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I place my palms on her mouth to prevent her from shouting cuz her voice is just so loud,so loud that it can wake up the dead.


“Don’t shout in my villa! I cautioned when I notice the fear in her eyes.


Maybe she noticed that the environment is really lonely and does not have many people,not even a single soul moving around.


And beside, the temple is a way too far…is she that strong enough to walk up to this level???


Am sure she doesn’t know this magnificent building is my house.


“I need to go!!



“Nare and ma’am Elsa must be really worried” she blabbed and kept my shattered phone back on the floor.


“sir,sorry for your phone,it happened mistakenly” she,pouted and is getting ready to leave and I don’t want her to leave.


“hey….na…nana!! I prefer calling her that.


“your inhaler! I winked.


she pick it up in a fast manner.


I know she’s doing it fast because it’s drizzling and it will start raining.


“won’t you wait for a while??.


I asked,she frown, meaning she won’t stay.


“No,I can’t!


“my twin sister must have been looking for me” she shakes her head fearfully.


She’s not always comfortable around me,she prefer staying alone.


“I can’t. My guardian (Elsa) will skin me alive and my twin sister will….”


she stopped,thinking of another perfect lie.


Little rain start pouring and I was still holding her.


“Sir Scot,my hand!! she whispered with tiny smoke coming out of her mouth.


Cold weather is not good for people like her.Her lashes is even sticking together.


“why so sturbon??


I asked,she shrug her hands off my hand and I was forced to Cary her to the gate cuz she’s really cold.


The coldness make,her more beautiful to my taste.


“Nana knock” I ordered.


“no,cuz I told you to…..” she blabbed. I smiled and did the knocking myself.


The,gate was opened immediately by my guards.


“get my car in”


I threw my car at one of them and took Nana in like that.


The first person I met was my mom.


She gave me a “who’s this look???


“I thought you said you wouldn’t fall in love again” she made that look while Nara was,busy staring at the interior designs.


“welcome,sir!! the,maids bowed.


I rolled my eyeballs at them. Guess,Nana hasn’t see my mom.


“hey,what did you do to my son??? my mom snapped furiously at Nana. “Nothing…..Namaste ma” she replied naively.


My mom made a “Scott what’s all this look??


“are you insane that you want to spoil our reputation????


I shot her a “none of your business look”


‘its my reputation and not ours!!


the,maids understand my looks really well and took Nana to the room opposite mine.


I followed the same direction.


“Scott!!! she called almost immediately.


I ignored her and walk up the stairs.


“Scott,its not that I don’t like her. Her looks melted my heart,she will sure be obedient and respectful but don’t you think she’s too beautiful for you??


She will break your heart.It is like she’s the most beautiful creature I have ever seen with rare skin like pearls.


Some one as jealous as you can’t be in a relationship with someone as beautiful as her” she uttered.


I turned my face away because I’m so jealous..


I sigh and walk up the stairs to my room.immediately I enter,my phone buzzed.I’ve got messages from kd.



Best,I won’t be around for 1week. I will be in Australia. Please,help me watch


over Thomas(my manager). I’m suspecting that he might do something terrible


when I leave”


I read his text.



will do anything for you” I replied.


ohh thanks” he text back with smiley stickers.



I drop the shattered phone and,opened my wardrobe,I changed into a white round neck top all over a black jean, I slip my feet into a flip flop then I pull out a black laptop.


my other phone rang..


I pick it up without checking who it was. I heard the,voice,it turn out to be Jenny.


“it’s cold out here but I will manage to come over to your place.Hope that witch is not around?? she asked,referring to my mom by witch.


I cut the call and focused on what I was doing.


Not quiet long again,a soft knock came on my door, it will sure be one of my maid.


I stood up and went to get it.


“what happen??? I asked.


She bowed and started playing with the tip of her hair.


“Sir,she didn’t allow us touch her body neither did she change her wet cloth. She keep shouting that she wants to leave” the,maid reported.


“you see,she will break your heart!


my mom raised her brows behind the maid.


_____________adesola adeomowole.




“is Richie really playing me???


I checked time and saw that I have been sitting for 4good hours.


Just then,I sight him coming with two guards.His face was pretty masked.


I adjusted my sitting position as he get close to where I sat.


I almost fainted when he sat beside,me.


“sorry I’m kinda late” he winked and kept his phones on the table.


I smiled seductively but he’s still not taking off his mask.


“hmmmm,just want us to be friends” he said lowly.


“yes yes yes!! I scream out excitedly.


“excuse me” he said and stood up,leaving his phone on the table.


I check his phones out,


Two were,locked while one is not.


I took the unlocked one and search out for what he used in saving Nare name but I didn’t get it.


I tried different methods but I still didn’t get it.


I sighted him coming again,and so I quickly drop his phone and pretend to be sipping in my wine.






“ohhh goodness, what’s all this???


“how do I get out of this???


“Elsa and Nare must have been looking for me!!!.


“I caused it!!.


“I shouldn’t have come out of the temple!!


my mind raced several thoughts as I glance through the room. it looks exactly like


Richie’s mansion.


Everything almost look alike.


on the bed were different clothes and jewelry.


The maids insisted on dressing me but I declined,telling them I won’t to go out but they didn’t listen.



The door opened, it was Scott’s, mother.I put my face to the other side, she walk closer and tap me.


“Namaste” I greeted again.


She smiled and took me by my hand to the halfly opened washroom.


it was a girly washroom.


She mixed hot water bath and ask me to take off my clothes.


“mom,no,my twin sister must have been looking for me,I need to go to…”


I didn’t even finish my statement,she came to my back and loose my Saree rope till I was left in my under wears.


“ohh no!!!


I gasped at the maids admiring my skin.


“dear,take off your underwear! she said and signalled the maids to leave.


The maids left.


Slowly,I went for my bra and unhook it since she already saw it.Then,I took off my panties in her presence.


Somehow,she smiled at my waist beads. I entered the jacuzzi,she squat beside the Jacuzzi and started using a pink sponge to scrub my back.


“mom,I can do it! I said and wanted to collect the sponge,she didn’t even answer me.


“so you still use mickey mouse hair clips at your age???


“No doubt your pant and bra are,mickey mouse products” she smiled and shampooed my hair.


I nod shyly and quickly wrap a towel around,my body and hair. I can’t help it,she saw everything.I just hope she won’t tell Scott anything.


She stretched me a matching pant and bra to wear,I collected it and look at the door.


“dear,I lock it already. I even close the curtains.Scott can’t come in” she said.


I sigh and quickly wore the pant while she hook my bra.



“wear this! she pull out a pink strapless gown that had splits beside.The splits will actually stop at my laps level.


“No,its exposed.I can’t wear it” I replied.She brought out another one, its even more exposed than the first one.


I wore the pink one reluctantly but the problem is that it is too transparent.


“sorry,it will soon stop raining!


she smiled and used an expensive robe to cover me,she also use a white and black coloured hair clip on my hair.


“I’m coming” she said and left me alone. Just then,two maids came in and ask me to follow them.


“where are you taking me to??


I asked.


“to the temple” they replied.


I was happy but my happiness fades. They didn’t take me out,they took me to another room.They left me there alone and left,making sure that they lock the door.


“why are they locking the door???


I wondered and turn to check out the room but was surprised to see Scott.


He’s wearing the same royal robe that his mom wore for me.


“ohh no!!! I shut my eyes and quickly took off mine..


We can’t wear the same thing.


I took off the robe.




“perfect!!!!!! Scott smiled….


then I realized that I just gave him an opportunity to see my curves.


I forgot that the gown was transparent….


I quickly use my hand on it,it wasn’t covering anything, it was only making matter worst.


Scott manage to stop looking but he can’t just help it.


That alone made my fear increase.


“Scott close your eyes!!!


i shouted but he drew nearer and caught my waist.


“Nana look up” he said a fool,I raised my head….


he he he…..did something to me!!!!!!










ɛռċɦaռtɛɖ ………….


(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole.m.



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