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“awww Tasha,I love your tight spins!


“I bet this dance video will get many viewers.The custumes we use is so quality” I winked while lisha giggled.


“let’s take it again!


“where’s Mhesha???


“Mhesha should come here and let’s do it fast!


“she should not delay this thing,she knows how much of time and efforts we’ve invested in it!!!


i complained while increasing the volume of the stereo.


“slow down, we can’t do it without Mhesha!! leesha cautioned .


Just then,Mhesha ran into our midst in tears.


We exchange puzzled glares.


“what’s happening?????


“what’s making you cry??


leesha asked her.


She cried the more and broke down into bitter tears.


Awwww,I never knew Mhesha can cry like this.


Catarrh is even coming out of her nose.I shake my head in anguish.


“what’s all this hunnn????


I glared,mockery in my voice.


She hugged me for the first time and whispered “my mom has been captured!!!




“how????? Lee questioned.


“Captured by the detectives! she replied,looking really miserable.


“Mhesha,you know you undergo facials.You crying will make the skin of your face to shrink.


Don’t cry!! leesha wiped her tears with a face wipe.


“there’s actually something we can do”. Alisha winked.


“what can we do??? Mhesha asked.


“Kelly can be of help” Lee arch her brows.


“who’s Kelly??? I asked.


“Kelly is one of the top detective commissioners in India. I know him very well and am sure he will be of help” Ali scoffed and connected her phone to a red Bluetooth.She dialed Kelly’s number,he didn’t pick up. She was about giving up when he picked.



who am I speaking with???? the voice came up.I can tell it that Kelly should be a old man.


Alisha Greg” she replied.


Ohhh Alisha!!! the man laughed.


hmmm I need you to withdraw,the case of Emily Daniel’s.She got captured not quiet long.


I’m sorry I can’t.If its another thing,I will gladly give in.What you asked for is totally beyong my power. She was captured strictly under the authority of the Miles. I don’t need to tell you who the miles are cuz you already know them to be the one ruling India currently.


I’m sorry.If its another thing,I will do it,bye!!!


Kelly dropped the call.


Mhesha’s face went pale because capturing her mum will actually make her lose the fames and popularties she spent time in building!


I’m also very sure she might become poor overnight because she doesn’t have a source of income backup. The only backup she have is her dance on stage but now,I doubt if people will want to see her again.


Those times she have money,she’s always spending lavishly.


“we need to do something!


she pouted and made a pathetic look


That look will actually make us help her.That same look will fool we that her friends.


I look at her with just one thing in my mind…


“so you can cry!


“all those times you were laughing like you’re in paradise just because you’re with Richie, do you think he wants something sweet from you in bed?????


He was playing you smartly and you are foolishly dancing to his tunes.


Girl,shine your eyes.He just got vwhat he wanted with his brain!!!


I glared.


She bite her lips in agony.







“just tell me where you’re taking me to.Stop tying me with chains like am a dog!!! I struggled but instead more chains were wrapped around me while the press keep capturing everything.


“we are taking you to where you belong!!!!!.


they replied and bundled me into a black limo.


My face was blindfolded.


Escape is not an option now.


I can’t try it.


The person that my hideout was,leaked out to really did a great job cuz no one has never catch me.


Those times that I was caught,I’m always escape and I don’t think that will happen here.


bashed my lashes…..

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Even after the torments, after the screams, after the shouts,


I don’t always quit easily.


I don’t really know how it will look like,all I know is that am not going to die. I will always get out of this!!!!


The limo I was in drive into a huge mansion.Everything about the mansion was charming.


Just so attractive.


The securities there was very tight.


Extremely tight.



but why are they taking me into a mansion instead of a prison….


“what,where’s this place????


“it looks like paradise!!!!


“after much observation,I discover where I was.I’m actually in Richie’s mansion.No doubt he’s the richest in India


“but why?????


“why am I here….what…..


I didn’t finish my statement,I was pushed out of the limo.


“double the chains!!!!


i heard a sweet masculine voice.


I knew instantly that it was Rich.


“make it tight!!!


“very tight till escape won’t be an option for her”


he speaks even more commanding.


Big chains became my companion instantly. Chains on my wrists,on my feet,till walking was difficult.


The chain on my waist and neck was very tight….


“is Richie Miles really human???


I started crying.


He smirks.


“the one on her left foot is not tight.She might gently slip it away and then use it to unlock the second one!!!


his voice beamed from the coverage of the highest floor in the mansion.


I just can’t see his face very well cuz the guards guarding him are kinda tight.


I wanted to look at him,


someone slaped my head and kicked me, making me to fall badly on the floor.



“remember,prisoners don’t raise their heads at law makers not to even talk of a soon to be president!!!


I sniffed tears.


“Mhesha see what you cause me???


“imagine this…..


“I’m being treated under the control of a small kid!!!


“a whole Emily Daniels!!!


“this is a total disrespect..


I tilted my jaws and met his gaze. I closed my eyes instantly cuz I don’t even worth


looking at his cute innocent face.


His eyebrows are damn sharp,


lashes, long,


lips so cute and I can sense deaminor of superiority surroujtdibg him.


if it were to be Severn Miles, he will hand me over to the detectives but this one here is taking laws,into his hands.


“Emily this is not who you are????


I bite my lower lips.


He cleared his throat like he’s about to say something.


“I can’t talk too much because mere looking at your face and body that have commoted many dirty characters, I’m feeling somehow but still,I can’t let you go…..


I can’t have you to the detectives also cuz you will have your way”.


he smirks.


More securities tightened around him.


“I decide to make a beautiful bed for you.Since villains like you need to be taught in the hard way.


According to what history told me,you have been given 5chances of death survival but you didn’t still change.


He said,I played with my fingers with sorrow.



“you will be staying there!! he snapped with his fingers pointed to an underground in his mansion.


My lips started shaking.


my legs dangling.


This is the most worst punishment ever.


“namaste” he blinked his lashes and went away with his guards following him.All through,the presses are capturing everything.


The next thing I felt was my chain being dragged.The motion in which I was,being dragged made me fall down severally.


“ohh Mhesha should please help me get outta here!!!!


I gasped.I was being pushed into the carved underground.


it looks like a pit,


it looks like a hell…


The only difference is that the underground is wide.It has a bed and it smells nice.


it was covered with metallic cover that has bolts on each edge.


My chains were nailed on the floor.


Even the smartest man on earth can’t get out of the place.


“you see,he’s nice!!


“now listen, you will be served food 6times a day,and a doctor will always come to


check you every week….


Just know your limits!!!!!


a guard yelled and shut the metallic stripe forcefully.


The hole was dark….


Different camera light kept flashing on me intently.


“gaaaaaddd,this is really a disgrace for Mhesha!!!!!


Just then,a very beautiful woman came with a tray of expensive foods.


“namaste!!! she greeted and pass the food through a flat passage way.


My eyes widened.


it’s like I know this woman, but where do I know her??????


She passed the food and turned to leave…..


I don’t know her!!!!


I don’t think so!!!!!


but why is she wearing those expensive beads?????


i asked and tried standing but my head it a metal.


“how I wish someone will help me out here?????.












(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole. m.



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