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“Scott, why are you closing your eyes?? I asked.


“hmmmm,don’t mind me!! he pouted.


“Nana, please press the green button on the door” he pleaded. I pressed it. The door opened,he took me in and flick his hairs sideways while the door closed back by itself.


“thanks for coming”


he said with his eyes halfly closed.


“Scott what happened to your eyes??


“did I do anything to it??? I asked, curiosity in my voice.


“No,you didn’t do anything….it’s just that something is inside my eyes” he replied.I


was more confused.


He slowly open his eyes and led me to a couple seat in the lonely place.


Though,it’s lonely but it looks lively because of the dim light and artificial symphonies coupled up with fireworks. The interior paintings was professionally done with a picture of Scott in white hair.He looks insanely handsome in the paintings.


One of the walls have a painting of his mom and dad. Swears,he really looks like his dad.Sooo cute whenever he makes that pout.


Another part of the door had wordings written on them…..



You were here then,dad


You stayed then,


. why not stay with me now????


You didn’t stay,you didn’t wait!!!


You didn’t watch over me!!!


You only left wealth and taught me how to use my brain to make money…


if money can be compared to you….


As if money will make me smile,


As if money will make me happy…..


I continue reading the wordings.


“Scot,why is this place painted like this???? I asked and turned sideways. He wasn’t there anymore.Instead he was receiving calls beside an artificial fireworks.




“mom am not thinking anything…


“I’m happy cuz nanara is hear!!!


he dropped his calls.


Maybe he built this place for someone and the person died.This place is just filled with memories.


He bounce walk to my side,he took my hands and dragged me up on my feet.


“my wish is to become and artist.I made it big but sadly,my dad died in an air


accident.He didn’t survive it…”


he shut his eyes like he need help.


“Nana,can you help me fulfill my second wish by making me happy???


You’re the only one that interest me so far so good…..will you make me happy or




he asked.



I didn’t utter a word. I just look on instead.I’m a very boring and childish person and I doubt it if I can fulfill that wish..


“hunnn” he opened his eyes and stared at my neck since we now have the same necklace.


“I can’t…..”


I starmmered.


instead,he stroke my jawlines with his fingertips,down to my tender lips.




I didn’t finish my statement, he loosed my tied hair and kiss my lips slowly while his ringed hand caressed my back down to my waist line… He kissed slowly and steadily and lifted me up like a baby.


I felt like shouting but the kiss sounds just so sweet.Exactly like am sucking on some chocolates.


He stopped the kiss and bat his lashes.


“can I really be a match for Scott???


“pink colour suite you”


he smirks and let me down.


Now,I would be giving you my heart wholeheartedly, forgetting that I once said girls are lucifers. But I still never can tell that you’re that you’re the same with one’s have met!!!


he said and kissed my neck..


“what can I do to make you happy??


I asked.


“I love you” he whispered.


“same” I replied shyly.


He made a puppy cute face..


“Scott, I love you too” I corrected.


“shout it!!!! he chuckled.


“Scott,I love you!!! I foolishly shouted.



He smiled and carried my bag,he put one of his credit card inside it with a new phone pack.


Password to my credit card is Nanara” he said and kissed me one more time.I wanted more,so I pulled him back by his cloth and deepened the kiss.His ringing phone made me pull away quickly.


I shyly hide behind his back.


He turned back.


“sir” I bowed.


“ma’am” he took my hands and kept looking at my face till we got to the last floor.


My eyes caught with Jenny’s own.


I look away quickly .


who knows she might have planned something stupid.







Scot,we thought you said females are lucifers and are worthless.What are you now doing with another Lucifer breed????


Can you explain who she is???



why is your lips looking more pink?? did you kiss her already???



Why is she looking so s£xy???


is she a fashion icon????


what’s her name,who’s she???


The media flocked around Scott as he stepped out with that shit.



oppa Scot,you’re a Korean.Why are you holding hands with an Indian girl??? the presses did their jobs by asking more annoying and stupid questions.


Anger surpassed as I watch him tighten his grip on the shits waist.



I owe no one an explanation.


She’s my girlfriend. Now leave my way” he scoffed.His securities got more tight.


I got to his car,not minding if the media are taking his pictures or not.


I felt bad bit there’s nothing I can do.




I got home and entered our house.


I can’t just cry.Crying will spoil my facials.


“how did it went????


Ali asked.


I snubbed her and went to mhesha’s room.Her room was upside down. So scattered and filled with smokes from cigarette.


I counted 3packs of cigarette on the floor with a blue liquid which I know it will be tramadol.


Three ciggarete packs was emptied.


The last one was just remaining 10 sticks.




I gasped.She’s now looking bad.


She had a new tattoo on her left arm.


“I want my mom back!!!


she puffed out more smokes.


“I called Dylan.


He said his coronation as a renowned prince will take place next week.He have just 6days to get Nare.


“do you think it will be possible???


Mhesha asked.


my eyes dialated at the papper in front of me.


My eyes scanned its content.


“Sorry,you aren’t signed in.Your score is just so poor.


General studies-40 out of 100


maths-15 out 100


oral English- 65 out of 100


Modeling sense-30 out of 100


Total—-150 out of 400.


You didn’t meet the requirements!!




I gasped and took my eyes off her result.


“I will get My mom and also my slave back by sneaking into enchanted mansion and pretending to be one of Richie’s maid…..He has over 200maids and I doubt it if

he recognize them all!!!


Mhesha grinned and light three sticks at the same time.


I shakes my head and left.






“cliff,you’ve been signed in by some other industries.The one with the highest pay is enchanted industry, CEO at Richie Miles.You might not be able to talk to him nor see him.You can only be chanced to see his manager,Alberto Chris” My manager smiled “congrats”.


My dream is to gain more wealth than any other competitors.I virtually win them all but I can’t seem to get to Richie mile’s standard.


“why can’t we see Richie???


“is he proud or what?????


I glared.


“no,he’s not.Its just because he has got many inheritances bigger than his age.He’s just 22.


“why don’t we try???


I arch my brows.


“okay” He replied and took my car keys.




We got to his mansion and acted like we came to see him but no,we acted like a spy.


“are you sure about this???.


my manager asked again.


“yes” I replied.


We hastily got to the gigantic gate,it was opened from the inside.


We got in and lied that we have an appointment with Richie Miles.


“sir is not around but you can


stay there” another guards lead us to a placed that was lined with an upward royal coverage.


The place was just so cool and beautiful.


I was taken aback by the golden built gate and deep blue pool.


The guards are well positioned on their different boaders.


“cliff, are you sure about this????


my manager asked again.


“hmmm….I meditate.


just then,four cars drove in.


“why is the securities tight???


I asked.


my manager just shrugged it off.


The first two cars and last cars are filled with guards,while the second to the last car had just a driver and a girl with a quiet old lady.


One of the guards opened the door.


The girl stepped out alongside with the lady.



I saw the girls face really well,I was taken aback by the picture I saw my manager showed me.She’s the one.


So clean and spotless with red lips.


Everything about her is natural


“ma’am Nanare!!!!


four maids rushed and bowed to her.


She bowed back.


“awwwww,she’s humble.


She hasn’t sighted me.


“Cliff,get a grip on yourselve.We are spys” my manager reminded.


“Aunt roshni,bye!!!


“thank you,I love you!!!


she smiled at the other lady.


My knuckles become more weak.


“Cliff,you’re looking her too much!


my manager held me back..


“aaaaah cliff,we are finally in trouble.










(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole. m.

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