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“Alisha,I don’t know what to do again!.


“I will be a total mess if I can’t get Nare and Richie down in three weeks time!


“just three more weeks and that poor thing will be recognized world wide!!!




I lamented.


“well,it will be so good!!!


“our once slave will be recognized worldwide not only as the soon to be president wife,but also as the first female Mumbai will approve to perform on stage” seesha smirks.I know she’s using that to mock me indirectly.


“what are you saying hun???


“instead of you to support our friend, you’re busy adding salts to her injury! Alisha glared.


“seriously,I helped”.


seesha rolled her eyeballs with her face on the,novel in her hand.


“you didn’t help”


Tasha shakes her head…


“wait….you guts should stop glaring at me and I think you should know that you’re


all evils!!!!


“so evil with dirty minds!!!.


“aaah you seem to be the most terrible company of friends I have ever seen!!!! she slaked and threw,her novel to the floor,then she wore her slippers and rush off to the stairs.








you’re all evil!!!!


she raised her index finger at us.


“ttttch!!! Tasha hissed.


“do you know what today is?!??


she asked.


.”who care??? I snapped.


“oohh,today is second of February!!


“2nd of February!!!!


“that same day we lost twinkle!!


“do you care to know who killed her??


Seesha blurts,making my heart to skip several beats.


“See,Mhesha’s is the answer to twinkle death!!!!!.


“mhesha killed our friend!!


“Mhesha murdered our friend cold bloodedly!!!!


“Mhesha stabbed her to death and lied that it was some villain that kill her!!!


“Mhesha is the reason Clifford left India…..


“but now,someone Kore handsome and handsome and with more swags is here and


you’re trynna repeat the same feet!!!




“you’re trying to do what you did to cliff to Richie!!!!


“You killed Clifford’s lover and now you’re gonna kill innocent Nare just because Richie loves her and stuffs like that!!!!


“Is it a crime to be beautifu!???


seesha blabbed.


I became angry.


I walked closer to her and slap her for letting out the secret that I killed Twinkle.


“you’re nothing so don’t speak to me like that cause you’re just a puppet!


“a puppet to be used,by me!!!.


I uttered and pushed her outta my way.


She,almost hit her head on the,stairs but I don’t care.


“You’re pathetic!!!!


she shouted at me.


Tasha,Alisha and jenny gasped cuz no one had ever spoken to me in that manner.




I called her name and brought out a gun from my waist belt.


I pointed it to her with danger in my eyeballs.


“if you should say a word,I will blow off your head” I threatened but she got guts.


“I speak!!!


she said.


I grinned and shot her left leg instead of her brain.


“seesha,don’t try me….


I might not forgive next time!!!


I grinned evily and walk to my room.


I kept the gun underneath my pillow with my eyes shut tightly.




“twinkle look!! I called.


she turned back happily,i caught her unaware and stabbed her to death just because cliff likes her.


********end of flash back******


I opened my eyes.


today is 2nd of February.


Cliff will be in India anytime…..


This is just so annoying…..


The fact that Dylan didn’t get to kidnap one of the twins made,matter worst.






I’m a bad boy,


A hot one to be precise,


I like competition a lot cuz it makes me famous.But it can never heal the wound in my heart.


If only it will make me forget about twinkle..


She’s the only woman I love but someone killed her.Since then I vowed not to come to India again but now,I just have to,cuz the modeling industry I’m working with signed me to a particular industry in India plus I would be able to monitor my inheritances fully well.




I’m not happy.


if only I can know the person that killed twinkle.


“Cliff,you need to see this!!!!


my manager shouted and showed me something on his phone.


“what???? I’m not interested!!!!


I replied harshly.


He sigh at my introvert character.


“cliff drop your arrogance and learn more,things from people who are greater than




he said..


I bashed my lashes and look what he was showing me,it was Richie miles newest industry.


I was waoowed but I didn’t show it out because he’s my role model.


I widened my eyes at his net worth.


Still don’t know how he made such amount of money…


“why are you showing me???


I asked softly because I just saw,someone who’s better than me.


“So that you will drop your pride and learn!!!!


he replied but my eyes caught a picture of a beautiful lady.


A verrry pretty one.


With red lips.


Just pure red lips..


sooo cute.


“Is there someone like this???


I asked my manager.


“I don’t think so????


“cuz a normal human being can’t be beautiful like this” he replied.


“ohh yes!!! I replied and took a close look at the picture but it was somehow real…..


“She doesn’t exit!! my mind haunt.


“but she’s pretty;!! I exclaimed and returned his phone.




*******Richie’s ~~~


I entered my mansion.


The first thing I did was to check Nare’s room,she wasn’t there.


“where can she be???.


I scoff and rushed to the decorated hallway,she isn’t there.


I went to the maids quarter and met my maids only.She’s not with them.


“Sir,you’re looking for ma’am Nare??


one of the,maid asked.


“yes,where’s she???


“in her,room” she replied.


I nodded and rush back to her room with my patient running out.


I was,about knocking when a message,beep into my phone.


. told ya that cliff is coming to India!!! I read the text and entered Nare room without knocking.


“ooohhh my!!!!


“She’s just coming from the bathroom!!


I closed my eyes cuz the towel she had on was very short.


I opened my eyes and caught her heart beating faster.


“I will come back to…..”


I didn’t even finish my statement, she ran back into the bathroom..


I just pray she,won’t take things hard.


She came back few minutes later in a white top and a jean bumbshort.




I took my eyes off her.


She didn’t even look at me,she climbed the bed skowkt and pulled the duvet all over those skins that usually turns me on..


I remove the,duvet from her body and creased her feet softly.


She opened her eyes and pushed my hands away from her leg,then she turn her face to the other side and covered the space between us with pillows.


“don’t touch me!!!


“on no condition must you remove those pillows!!


she ordered strictly.


“Nare please!!!


I begged.


“don’t talk to me!! she replied.


“sorry,I couldn’t call you today cuz I was very busy.I’m so sorry” I said,she sniffed like want to cry.


I knew instantly that mhesha must have insulted her with texts.


“Nare,please for my sake!!!


“For the sake of what we’ve shared!


I pleaded.She didn’t say anything, instead she used more pillow to cover the space between us.


I checked my business phone and read the texts mhesha sent her.


I drop the phone and wanted to touch her,she frowned.


She stood off the bed,


I followed her and caught her waist and made her triple on my chest so she can look into my eyes.


“I said sorry!!! I apologize with my lips almost close to her.


“what were you with mhesha???


she asked..with lips apart.


I kissed her instead with my fingers playing with her waist beads.


“Richie that was….” she speak and made me gain more entrance into her mouth.


She closed her eyes and held me tight to herself like I’m running away.


Our tongues locked for several intervals, then I stop and look into her eyes.


She hug me out of shyness.


“Sorry, I am not pushing you away!!


“Mhesha might hurt you!!!


“I’m just worried!!


she muttered like a baby.


I kissed her neck deeply with my fingers flicking her tommy.


it has been long I spent time with her.


My schedule this days is just so tight…


“Nanare I’m sorry” I said and flicked her last waist bead.


“I know” she gasped softly and allowed me to kiss her forehead.










(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole m


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