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Diamond’s mansion




Thick smokes were puffing ouuta my nose,like the drug addict that I am. I never


feel remorse nor sardonic.


Am really after the real crown.


if I don’t get the crown, many things is gonna happen.Those bad things are actually sad to the sad of the saddest cuz it will me look like a stranger amidst the circles of friends.


I was born and trained as a royal,I can’t go back as a poor guy.


I would rather get the crown before its too late.It will have been easier if I know where the so called Jin Jaiho is.


I would have just kill him to make everything easier but the idiot had a memory loss.


And Elsa,


she’s with the real crown,


she’s with the real royal beads and bracelets.


only her knows the secrets.


“maybe I should attack her first!


I shrugged.with the corner of mg eyes on the family fake crown. it just made,me look like a bad song.


My phone buzzed,jerking me out of my endless thoughts.


it was Mhesha.


I sigh and pick up the call.


her terrible voice came up.



Dylan,am damn scared!


Dylan do something.


do it fast, I’m not safe…..



do you get the crown???


I asked.



argggh,am in danger and you’re here talking about crown.Are you for real???? her voice shakes.


if you’re not getting the crown, then why are you there????


I asked,almost close to harshness.



what Dylan???


are you betraying me??? Dylan I stood tall for you, you user me like a rag,idiot you almost tear my v***na with your big d**k the very first day you s£xed me! Dylan stop this and save me! she cried out.


you can die for all I care!


I replied and hung up.


“who’s that???


someone asked from behind.


I turned back and met Scot and kd.


“Dylan,when did you start smoking?


kd asked and signalled the guards to take his travel long bags upstairs.


He followed his guards upstairs since we live together.


We,have our separate mansion since we are known to be the top 5 richest with Richie being our leader.


But when Richie was placed on the presidential post at age 18,he moved outta here to his mansion so he can cool off his head.



“Why do you smoke like an hungry lion???? kd stopped half way and look at me again.


“even me,I’ve stopped!


“I stopped when I joined the boxing training section,that was when 6-stars signed me in as a rap artist and also a makeup model.Seriously,I’ve stopped smoking”. kd,blurts out.


“its none of your business what I do with my life” I shunned him.


“something is wrong here”


Scott raised his brows.


My eyes caught something glittering on his was a tight fitting chain with a small pendant.


“Jin Jaiho the 8th”


was written on the small pendant.


My eyes become more wide.


Jin Jaiho is Nare and Nara’s father,


he’s the real owner if the,throne.


“how come Scott is wearing it????


I checked his wrist and saw another of the royal earthling beads for kings.


I’m confused!!!!!!


I look at him in awe.


“why are you staring at Scott like that?!??


“are you just seeing him????


kd said.


I faked a smile but deep down,I need answers.


“seriously, we need to get things right and go back to the real friends,that we are.Dylan stop smoking hunnn??


Scott walk closer to me and wanted to take away the cigarrete pack away from my presence.


I saw the bracelet fully well and become blinded with jealousy.



Anger overtook me,I pushed him away and made his smooth nose smuggle the floor.




kd uttered in an affection way and rushed to help Scott up.


“nice one,he’s now caring!!!!


I smirks.


“No,am fine” Scott replied.


he’s damn soft.


“did you hurt yourself??? kd asked.


“no,not at all” Scot replied.


“Dylan,do you remember our third friendship code??? do not hurt anyone no matter how deep the wound is!

Kd said,Scott smiled and ran upstairs,ignoring the guards that come his way.


Kd shakes his head and followed him.




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my body started shaking,


I will soon be caught!!!


I sobbed,while checking the guards moving helter skelter.


“I better call Alisha!



Ali” I said shakingly into the phone.



did you try luring Richie??? she asked.



no,he just keep loving the poor girl more and more.Lisha,am screwed” I replied.



hmmmm what do we do now?.


cuz catching you will only cause more,damage or,I have an idea” she smiled.



what ideaaaa??? I asked.



surrender yourself,let him see you, he won’t do anything to you cause you have not anything bad or do you try rubbish in his mansion???


she sneeers.



I didn’t do anything” I replied.



good,submit yourself and beg him as if he’s a god,he will accept cuz he doesn’t


like people seeing him as a god or an idol.he believes we all are equal. he will




Ali said.





I swallowed the lump in my throat and revealed,myself from my hideout.


immediately I step out,


the scary looking guards surrounded me,I was even surprised to see the media’s around.


“ohhh no,another disgrace!!!


I shut my eyes in shame.



miss your name???


the presses charged at me.They did not even recognize me cuz am not on facial.


they don’t know that am the famous Mhesha Daniels.



your name???


what’s your motive for sneaking into his Excellency mansion’s?


are you a spy???


are you a backstabber who doesn’t want the upgrade,of India??.


Gosh,she’s looking tattered,who’s she????


is she Mhesha Daniels???



I heard mhesha’s voice amidst the crowd.


She,planned it,she must have call the media.


Seesha will surely pay for this.



Mhesha looooser!


Mhesha killer!!!


Mhesha liar!!!


Mhesha,gold digging bitch!!!


seesha urged the media to continue shouting.


Suddenly,the noise died away.


it’s all because of Richie’s presence.


Two presidential cars drove in first, followed by a white sport car,then a final black limo.


The guards rushed out to the white car and brought out shopping bags in multiples of three.By counting,it should be 30bags in total while the media started taking pictures.


Seesha shot me a “me and you on this” look.


“I will so deal with you” she scorned.


in the car,I can sense Richie holding the shaking Nare.


he sent me this deadly disgust glare that clearly demonstrates disappointment…..


“do I really need to beg????


“Beg him in front of the media?????


“Beg him in front of seesha???..


…..will it work??????…..









(drunk in love )




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