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I my eyes halfly the moment he starts moving close to me.He got closer enough and bashed his lashes.


“Elsa are you hiding something??.


he asked in a soft curious look.


“hmmmm sir Richie, you shouldn’t be seen here in the maids quarter,you belong to the …I mean….you’re not suppose to be seen in the maids quarter”. I distracted a part of his soul .


“why??? he asked..


“you’re a soon to be president”.


I said absent mindedly while holding the crown tightly behind my back.


“Elsa, what are you hiding????.


he asked.my facial expression changed at his smart intelligence and prediction.


“hummm hiding….nothing”.


I starmnered.


He made a superior look.


“Elsa can I see that thing you’re hiding behind your back???


he made another soft look.


Now,his eyes was fixed on my neck. I’m very sure,he saw that same small dot I have in common with my children.


“Richie,its nothing!


I faked a smile,not wanting him to notice anything.


“so,you won’t tell me???


he asked.I bowed in turn because I don’t have the right to look into his face.


his phone rang,he flicks his white hair backwards and turned to the direction of the door.


I saw,him walk out.


I quickly brought out the crown and was about keeping it in my safe drawer when I saw,him.


He caught me red handed with the crown.


My bones weakened,



my legs started shaking too with fresh tears pouring out of my slanted eyes down to my tender cheeks.




he exclaimed.More tears pour out of my eyes.


He bounced walk to the save drawer and open everything.


“sir Richie stop!!!.


I gasped but he continue opening the drawer door,till he was,done.


he saw all those earthlings that I hide for good 19years.


The crowns,


The chains,


The beads,


The golden bangles and bracelets,


Royal earrings of different types.


He saw the anklets also.


He looked at me first then back to the drawer where my queen inheritance are kept.


He took one of the crowns and read what was inscribed on it.


“Jaiho of Amandor!


“explain why you have all this???


he asked with a soft look..


I cried more as I remembered my pasts.


“explain why you’re crying???


he asked,emotions hovering in his voice.


It looks like he will soon start crying.


crying is an Indian president taboo but this particular one standing here wants to cry just because of me.


“sir Richie, you want to cry for me!


I started.


“call me,Richie” he corrected.



I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked into his face for the tenth time ever since have been working with him.


his face met mine,.


I felt sense of superiority in his eyebrows. It really made me want to shed more tears but I held myself back.


“You know presidents don’t cry….if you wanna talk,talk” he said.


I didn’t still talk cus I don’t even know where,to start from.


“okay,I will leave!.


his sharpened jaws drop disappointedly.


“I will explain” I fidget my fingers.


he stopped walking and look at me in that same cool look.


“I’m a queen!


I said with my eyes shut dead down.


After much silence,I opened my eyes, he was still not saying anything. he just maintained that same superior look.


“I’m a queen,my throne was snatched away,me and my husband were dethroned by his best friends. We were,sent into an exile,leaving behind our 2hours old female twins behind” i replied,he was still not saying anything.


“so why are you here??


he asked,using just five words…


“I can’t help it,I was taken into slavery.I was forced into slavery, made to work my ass out day and night, struggle like a snail down the earth crust” I sniffed.


“is that all???


he asked.


“no, I sniffed.


“my daughters….they are….!!! I starmmered,thinking if I should tell him about


Nare and Nara.



“what about your daughters???


he asked.


“Nare and Nara! I burst into fresh tears.


he saw me crying,


he left immediately.




★Dylan★. .


“Mhesha,are you sure about this???


I asked,she scorned me instead.


“what type of question is that???


do you think I will leave my mom like that stuffed up in a place meant for prisoners, I can’t let it slide away like that since I can’t do anything without my mom.She actually turned me into this monster that I am! she lamented..




My eyes become darker and start moving in circles at her mere,outburst..


“I’m not saying you shouldn’t do anything. in fact,its the best thing to do but please do me this last favor by bringing back the real Jaiho crown. I’m very sure it will be with Elsa. The one with my family is the fake crown. I said to Mhesha.




“sorry, am but going there for a crown. I have my mission to accomplish. To plan


my mom escape and also to make Richie lose in the enchanted live play. if you


want the crown,go and get it yourself!


she rolled her eyeballs and stood up.


“Mhesha,please!!!! I begged..


she turned back and cast me a deadly glare.


“okay,I will get it for you!!.


she,replied and turned away


“thank you” I grinned while she followed me to my car.


After long hours of driving,


I stop my car few meters away from enchanted mansion,she opened her bag and brought out a long overall blue gown that is always worn by Richie’s maids,she wear it over her short gown and tied a white scarf on her head.


“good luck”,


I chuckled and put ten poisonous injections into her purse…


“thanks” she smirks and kept the purse inside her side pocket.


I watch her step out of the car,the way she walk confidently to the,mansions gate.After much questions, she was allowed in.. “jeeesmzzzz!;!


I slam my forehead and drove away.







Right now,I don’t even know how I feel.All the same,I pull out a white sweater from my wardrobe and wore it.


I still feel somehow…..


I’m not surprise Nare is a princess,I’m only surprised that I still can’t figure,out that Elsa is a queen all this while.


I puffed out air and turned to my huge bed,I packed all the money on it and kept them inside the bed side drawer.


I pushed my ring box into its normal position and wore,just a simple red ring..



presidential meeting at Jeeha hotel at 12pm”.


it’s important hunnn,don’t miss it.


note that it won’t start if you’re not present”


messages buzzed into my business phone.


I sighed again cuz I won’t be able to spend time with Nanare today again..


This president of a thing is just taking all my time and making fames increase..



I’m not interested” I texted back.



Richie, you’re joking.What type of playful person are you” Albert texted.


I drop my phone back and check time, it was 8pm.



can you change the meeting to tomorrow??? I texted.



hunnn,it will be the fifth time we will be changing it.Richie we can’t. Cus you’re gonna be meeting more influential people today.


If you don’t come eeehn,I will flog you personally” he texted.





you’re silly. I will try!! I texted and left my room for Nate’s room.


I knocked….


“what,don’t come in??? I heard her tiny voice.


“come in”she ordered after I had stand for like few,minutes.


I entered.


I think she was dressing up in a nighty.


I stared at her without uttering a word.I don’t even think she knows who she truly is.


“Richie!!! she called softly in a tone that means “what happen???


“I want you” I replied.


“want what???? she asked confused.


I moved close to her and spot the same dot I saw on Elsa’s neck on her chest since the nighty was kinda transparent.It was lined with with a red net looking material. I really like it cuz it brought out all her shapes.


“uhhmmm,come closer” I whispered.


she did as I said and lit her head up.


I wanted to kiss her but she hugged me instead.



“you know I said something is wrong and that someone is not safe,Richie why can’t you hear me out????


she said.I kissed her forehead and held tightly unto her waist,brushing my fingers in between her beads.


“I know!!!


I replied and kissed her lips down to her neck.


“you know” she gasped.


“yes” I assured and suck unto her buttom lips while she held my sweater tightly.


I really miss this kiss with her.


but there’s nothing I can do.


I raised her up like a baby in her bed and got drunk in kiss with her.


“Sir Richie, we got another intruder!!


“like there’s someone here pretending to be our maid but she’s not!!!! the message from my phone distracted me.



we are trying to find out who the person is! another message buzzed in.



Pedro,Emily mustn’t escape!!


I texted.



yes,the securities are now more tight,especially on Emily’s boarder! Pedro replied.


find out who the intruder is!!!!


I texted back and faced Nare beside me on the bed.


She just held the bedspread tightly like she’s feeling cold.











(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole. m.



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