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“this is really bad….


“Are you going to continue looking like this without doing anything??? Jenny gasped at the latest media updates on trending gists..


Someone must have posted that thing! Ali said.


“yes,you’re right.Someone must have posted it” Tasha remarked.


“but Mhesha,you f**ked up big time. How can you tell Richie your mom’s, hideout??? don’t you know how much he loves that dirty commoner!


He loves Nare a lot,he loves her like tomorrow won’t come again….


You know that but you still acted foolish!


“for heaven sake Mhesha,I thought you will be smarter than this” jenny yelled.


“she’s not at fault.We are all at faults cuz all this won’t happen if Richie did not meet that Poor thing.


Remember we pushed her to fortune!! Ali chirped in.


“I swear the video is terrible cuz the media really humiliate your mom. That one alone had earn you bad reputation!! J said.


“okay,who posted it??? I asked.


let me read it out” she cleared her throat and read it.



I love his actions,that’s why he’s the man of my dream.He’s the smartest person that has ever rule india…. Emily Daniels really deserves that definition of pain—-

harshtag Seesh.


203M viewers….4hours ago.


“this is bad.Mhesha you need to do something or else more doom is gonna happen.If seesha can do this, don’t you think she can tell Clifford about twinkle’s death????


Again,you can’t leave Richie like that.


We all know that you can’t do anything to hurt Richie spiritually but don’t you think it’s an embarrassment to you if Richie should go for Nare?????


Remember,you’ve got your reputation to protect to….


Seesha really destroy you!!!


J smirks and showed me the comments on what seesha posted.



a monster will always give birth to a monster, I’m not surprised she’s the mother of Mhesha.


Mhesha loooooossseerrr



Mhesha,your mom made me lost interest in you!!!!


I checked,my fans web page and discovered that many of them had left my blog…


“Jenny,I’m losing it!!! I screamed and smashed my phone on the floor.


“that’s why you need to do something. You can’t leave Richie like that,why not take away his happiness??? Alisha smirks.


“his happiness????


“I don’t want to hurt him,I love him!!!


I cried.


Jenny laugh out loud.


“you love him….


“He brought shame upon you!!!


“well I don’t blame him cuz he’s only doing his work as a president!!!


“arggghhh its just so annoying that he loves that shit!!!!


Jenny glared and picked her bag.


“think of something.


“I’m coming back. I need to catch up with Scot because he usually goes somewhere every on the 16th.


Since he’s always traveling every on the 17th.


“catch ya!!


jenny left and went out.






She thinks she’s smart….


I’m really waiting to see her downfall,


I’m really waiting to see her cry and beg for food.


She doesn’t deserve something good.


She needs to learn in a very hard way.


Richie only deserve someone like Nare And not someone like her cuz she’s the real devil.A total monster!!


Mhesha Daniel’s, watch out how I leak your secret to the globe!!!!


You’re going to pass through the same hell you made the twins pass through.






“ohh no,Scot must have been waiting….


I had phoned me several times but am just too shy to pick.


Scot forgive me!!!


I said and step out of the bath tube with towel wrapped around me.


I got to my room and met my phone ringing,I went for it but was unlucky the call


ended before I could pick.


He texted me instead.



Nana,are you still coming????


its over an hour now and you are not here????


Nara,are you okay!!!


I read the previous texts.



okay,I love you! he sent.


I click on the messaging space bar and typed…”Sorry” I cleared it.


“Scot sorry” I typed again.I didn’t send it, I cleared it.


“hmmm I love you too” I typed.


I didn’t send it,it was still ony screen.


“ma’am Nara!!! one of the maid entered.The pressure she use in opening the door made me mistakenly press send on my phone screen.




I didn’t mean to send that!!!


“lunch is served” she bowed.


I nodded.She smiled and wanted to leave but I called her back.


“ma,you call me! she smiled lopsidedly.


“hmmm yes.Can you help me out with a dress?? I want to go and see my my….my…”


“boyfriend!!! she completed it.


I widened my eyes at the maid.


“yes,I will help” she giggled and opened my wardrobe.


“how does your boyfriend looks like?


cute,tall,s£xy neck??? she asked and pull out a very hot looking bumbshot.


“what’s your best color???


she asked.


I didn’t answer.instead I glared at the outfit she picked.


“Selena,I can’t wear that.Scot will hate me if I should wear something like that” I replied.




“do you mean Scot, sir Richie’s friend?.


“aaaaah,he will like you more and more because he likes wild,classy and hot girls!!!


Selena blurts out and brought out a matching pink short top.


it will definitely show my waist beads and I don’t like wearing exposed things.



“Selena bring another thing! I ordered.


“ohh why not wear this one???


“it will definitely suite you and if you don’t like it,you will take it off” she suggested.


“okay” I replied and and took the clothes to the washroom.


I changed into it then came into my room.




Selena gasped and pushed me to the mirror.


I was not surprise at my appearance cuz me and my twins are good looking naturally..


“sir Scot will go crazy if he see you!!!


Selena giggled and stared deeply into my skin like she’s trying to get why it’s so clean and spotless.


“you’re so beautiful!!!


she mouthed but I wasn’t comfortable in what am wearing cuz it’s making me feel like am naked.


I’m not use to wearing this.


I prefer wearing long skirts and short tops with sandals.


if at all I will wear something short,i will always hold a cardigan to cover my waist.


“please make me happy by wearing this!!! Selena grinned.


Her face make me give in quickly.


She sat me up on the dressing chair and sprayed different things into my hair,after they she pack it into a tight bun.


“aaah Selena,my head is heavy!!!


my hair can’t be done like that,it’s quiet lengtly.



“No,sir Scott like his girls like this” she replied and painted my lips with a simple white gloss.


“aaah I don’t want this!!!


I said and cleaned the thing away from my lips while she slip my feet into a black


sneakers that have pink lace.




“you don’t need makeup,you’re sooo beautiful like this” she said and handed me a fansy bag and my phone.


“car keys????


she pouted.


“no,I will take a cab” I replied and keep some cash inside my bag.


“can I follow you???


she asked.


“yes” I nodded and told her to take any clothe in my wardrobe.


Hope this new girl won’t act like gangaa.


She smiled and helped me in sneaking out of the mansion since she has spare keys.


We took a cab together and got to the place.


I saw Jenny standing in front of the place.


I looked away quickly and face Selena.


“Selena, let’s leave here” I said.


“why???? she asked.


“let’s just go!!!!


I said.


“no,we can’t go!! she replied.


“fine,I will leave you” I said and started leaving.


“hey!!!!! Jenny blocked my way.


I became scared cuz I didn’t come with my inhaler.


“follow me” she said silently.


“whatttttt,Jenny stop all this.We are outside and not in school” I replied cuz the stares I got from other people are getting intense.


“follow me!!! she replied and stylishly showed a spray.


“jenny stop!!!!


I almost scream but the idiot dragged my hands.


Indians are really gossipers.


Phones went up immediately…..



Another bully


she’s too beautiful to be bully…


Gosh,she looks soft,why the bully.


but I think Scott made it a rule that no one should bully anyone in front of his cool entertainment center!


I heard mumurs…..


“hey you,leave her!!!


Selena gasped but jenny pushed her away.


“Jenny stop!!!


I screamed and bite off her blemish hands.


“oouuch she withdrew!!!!


I quickly use my hands to cover some part of my skin cuz I don’t trust this jenny.



aaaaah scooottt




different things started entering my voice.


I regret coming hear.



“you bite me!!!! jenny raised that same hand to slap me.


“what’s all this?????


Scot interfered and look at me, he took his eyes away immediately.


“Scot,she bite me!!!!!


jenny lamented.


“what should I do?????


“I should bite her back for you???


Scot asked.


I saw,confusions written on the faces of the people videoing.



oppa,you’re defending her.Do you know her.What’s the relationship between the two of you????


someone asked cuz Scott is a Korean.



don’t ask me questions!!!


Scott replied and dragged me out of the mob.


He didn’t look at me,he just keep dragging me. Maybe he doesn’t know that am weak when it comes to walking.


“Scott stop.My legs!!!!


I whimpered when we got to the staircase.


He looked at me and quickly look away.


He closed his eyes and carried me in a bridal style.


“why is he closing his eyes??????














(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole. m.


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