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I followed the other maids to the skin treatment section and watch as they clean the bowl,and wash the tray and white towel.


I just hope I won’t get caught because there are projectors and camera’s everywhere.


“what else do I do???


I asked a middle age woman,pretending to be a better maid.


“ummm nothing,just go to bed” the woman replied.


I did my mouth somehow and followed a group of five girls behind.


they turned and saw me following them.


“hey,why are you following us???


the tallest questioned.


“what’s your duty post? another asked.


“what’s your group label? another asked.


“are you dumb??? the fourth whom I predicted who be arrogant questioned.


I flinch back in fear cuz its look like I will be catch soon.



“are you a maid in this mansion???.the fifth girl asked.


she looks calm and pretty with big eyeballs.


‘yes, am a maid. I will like to hang out around with you guys.can you take me around????


I acted friendly.


“are you stupid or what???


“you can’t hang around with us! the rude one said.


“go your way and let’s go ours! she smirks and gave remaining girls a commanding look.


“please!! I begged for the first time on my life.


She scanned me from head to toe before saying *okay*.


more hatred builds in me,


the demon in me grow bigger till it got to its peak where it is the largest,


the demon in me glows, while my heart fell into a trance of evil thoughts and ideas as the girls took me around.


We passed by many beautiful place in the mansion before we reach the place where my mom was,locked into.


Chains were tied on her body,


chains on her legs and in between her feet’s,


it was even on her neck that escaping won’t be easy plus the,guards standing there are up to 60.


I look down to the padlock on the chain and started wondering and wishing how the key will look like.


if only I can have it,then I will free my mom.


I look away quickly and pretend as if I don’t know her from Adam and followed


the other girls to their room.


it was just simple and comfty.


“new commercial,you’re gonna sleep on the floor!


the rude girl snapped.




I gasped and remember the evil things I had done in the past.


“yes,on the,floor!


she snapped and faced the other four girls.


“ladies,we have not decide about what we are gonna order for ma’am Nare to wear.You know tomorrow is her first date,with his Excellency” “what do you think she should wear?


“I want her to look classic and simple” the rude girl pouted.


the other maids brought out magazines .










they said at the same time.


“okay” the rude girl sigh and brought out an iPad,she make a quick order of twenty clothes and pay in Richie’s name.


I watched in silence,not wanting to burst out.


20min later,the order was brought in by a guard.


All the clothes are classic…..


the only worst clothe there is a black skimpy silver stoned dress.It looks more of a stripper wear.


just like a prostitute cloth.


“ma’am Nare will wear this!


the rude girl brought out a simple and decent yellow dress.


“yes,its cute. Sir Richie likes simple and decent girls the other maids concurred.



The yellow cloth was taken to nanare’s room alongside with the heels and wrist chain they ordered.


After that,they slept but I didn’t.


I took the prostitute looking cloth and opened the,door silently, I dodge the securities that come my way till I got to nares room.


I switch the cloth and locked her wardrobe, making sure that the key was tossed into my pocket.


I even want to inject her but it’s not yet time for that.


Just 30more minutes,and her looks will change from good to bad.




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Next day…….


We the,maids woke up early and did little clean up.


Swear,I was extremely happy cuz Nanare won’t go to on a date with Richie.


I clinched to the rude girl and made sure I followed her around till we got to the kitchen.


We were not allowed to cook,


only Elsa made the food and dish it out on the dinning.


“hunnnnn,I can’t wait!


I raise my brows and stand in an unnoticed position,watching how Elsa display delicious delicacy on the tiny.

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Nara came to the dinning first,


followed by the,man of my dream(Richie).


He was wearing a white overall royal robe, he had in little earing,two black rings on his fingers all over a,silver slipper.


he looks sooo hottttt to my taste.


Good thing,he didn’t see me cuz the maids hanging around just to see him are much.



“where’s Nare???


Nara asked.


“ma’am, she didn’t open her door” one of the maid replied..


Richie drop his diamond spoon,his maids bowed.I did that also but my heart was,beating more that fast.


He stood up and raced upstairs, Elsa and two other maids followed.


I followed also since I don’t want to miss the drama.




“am I dreaming????


“why is my skin looking like this???


“why is it looking so white and its glowing the more????


It makes me look like a wild bitch….


it makes me look like am not created by the almighty….


I didn’t remember using anything on my skin.In fact,I had never use a soap or cream all my life.


I only use oil….


Granny amber warned me seriously not to use anything on my skin….


Even the,soaps and cream Richie bought anytime he travels,I usually give it out


secretly to the maids without him knowing….


The,only soap I use is just an antiseptic soap…I have never used any beautifying soap cuz my granny warned me seriously.


“I’m not a good grand daughter cuz I didn’t keep to my granny last word.


I just broke a rule”.


I weept cuz I know someone must have use that on me….


I dragged myself to the mirror and cried the more.


The person also dyed my hair white.



I look like those crazy asains….


my skin more white and glowing more and more…every strand of my hair was white.The only different thing is my red lips.


it’s looking natural but its there any other thing I can do to get back to the normal Nanare???


I choked on my tears and entered the bath thinking it will wash away whatever was used on me but surprisingly,it was glowing more and more. even the hair,dye isn’t washing away.


“what type of die did the person use?


I cried and got out of the,bath,I wrapped a towel around my body and wore,my inner wears.


Then I sat on the edge,of my bed,thinking about what to do….


This new skin color will make,me get attention and I don’t like attention.


I touched the clothe on the bed and throw it down immediately.


it is a prostitue wear.


Just then,I held a knock on my door.


“Nare,open the door!!!


I held Richie’s voice.


I rush to the wardrobe,thinking o will find something more decent to wear but to my shock,the wardrobe has been locked.I can’t even find my key where I kept it.


“Nare,open the door!!!


Richie knocked again.


I have no other choice than to wear the indecent cloth.


i look, like a prostitute.


A very beautiful and clean one…..


Just like an idol to be worshiped.


“Nare,open the door!!!!


he knocked again.


in tears,I opened the door and saw his facial expression change.


He once told me,he doesn’t like his woman looking like a prostitute but now am


looking like a prostitute and a call girl….








plan perfect!!!!!


I want her cry….


I want them to separate.


Let me just watch him send her out of his mansion shouting “Nare you’re,a worthless bitch!!!!


I stood firm and watch the drama.












(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole. m.

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