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“Richie choose!


I heard mhesha’s voice from the background again and it was more commanding.


“Richie is that really you???


I asked but got no reply..


The voice am hearing sounds like Richie’s own but I don’t think its Richie.


the only confusing part is that the,number is Richie’s own.


“Nanareeee are you fine??


he asked,emphasizing on the e.




I frowned and brought down my phone because doesn’t call my name,like that.


“Richie choose!!!!


mhesha continue shouting like the bitch that she is.


“ohhh,I choose mhesha!!!


the suppose voice said.


I faced Elsa and made a puzzled look..


“ohh mesha,I love you!!!


the suppose voice repeated and laughed wildly.


The smile doesn’t looks like Richie’s own and have never see him laughing like the,way this idiot is smiling.



And mhesha can’t order Richie around like a fool.


it’s not like Richie is her playmate or toy!!!


“ohh thanks for,loving me”


mhesha’s voice played in the blue tooth.


I don’t know what came over me,I placed the phone on loud speaker and spoke sense into the idiot tiny brain.


“Mhesha,you should know that am not the old Nanare but believe me,you’re not smart enough.


Seriously, I thought you’re smarter than this but you’re just exhibiting your exuberance privately.


“How,on earth do you want me to believe that it is Richie speaking????


“That voice,only sound like him,it can’t be him cuz you’re not up enough to control him nor order him around.


“Richie doesn’t call me Nanare.


“I’m very sure you must have stolen his phone and that you must have use a voice phone changer or probably look for someone that can speak exactly like Richie in carrying out your stupid task.


“Even if you can fool some of the people at all of the people at all of the times,you can’t fool me!!!


“mhesha Daniel’s, you will need try harder in separating me and Richie.




“try extremely harder and I wish you a happy trying!!!!


I replied and cut the call.


“yes,you did the right thing.


Richie is not mhesha’s playmate.


She can’t even look Richie in the eyes not to talk of ordering him around.


Elsa uttered.


“thanks” I replied and drove away to the temple.


Good thing,I met Nare standing outside.



I glance at her from head toe and noticed that she is putting on a different cloth entirely.


“sorry, I didn’t catch you”


she chuckled and entered the back seat.


“where are you coming from??


I asked,looking at her dressing.


“hhmmm” she itch her neck and face the other side so as to avoid more questions.


“twinnie,am getting cold.let’s get home quick.I will tell you everything once we reach home” she rush her words. I focused on the steering and drive home.




the gates was opened by the guards,it slam back automatically by itself while the guards retreat to their respective boarders..


“Nara,don’t try such thing again.You almost gave me and Nare a huge heart attack” Elsa cautioned.


“where did you go to and why is your clothe changed?.. I asked, she started scratching her hair again.


“what’s with that necklace on your neck!?? Elsa asked while I glared.


“ohhh the necklace….


“I….I….I …gosh!!!


“twinie you won’t believe what I saw today???


she suddenly change the topic.


“what did you see????


Elsa quickly bought her lies but me, I’m not going to buy her stories.


“Nara who kiss your neck like this??


I asked, feeling more confused.


“yes,who kiss your neck???


Elsa asked too..


“hmmmm….” she started scratching her neck again.


“hmmmm….I kissed myself!!


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“is your lips reaching your neck???


I glared at her lie.




she exclaimed and ran out of the car.


I followed immediately but she entered her room before me and slam the door.


I entered my room and saw,loads of messages from Richie’s number..


“is someone trying to come between us?.??.


I look even more confused.


“what can be happening????





Richie miles .


some girls are,just bad lucks while some are totally devils.


imagine me speaking to that idiot just because I want to get the secret hideout to where her mom is.And thank goodness I’ve gotten what I wanted..


My phone rang…..


I packed my car carefully and checked my pocket but was surprised that am with only two phones instead of three phones.


“what’s happening???


I gasped and started checking my car.


The phone mustn’t get lost.


its my business phone.


“why must it get lost????


“am very sure I took it or did I left it at mhesha’s place??..


“no,it’s impossible!!


I used my other phone to flash it and was surprised that it rang.


it was,even mhesha that picked.


“did she steal my phone or what??.


“hope she didn’t use it to call Nare???




I ran my fingers into my hair and use my other,phone to flash it again.


She didn’t pick.


I sent her a text instead.



mhesha if you don’t want to die in the next 1hour,return my phone right away at millers close!!! I sent with fury in my eyeballs.


She really got guts.


I sat on the hood of my car and waited patiently for her with my gaze,on my wrist watch.


54minutes passed,no sign of her coming.


just 1minutes left,I saw her stepping out of her car,she fought her way to my presence and stretch my business phone to me.


“sorry you forgot it!


she pleaded with a bow..


“I forgot it or you stole it!!!


I sent her danger glares and hijack the,phone, from her.


The first thing, I checked was,my call logs.


My heart skipped several beats when I saw,that she dialed the number I saved with “mine” several times.


Gaaaaaaad,she also sent messages to it.


My looks changed.


I raised my head and met her gaze on me already.


“Richie do you hate me this much???


“can you show me a,little affection cuz I deserve it??…


“I thought you said we are now friends??? she blabbed.


“I remember I said you shouldn’t involve Nanare into this???.


“why did you call her??.


“you even have guts to send her messages?????


I yelled,she flinch back in fear.


Perhaps she’s just seeing my hot tempered side.


“Richie why did you love that dirty thing??? she asked.


“who’s the,dirty thing???


I asked and stared as if I will swallow a house.


*No,I’m not talking too you….


she reframed.


I bashed my lashes at her blemish skin and got into my car.


“Richie, I love you!!!!


“Remember you said I will take you to my mom’s house tomorrow!!!


“she will be so glad to see you!!!


She rants as I got into my car.


“gaaaad,what do I tell Nare???


“I’ve gotten the secret but what do I tell her???


“I wonder how she will look like.










(drunk in love )





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