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“cliff,we are in trouble!!


my manager jerked me back,but my eyes was damn fixed on the pretty girl.


“cliff,we are spy’s! he reminded.


I composed my eyes and took my eyes off her.


“why are you staring at her like you’ve never seen a girl????


my manager asked.


“like seriously, she’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen” I giggled.




“the guards are suspecting us”


he blinked.I took my eyes off her but was Stotll looking at her with a corner of my eyes.


“what should we do??


“what do you want???


“Do you want ice cream??.


“wanna swim???


“need some feet massage???


the maids started asking her series of questions.


She smiled and nodded “no,I want to stay with my sister” she replied.


‘ohh,your sister went out with Selena” one of the maids replied.


“okay” she smiled and walk out with the maids following her behind.


it looks like am liking her.


She’s my type of girl.


Finally,she was out of sight.


I was somehow sad but didn’t show it.


“don’t you think we should leave???


Kurth signalled and stylishly took pictures of the exterior mansion designs.


After that,we went out.



“thank your stars sir Richie didn’t meet us inside there” kurth grinned.


“why adding sir to his name??


“does he loves respect that much??


“his he arrogant!!!!


I scorned, jealousy in my voice.


“No,his appearance actually makes him stand out among his counterparts” he replied.


“so you’re calling him sir because of appearance right?? I exaggerated.


“if you are not calm enough to have people who are higher than you ad bosses,then you’re not ready to learn and might not be successful. Forget about age.It doesn’t matter.What count most time is the hard work.


Some people do say Richie is successful because of the home he came from, those same people are shocked when they heard that he hide his identity for 9 good years.


He made it big when he was 17 and built that mansion you saw when he was barely 18….


You might think he is proud but no, its not called proudness!!


kurth blabbed.


I really have a talkative as a manager.


“kurth,who is that girl????


I asked while increasing the pace at which I’m driving.


“I don’t know who she is??


he scoffed.


“liar” I chuckled.


“I’m serious’ he franked.


“why is she so pretty??? I asked.


“don’t ask me,ask lord lashkmi” he replied..




“who is lashkmi??? I arch my brows.


“hunnn don’t you know it.Lashkmi is India goddess’s of wealth and beauty” he replied.


“those things don’t exist”


I scoffed.. he kept quiet.


“is she a goddess and a lashkmi???


I asked,seriousness in my voice. I don’t think a normal human being can be so spotless like that.


“tell me,is she a goddess.Can she make me wealthy to Richie’s taste?? I scoffed.


kurth didn’t reply.


“you only come to India to compete with top wealthy guts and not to start dragging women” he replied.


“what if I say I like her???


“it’s not that am poor too!


“I was nice the richest guy in india before that Richie of a thing pop out of nowhere and the foolish Indian’s pushed the post of a president to him like that. it’s not really fair ooo!!!


I lamented.


Kurth didn’t utter a word till I drive home cuz he knew I was right.


I was damn rich.


It was twinkle’s death that made me leave India.


“Kurth,who’s that girl for the last time?


I asked with fury.


“I don’t know” he replied.


“find out about her! I shunned and entered my medium size mansion.




★Kelvin Diamonds…..


I had vowed that I will leave my bad life style,no matter what it takes.


Just hoping I will find love one day and I promise myself I won’t let it go.


“meeting in the next 50minutes”


K-stars manager knocked at the door of the hotel I was lodged into at Australia.


Meeting again?????


I grinned,almost close to faint.


“yes….that’s what it feels like to be committed. K-stars love people who will be


agile and diligent you know”.


the manager arched.


I frowned “okay”.


My phone rang.


I pick it up since it was Nare.


That girl really changed me a lot.


“Hey Kev!!!!


she smiled excitedly,showing her cute smiles on my screen.


“aaah Nare, I miss you.Sorry I couldn’t see you throughout last week.I’m not even around,I’m in Australia but will be back next tomorrow” I replied with a soft smile.


Really??? Kd,I got something to tell you” she pouted playfully.


“hmmm what’s it??? I chuckled.


“guess!!! she smirks.


“I should guess?? common tell me!


I urged.


“you loose to me!


she smiled that victory smile.


“kd,I passed that exams.I had 392 out of 400” she screamed.


her scream almost broke my screen.


“Nanare my super woman!! I teased.


She smiled the more.


“okay okay,I will surprise you. I won’t take long in Australia” I replied.



“Big head,I will chop off your nose if you forger my favorite chocolates! she pout and dropped the call.


“crazy girl!


I muttered and fave what I was doing






“ohhh no,what’s happening to me???


I itched my neck and wear a tank top all over the black short I already had on.


“Mhesha,don’t you think you need to get new facials done cuz your face is looking




Alisha said.


“no,I don’t think I need a new one for now.I purposely don’t want to do anything facial because of my next mission” I curved out evily.


“Next mission????


“you didn’t tell me anything about that” she replied.


“I thought you’re gonna move on and perhaps find another thing doing.


I even think you will quit,then go and talk to Richie so that he will sign the realese


of your mom”


She suggested.




“beg who???????


“Alisha, am disappointed in you!!!!


I rolled my lashes and left her alone before heading to the booth to listen to some cool music.


Alisha really disappoint me with what she said.




I served the prisoner food,


she devoured it all like an hungry Lion and I really pity her but there’s nothing I can do.


“thank you” she smiled.


I nod and pack the plates.


why is she telling me thank you???


it’s not like she told me thank you when I served her food yesterday.


“thank you for the food”


she said it again and sealed her head on the metallic bar.


“can you tell me more about your background?? she asked.I stared at her with shock written all over my face.


“those beads on your waist are not ordinary or are they???


she asked with a friendly look.


“don’t ask me anything.Mind your business and let me mind mine” I retorted and left her.She thinks I will be a fool by telling her that am a queen.


I got to the huge kitchen and drop her plate on a separate sink before walking to my room in the maids quarter.


I sat on the edge of my bed and opened the bedside drawer.


Slowly, I brought out the four set of crown.Those idiots that hijack my husband’s throne must have been using fake crowns.


I went away with the crowns the very moment I saw that my husband’s friend is gonna betray him. Like I knew what is going to happen,he did not only betray him but he also took away the only inheritance my husband have left.


How I wish my family will glitter like this real throne????


It’s my dream to always be a queen but Ryder betrayed my husband.


it’s just so sad!!!


I wipe my tears and stared at the real crown one after the other.



The first one is very big with pure gild dangling all over it,my husband’s name was boldly inscribed on it.


“Jin of Amandor!!


mine is the next.


it has beads like gold…while the remaining two are short for my cute princesses.


I can’t just wait for the day that I will wear this for my cute daughters!!


“ohh let me test it!


I chuckled and place my own crown in my head,I stood up and catwalked to the mirror.


Swears,this position of a queen really suit me!!.


I curved out a smile and turned back.


I kept the crowns one after the other back into the safe drawers,I was about taking off the one on my head so that I can keep it but then I perceived a similar scent.


Only Richie have that nice scent.


My heart raced.


I quickly took off my crown and rushed to the safe drawer but it was kinda late.


He saw me wearing the crown!!!!


I gasped and hide the crown behind my back.


I smiled at him…..


“Sir Richie, you’re back??


“when did you get in????


“why did you come to the maids quarter???? I asked.


He kept quiet and made a confused look.


“are you hiding something???


he asked.


my body felt shivers.




“noooo” I lied while resting my back on the safe drawer.


“why do you like lying???


he asked, I was dumbfounded for a start.He might have find out.


He puffed out air and walk closer to me….


he wanted to remove my hand from my back, by doing that,he will see the




“ohhh lord,help me!!!


I prayed silently as he approach me. How will he feel if a find out that a queen has been working with him for years???.


“ohhh no!!!


“lord Shiva,let him stop walking close to him!!!!.


I prayed silently.


……but who am I deceiving???……..












(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole. m.


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