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I shut my eyes tightly as he moved into me.He did something to me.


No, he did something to my body.


I shut my eyes even more tight when I felt his lips on my neck,he ate deep into my neck and lock his hands around my waist.




“Scott stoppp!!!


“you’re biting my neck and your hand is….” I complained but instead he continue.


“Scott stop!!!


I fight back his hands in my waist.



“Nanara,I really can’t talk but this thing am doing,I hope you understand” he said and used his ringed finger to raise my chin up.


“do you understand???


he asked.


I opened my mouth to speak but he shut me up with a kiss.I close my eyes and held his white top really tight.


Getting close to him feels so good but its scary at the same time.


I want him to stop but no,I’m enjoying it.


“Scottt,its scary and I’m scared!


“Scott,let’s end up this 27days stuffs!


“I’m not interested.


“I prefer being alone” I said inwardly since I can’t speak out cuz of the kiss.It was just so slow and and steady.


“Nana kiss back! he ordered.


I opened my eyes wildly and stared at his dimples. I would have kiss him back but I’ve never done it before.


“Scott,can you just let me leave”


I bashed my lashes and slowly left his cloth,then I look into his already teary face.A part of him is broken.


“Nana why are you denying your feelings???


“Don’t you have a heart????


“why do you girls like playing me a fool??..


“is it because I love too much???


“is it because I play too much???


“is it because I spend too much???


“Nana you’re the 13th girl I will love but no,you are not loving me back!!!


“it just sucks soo much!


he smirks,trying not to shade,tears.


“Sorry,I think we should all this.I only accepted cuz I wanted to punish Jenny” I shake my head and ended up making matter worst.


he started crying after hearing what I said.


“ohhh noo!!


I gasped when I noticed his tears.


I quickly got to the door and tried opening it but it wasn’t doing.


“Please do me this last favour,don’t tell my mom anything about us.Let’s just pretend as if we are cool” he arch his brows and formed a fake smile.


“done” I muttered.


he bounce walk to my side and opened the door.


“take this direction” he pointed and started walking faster. With the way he walk,I know that he’s really angry but it’s not my fault. Telling him yes will only make matter worse.


How can I tell him yes???


I’m asthmatic and I have heart cogentials.


what if I fall sick and die????


he will be left alone.


He deserves everything good in life but am not one of the good things. he will surely find someone better than me, someone who’s not asthmatic.


“walk fast!! he snapped with his ringed fingers in the stair rod.


“go, I will meet you” I replied and climb down the stairs slowly.


“you’re tired right??? he asked.


“no,am not! I replied and tried taking off the heels his mom wear for me. “why did you put it on when you know you can’t walk fully well with it??? he asked and walk up to me again.He squat beside me and pull the shoes slowly.


“if you’re not holding me,you might fall” he said.


“no am holding the stairs rod” I replied,not wanting to touch his skin.


he smiled and pull off the second heel.


“thank you” I replied and wanted to pick the heels but he pick it before me.


“I don’t know why I love her so much!


“So sad she doesn’t loves me back” I heard him saying.


“who??? I asked..


“you” he replied and was,on phone till we got to the living room.


“mom, she’s leaving already” he smiled and held my hand even when he’s deeply hurt.


“awww,come over dear”


his mom giggled.He release my hand and allow me walk over to her.


“dear,take this.It is from Scott dead father.This necklace is to be given out to


whosoever Scott loves deeply.


So, have it” his mom said.


Scott cleared his throat.


his mom made a puzzled look.


“dear,what’s wrong??? she asked.


“nothing ma” I replied quickly while Scott formed a fake smile.


Gosh, I really hurt him.


“oooh,so its nothing” his mom smiled and drop the necklace on my palms.


“thanks ma” I replied and followed Scott out to his car.


He played the gentleman role by opening the door for me to enter.


He plunge into the cushioned driver seat and tied his hair with a bandana,just exactly the way Richie usually does.


“Scott,take your necklace!


“I don’t worth it!


I said and stretch out the tiny necklace.i know it will worth millions of rupees.


He look at me first then back to the necklace.


He took it sadly and kept it in his pocket before driving out of his house.


All through the drive,he was busy looking at me.We almost got into an accident 3times,but he won’t still stop.



finally, he stopped at the temple.


I smiled and quickly turn to the door, getting ready to open it but it was locked.


“ohh sorry” he uttered and unlock my seat belt,then he unlock the door.


in a haste,I push the side door open but he held my wrist back and pin me to the seat.


“Nanara,I love you!!


“please tell me you love me back!!!


“please don’t deny what you feel for me just as Judas peter deny Judas!!


“please do me this last favour by saying you love me!!!!


“I don’t know how to talk but I think you should understand”….


“if not for my sake,for the sake of my mom.She really likes you!!.


Scott blurts with his eyes halfly closed.


I kept quiet and stared at how cute he look like.


His lips and body!!!


I widened my eyes.


he opened his eyes,I quickly look away.Then I started playing with my fingers.


“say something!


he beckoned.


“Scott,I will soon die!!!


“I’m asthmatic!!!


“I’m not strong enough to be in a relationship!!!


“I’m sooo boring!!!


I swallowed the lump in my throat.


“if you will soon die,then what’s the importance of taking drugs??? he asked.I kept quiet.


He pulled more close and wear the necklace on my neck.


I widened my eyes the more then I ran out of his car to the temple.



immediately I entered,I touched the necklace,then I took it off and hugged it.I wore it back quickly and started looking for Elsa and Nare but I can’t seem to find them.






“Ma’am Elsa, don’t you think something is wrong somewhere???


“Nanara is nowhere to be found and Richie hasn’t call since morning. it is really unlike him!


I blurts out while checking my phone for the uptenth time.


“maybe he’s busy” Elsa replied.


“what about Nara??? I asked.


“Nare,calm down.we will find Nara. She might have gone home” Elsa replied.




“no,Nara can’t go Home without letting us know.If she wants to go home,she will take,her credit card and phone” I replied and reversed the car back.


“look,your phone is ringing” Elsa alerted.I packed carefully on one side on the road and collected my phone from Elsa,it was Richie calling.


I pick up the call and connected it to the Bluetooth in the car.


“Richie!!!! I gasped.


“yes am the one”he replied sternly.


I brought down my phone and checked if it was really Richie and yes, it was him.


“is this really Richie???


“if so,why is he talking sternly and rudely?????


I wondered and stared at my phone.


Then,I heard someone laughing hysterically on the caller background.


I recognize it to be Mhesha..that’s exactly the way mhesha laugh.


“what’s mhesha doing with Richie???


“Richie!!!! I screamed into the phone.


“Nanare” he called softly.


“Richie now,you will have to choose between me and Nare!!!


I heard mhesha’s voice again.


“Richie” I called.


“Nanare are you okay??? he asked.


“choosing me means you will have to send that poor thing out of your mansion! “ohhh yes,don’t send her away because she and her twin sister can be our maids.. “And I will be the one performing on stage with you and not her!!!


“deal or no deal!!!!


I heard mhesha’s voice.


“Richie choose!!!!! she giggled over the phone.


I look at Elsa,then back to my phone.


“Nare calm down!!!


Elsa winked.


I look at my phone and pick it up with shaking hands.


“Richie can’t actually go to mhesha for no reason!


“Nanare are you fine???


he asked,still on phone.


“yes” I replied while trying to act along with him.


“Richie choose!!!!


“Me or Nare??????.


mhesha’s voice came up again.











(drunk in love )




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