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I broke the kiss and stared sweetly into her eyes,wondering why am addicted to holding her wide hips.


Slowly,I squated down and carried her from her leg in a bridal style.


“Richie,where are you taking me to??


“its night,I want to slee……”


she blabbed,I shut her up by bringing my lips down to her waist beads.


She gasped with her eyes wide open.


“Gosh, she’s so thick here!!!


I pouted at her thighs, wondering how she came across big ass.


“making love with her will be damn sweet” I snapped out of my bad boys thoughts and carried her to the private place we practice at.


the lights are on already, so I just wear her my headset.


“Do you remember your lines???


I asked.


“yes” she replied.


“okay,we should try it out…No starmmering” I cautioned,she nod her head and look at me.


“start” I uttered.


“no,you start” I replied.


“okay” I smiled and sang out my lines perfectly.



better than the Richie’s of this world, better than the sounds of my friends voice,better than the biggest dream of my heart,baby I love you from the start” I sang out and waited for her to say her own but she wasn’t speaking.


“Do you love me????


she asked with her eyes half closed before pulling me into a tight hug.


“yes I’m in love….



“but Nare,you’re getting carried away. that’s not what you suppose to say. The part you said is my part!!


“you just mix the scenes up” I corrected and disengage from the hug.




she bite her lower lips and compose herself.


“is your mind not in what we are practicing????? I asked and look into her innocent face.


“I don’t know,sorry”


she said.


I batt my lashes and move over to the second part.



but when you left me,the world stop,my eyes felt like flooding,I don’t want us to hide away”


I sang our the next line and waited for her to complete it but she was lost at it again.


“Richieee,I feel like something is wrong!!! she exclaimed.


“I feel like someone is not safe but I can’t tell who the person is” she exclaimed with seriousness.


“Everyone is safe,let’s continue what we are doing” I replied and wear her headset.


“aaiiiishh,Richie am not joking!!!


she exclaimed and stood up.


“how do you feel????


I asked,she stop walking and didn’t speak.


“what’s wrong??? I asked.


she didn’t still utter a word.


“oooh,I get it.You’re feeling sleepy that’s why you are saying crabs.I think I should help you get to bed” I whispered and took her in my arms to my room. I laid her on the bed and covered her with the silky purple duvet,She slept off immediately.



I took off my ring and kept in my jewelry box before taking my phone to text Albert.



guess what??? I just got Emily’s secret hide out!!!


ohh soo soon!!!


yes,what do you think??? should we invade it tomorrow morning or we should catch her some other time???


your choice??? its anything you say I would do!!



okk” I texted and joined Nare in bed.


She rolled into me immediately and clutch tightly to my chest.


“be safe sir!! was what I heard last from her.


Sometimes,I just wish I can be poor but God keep punishing me with wealth and Fames.And trust me,it’s not easy all this while!!!


I even wish there will be some antagonists that will change the mind of some law makers so that they will change and stop me from being this goddam president but no,they are all on my neck……


I never wanted to be rich like this but since the almighty is punishing me with good tidings, I better accept my fate!


“what do you mean by someone is not safe??? I asked the sleeping Nare but she rolled into me the more till her forehead touched the exact place my heart is. “what’s happening????


she has never be so close to me in bed like this.


The Nare that I know always make demarcation with pillow each time we want to sleep….




I bite my lower lips at our sleeping positions.






“mhesha stop!!!!!


“Mhesha stop all this!!!!


seesha screamed and crawled with her already wounded leg.


The exact place I shoot.


“why should I stop hunnn?????


I smirks and watch her scrawling.


“just stop!!!


“you’re spoiling my skin by whipping me with that wire like I am the cause of your problem. Mhesha what did I ever do to you!!!! she scream tears,but the demon in me won’t stop.


“what did you ever do???


“Baby you didn’t do anything much!


“the only thing you did is that you know that I killed twinkle and now that cliff is around, am very sure you’re going to let out my secrets”


I shrieked at her and hit her ear with the butt of my gun till blood started gushing out.


I totally forget that she’s once my friend and that was,because she has never supported my evil doings.




“Mhesha,let’s kill her fast!!!


“imagine how can she continue living among us???


“if we let her live,I’m sure she’s gonna report to the media!!!


Tasha glared.


“yes,I agree….killing her will be so good! Alisha chirped in.


“whaaaaaattttt!!!! kill your fellow human????? if you kill her will you eat her??? I’m not understanding the reason why you like killing!!! are you gaining anything???? Jenny asked..


I sent her glares that made her shut her mouth.


“well,I’m a good friend!!


“I won’t kill you.The only thing you can do from saving your life is that I don’t want to see you in India!!!


“run away!!!! I protest to her shaking lips.


“Now,I’m crying!


“I want you to know that my tears means death for you!!!


“being friends with you and packing into your mansion is the most worse thing that has ever happened to me… but at the same time,am happy!!!


“Am happy that I played the role of a good friend in the best way that I can, Am haply I save two souls!!!


“I f**kingly save Nare and Nara!!!


“I am always there to protect them from you all when they were still here….”


she didn’t finish her statement,I slapped her.




she screamed but I was too fast,I covered her already bleeding mouth so that her guards won’t here her voice downstairs but the idiotic guards,heard her scream.


That’s the only luck she has.


She’s rich too but am greater than her when it comes to wealth.


Her guards entered send surrounded her in a twinkle of an eyes,they helped her up and then look over to me with their eyes singing danger. They charge toward me but seesha stopped them.


Even at the point of death, she’s merciful.


“take me to the hospital!


she blurts out in tears.


“oooh ohhh!!! Tasha and lisha made jest of her.


“take me to the hospital” Tasha mimicked.


“I pray it won’t be late before you realize….. but, it Still so sad that you did this to me despite how I stood tall for you guys…… I did exactly what a true friend…..”


she didn’t finish her statement,she fainted in the arms of her guards who quickly rush her out.



immediately they left,Gangaa rushed in with a mop and a disinfectant spray,she cleaned the traces of blood and left with a fast beating heart.


“so how was,it???? I asked lisha.


“thumbs up!!!! she smiled and gave me a high five.


****************unknown p.o.v


“sir,you’re perfectly fine. Nothing is wrong with you” Doctor Danny smiled at me.


“I’m not okay cuz I still can’t remember my pasts.All I could recollect is that I find myself in Delhi as a poor man later became a billionaire after several attempts of hard work.


I don’t even know how I get to Delhi!


my case is really typical.


“I can’t remember a thing again!!


“I don’t even know where I come from and each time I try recollecting a thing,I will feel a deep pain in my brain” I complained to my private doctor.


“I will advice you not to stress yourself… if you try to remember,the chances of survival is 10%.


its either you gain it or you run mad sir!!! the doctor speak back with full respect.


“Doctor Danny,what’s the important of all my wealth if I don’t remember a thing??????i asked,he kept quiet.


“I know I have a wife!!!!


that’s the second thing I can remember again.


“where’s she??? doctor danny asked.


“I don’t know” I replied.


“do you have any thing in common?? he asked.


“I don’t think so….maybe only this” I brought out my bracelets but the doctor was


more than confused.


“Are you a king???


“only kings have this!!!! he said.


I felt more pains but still can’t remember a thing.


“ohhh….sorry sir!!!! he bowed before touching my head.


“doctor, I can’t remember a thing!!!


“the,only thing I remember is my wife.I know my wife” I said,he smiled.


“good,do you know her name???


he asked.


“like I said,I can’t remember a thing!


“I can only remember my wife and this bracelet” I said,his hope dropped down.






“the house is cool.I love it”


“but its not up to my taste” I roll my eyeballs and stared awkwardly at the rooms.


“still manageable!!


I smirks and laid on the bed.


The,first thing I did is to check those things my manager showed me earlier and I must really agree that Richie is really a big time gem. His net worth is far bigger than mine


I scroll down on his page site and saw the picture of that girl with red lips.


The more I look at the picture,the more something keeps attracting her to me.


The picture doesn’t have any caption so I think she’s just a free person.Maybe a picture of some model cuz she really looks like them.


So cutttte!!!! I pouted and zoom her picture.




“who can she be????????








enchanted …….



(drunk in love )




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