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I gasped from sleep and sprang away from my bed.I checked time,it was




“ooohhh no!!!!


I covered my mouth with my palms and quickly open my save drawer, I closed it back immediately and went for my wardrobe.


“where did I keep those waist beads???




“Elsa where???


I shrieked and pour out all my clothes out of my wardrobe.After a long search,I found them.


But now, there’s another problem.


“how do I get Nare and Nara to wear it???


it will be damn difficult!!


If only I can just change back the hands of time, if only I can find my husband!!!!


I drop the beads and wipe my face with the back of my palms.


“nothing is worth crying for!!!


at least,I know that they are my daughters.



With shaking hands,I picked the pure golden beads,bar my lashes then I rush off to Nara’s room.


it’s our tradition to always change princesses beads. They would wear silver beads and anklet from age 0-10, Diamond beads from age 11-19….


After that it must be changed to pure gold.


Ever since I find out that they are my daughters and that they are up to 19, I’ve been looking for a way to change those bears without them suspecting but I just can’t.


I can’t tell them now that they are my daughters….


I can’t tell them who they are,.


I can’t tell them who I am.


I crossed my heart and tip toed into Nara’s room, slowly I rip off her duvet and smiled at how soft and tender she look in bed.


I sent my hands into her waist and unhook the tiny chains before wearing her the one with me…


I did the same to her anklets too.


She didn’t even notice anything till I’m done.


“Nara am sooryy,if am not the perfect mother.You don’t just know how much and how long I’ve wait for a day like this!!


I whispered and covered her back with her pink duvet.


“sooooo easy!!!!


I smiled happily and checked Nare’s room,she was not there.I shut it back in a disappointing manner before taking the right turning stairs on my right to Richie’s room.


The door was locked.


I went to the window side and thank goodness, it was opened.


“How do I get in????


I wandered in thoughts and turned back to the door.


I went to the window again,it was kinda dark but I can see through it.


The two’s are sleeping peacefully in each others arm.


Exactly 12pm,Richie opened his eyes.


I saw him kiss Nare’s forehead.He tried standing up but ended up falling into her.


“you won’t still leave me in sleep hun??? Richie said and gently remove her head from his chest. He unlock her hands away from his waist and then pick his phone. I can’t really tell.Maybe the one with white pouch. He wore his slippers and went out.


I became happy.


The way I rush into the room show it all.


“queen Elsa, waste no time!!!


my mind reminded.


I pull away the soft silty purple duvet and quickly unlock her anklets. No,I should start with the waist!!


I slowly unhook the former one and quickly wear her the new one.


Just like Nara,she didn’t open her eyes.


I flick my fingers into her waist and adjusted the beads till it stand firm on her waist.I quickly fit the new anklet into her ankle. its so pretty!!


it fitted her and Nara’s skin and gave them the hot look….


Exactly the way I wanted my kids to always look like.Just classy and hot.


“Am sorry am not the perfect mom…


“but believe me,it is not my fault!!


“I’m sorry” I whispered and covered her well.


In all smiles,I turned back only to see Richie already standing at the door. “jeeeeezzz!!!


he stared at me with a confused look.


“what’s happening???


“what are you doing in my room???


“why are you touching her???


he asked.





just came to check on her” I lied and walk faster till I got to where he was standing beside the door.


“Elsa!!! he called.


“sir!!! I replied.


“what’s nare’s bead doing on your hand??? he asked.I don’t really think he caught me.




I starmmered and rush to the door.


“Elsa!!! he called again and remove my hands behind my back.


He saw me holding the former beads.


Now,he is confused.


He left my hand and move close to his bed,he pull away the duvet and look at Nate’s waist,then back to the bead am holding.


“actually….it’s… one ..


“it’s one of the things you bought for her from Germany,so I decide to try it on her” I lied but he’s not buying the lie.He is very good in catching liars.


“Elsa you’re lying.I didn’t buy any beads from Germany” he blurts out. “Noo” I pretend


“I heard you saying “but believe me its not my fault” he said.


My heart trembled for his intelligent charisma.




“I mean…..


“it’s not my fault for not wearing the beads for her earlier”.


I tried a new lie.


“Elsa, this is not the bead I bought!


he said.


“its the one” I confused.


“Okay,you can go” he commands.


“I went out happily cuz I just accomplish my first mission.






“why would dad call me by this time??


“can’t he see that it is still dark??


“gosh,my sleep is disturbed again!!!


I smirks and descend down the stairs slowly.I met him sitting on one of the Sofa’s.


“Scotty!! he pouted my name like am his real son but no,am his adopted son.


“dad,you’re okay??? I asked,he nodded and beckon me to sit opposite him.


I rolled my eyeballs and sat.


“I just wanted to ask if you will represent me at Australia next tomorrow at one of


my company there.I don’t think I can go cuz the doctor advise me not to always go


out for now”


Appa liam said.


“sir,why next tomorrow???


“can you change the date????


I asked.


“why??? he asked.


“hunn nothing! I replied,not wanting to tell him that I have plans for that same day.I wanted my date with Nara to be on that day but now,he’s sending me errands.


“ohhh thanks!!


“will surprise you”.


he stroke my hair and left.


I puff out hair and brought out my phone.


I need to text Nara.





You don’t know how much I miss you.


Sorry,our date will be today and not next tomorrow.



I love you!!!


I left messages for her while climbing up the stairs.






I stared at the waist beads again,


it was really different from the old one and I can’t really tell if I buy anything similar to it the last time I went to Germany.


I look at her waist in confusion.


I stare at it intently till I finally doze off with my hands locked around her waist.




next day~~~~.






“ma’am Emily,we are not safe anymore!!


“our hideout has been leaked out!!!


my guards knocked at my door.


Darkness move into my eyes immediately while cold shivers like ice melts into my spines.


“ma’am, you’re not saying anything??


my guards beckoned.


I quickly turn on the screen projector in the living room and connected it to the


CCTV..I was shocked.


Lonely tears fell off my face,


Venoms flows throughout my veins


while I keep drowning in tears.


“Get me my phone!!!!


I transfer aggression on my guards.


“it’s here ma”


i hijacked it and phoned Mhesha because there’s no way I’m going to survive this..


The detectives that surround my residence are much than my guards.


“hello mum!!!!


Mhesha giggled into the phone.


“are you f**king crazy hunnn???


I yelled at her through the phone.


“what now,mum??? she yelled back like a crazy bitch.


“arrgggh!!! I seethed.


“did you tell anyone my secret hideout?? I asked,she kept quiet and couldn’t speak.




I shouted.


“mom,are you fine???


she sobbed.


“Mhesha who did you tell where I reside?????


“do you show anyone this place??? I asked.


Just then,my door was broken into.


I can see the glass smart door shattering into thousand pieces.


I turned and saw many guns pointed to my skull.


There’s no way I will survive this..


“mum!!! Mhesha scream into the phone.


“Mhesha!!! I replied….


immediately I replied,one of the detective shoot my left leg.


“mum,what is that??


Mhesha rants while crying.



“they got me…. cuz you leak out my….”


I didn’t finish my statement, I felt my body being tied up with a chain…..


“take her!!!!!!!!


one of the detective which I recognize to be Pedro commanded.


“is this really a dream?????


Someone should wake me up………











(drunk in love )


© adesola adeomowole. m.


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