again.


I jumped up,


“Richie please for the sake of your mom!!!!! Remember she have an heart of gold” I pleaded.


he slowly lit up his eyes and cast that same disappointed look.




enchanted from #adesolagoldenstories.


β˜…Scott’s……….Diamond’s mansion..


I rushed into my room and touched my nose…


it really hurts!!


I sigh and took my car key since kd and I have something important to do in the same place.


I took my phones also and wear one of the black face cap I bought from Australia.


Then,I went downstairs and signalled Kd a “let’s leave” look.


I tried my possible best not to look at Dylan cuz I don’t know how to fight and I don’t like troubles. I’m still the softest among the circles of friends.


Kelvin stood up while my guards followed follow us behind.


“hey,stop there!!!!!



Dylan shouted with a glare that means death.I noticed his eyeballs on “jin Jaiho the 8th pendant.


The same pendant and bracelet my foster dad gave out to me that I should always put on,perhaps he might someday remember his pasts. He said me putting it on makes him happy, whenever he see me wearing it,he’s always having just a glimpse of recollection….


Since then,I started putting it on, hoping he will remember his pasts.


“I said stop there!!!!


Dylan shouted,making me and kd to stop walking.


“what’s that for?????


kd sneered since he’s the toughest.


“Kelvin,stay out of this” he shunned him and stood up.


“Dylan,are you going crazy????


I asked, a little bit scared.


“I think we need to chain him down”


kd suggested.


“where did you get that pendant from because I know none of your generation had never dine with kings and queens” Dylan shot me a glare and was moving closer to me.


I faced kelvin for help,


He stood in front of me.


“Kd,stay outta this!


Dylan shouted in a cold voice.


Kd sigh and moved away from my front..


“Scott who are you and who’s your father in India!!!


he asked.


I shake my head,not wanting to remember that I don’t have a father,it was liam that took me in and treated me as a son when I was barely 6.



“Dylan,are you sure you don’t need a doctor????? Leave Scott alone!!!! Kelvin shouted and came in between us for the second time.


Dylan really wanted to snatch the pendant and I wonder why????


“Kd let’s get outta here,I think Dylan is high” I winked and wanted to leave with kd but he dragged me back….


I almost smash my head with the golden statue beside the wall.


“awww scoottt!!!


kd screamed and helped me,up.


Dylan won’t still stop.


“Scott where did you get that pendant???


he asked and wanted to punch me but he ended up punching kelvin…





*Season 3 loading*





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