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“what’s all this???


“Scot stop!!!


Scott let me down!!!


“Scot I don’t lov……


I broke words but stopped when I noticed that his cute face shut.


“are you also the same as Jenny???


he asked with his lashes batted.


“you’re also a Lucifer breed!!!


“Lucifer’s that toyed with my emotions just because I will always be an idiot to love!


he said,I kept quiet and watch him a broken heart.


Fear overtook me as I watch him speak.


“ohh no,what have I gotten into??


“I better cooperate if I really want to punish jenny.



“I fall in love easily!!!


“my heart is just so fragile!


“I respect ladies,because I love my mom but those stupid ladies ruined my life. The villain that killed my mom is a Lucifer breed,


The person that killed my brother is Shantel and she’s a lady….


Jenny insulted my mom,she’s a lady too.


Despite all this,


I still fall in love with them….


I fall in love with them, but they won’t still love me back. They love my d**k and




“Scott do this,Scott do that!!!


“Scott send me this,Scott send me that!!!


They dated me for popularity just because I am known to be the best artist in Korea.


Indian girls flocked around me as flies but will later leave me broken!!!




“because am rich!


“because I do pamper,ladies….


pampering ladies is the,only thing my mom taught me”.


Scott said, making me to feel guilty.


“Scott,I didn’t say any of that.I only mean I don’t…..


“I mean am a commoner,I can’t lov…. I can’t love you.That’s why I said I don’t love


you” I formed a lie,he shot me a glare.


I bowed my head immediately.




“I shouldn’t have started this!


“this cute guy doesn’t deserve someone like me.


“Nanara to Scott!


“Scott to Nara!!


“Asthma to a billionaire!!!




my lips started shaking just because I have been standing for long.


I’m that weakling with a sharp brain.


“I’ve accept you as a commoner” he winked and took my right hand.


I hijack my hands immediately because am not use to people around me.


“what’s happening???? he arched his eyebrows.




“just stay away!!!


“Stay away okay!!!!


“Stop looking at me that way!!!


“Hey stop looking at my lips!!!!!!!!


“I wanna get out of here!!!




“stop looking me there” I rants when I noticed his eyes all over me.


“I think you will be my girlfriend in the hard way” he uttered.My body went cold. I quickly opened my bag and brought out my phone,it was 4pm.Exactly the time to go to temple.


“you will be my girlfriend in the way” he smirks.


“you’re joking!! I retorts.


Then,I spotted jenny and her crews close to the elevator.


She was not the only one.Scott’s fans are also among.


“Not again!!


“I will have to do this again”


I covered my face with my palms because many phones are up already.



Scott we love you!!


Scott you’re cute!!


Oppa oppa opppa!


They keep shouting because Scott I’d a Korean.


Scott wasn’t looking at them,he was busy staring at my lips….


just like he has never seen a girl in his entire life.



Scott we are confused!!


is jenny not your girlfriend again!!


You’re suppose to be looking at jenny and not her!!!!


I heard the mumurs but Scott’s guards keep pushing them backwards so that they won’t gain entrance into his privacy study room.


shut up, he is my boyfriend!!!!


That poor thing is just a maid!!


She’s our maid!!!!!


jenny boasted.


I removed my palms from my face.


immediately I did that,I got almost blinded by different camera lights.


I quickly covered it but the light didn’t stop.


“ohh no,this is going to be the next news on Scott Ryder’s fan page!!







Full long hair


Small pink lips


Straight long legs


Wide hips,big butt!!!


Flat tommy!


Smooth pointed nose!


I heard more mumors.That was when I noticed that I didn’t wear cardigan to school…..


That alone made them pointed out the beauty in me plus Scott tear my mask.


I scanned the crowd cheering me up, jenny wasn’t among them again.


“this is really enough for a disgrace”.


I smiled.




“wtf,she has dimples!!! the students gasped. I look away shyly and saw Scott


picking his car key and phones.


I carried my bag also.


He suddenly held my hands,making sure that we went out together.


“aaaahhh,this is really good!!!


He took me to the cafeteria and bought many chocolates and ice cream with a lot of cookie like he knew it was,my favorite.


“Jenny,liar!!! I heard whispers.


swear,this is enough for a disgrace!.


“Scott buy more!!!


I chuckled enough for jenny to hear.


He bought more thing then he,paid with his credit card.


“yes,I won’t be bullied anymore!!


He walk me up to my car and brought out my missing colouring book…


That one with pink cover.


“gosh,I have been looking for it!!


“how did he find it????


“are you the same girl that was painting with two fingers??? he asked.


“yes, its me!!! I jump up and and hijack my painting book.


“thanks!!! I said absent mindedly and made an attempt to leave,he dragged me back by my right hand.


“Can you make me forget my sorrows by being my girlfriend for 27days?????? he asked.


“hunnnn 27days!!!!


“am in but on one condition!!


“no falling in love!! I giggled and ran to my car with what he bought.


that thing,I can never forget it.


Not when it contain my favorite chocolate.




★Richie Miles★


“Sir,we informed Alberto,he said he will be here at 6”


“And this is the criminal record of Emily Daniels, it will also make your name


enter the golden book of India again if you can get the most wicked villain that is


terrorizing the whole of Indian to jail!!!


“it will be a pleasure!!


“Please do something!!!


“Since you will be the next president, why not try to do this for we Indians??


“Emily Daniels has been a typical torn in our flesh,a cancer that keeps eating down the dept of our hearts!!!


“please,do something!!!


Manu(a top politician) said before handling me Emily’s criminal record.


“Who’s this Emily Daniel’s????


“Does she have any family???


I asked….


“No traces left….


“I don’t think she have what family is, I don’t think she have what Children is????


“I don’t think she knows what emotions means?????


Manu bowed.


I clicked my tongues and opened the criminal record.


“history said it that she once attempt hurting your family but she failed! Manu said.



“I know….


“Massey told me about her” I replied.




Manu bowed.


“you can go!! I command.


He left.


immediately he left,I opened the record and read what was written there.


The crimes she committed was just too much.


She had killed many people and had duped many politicians.


Now,the only way to know Emily’s hideout is to get close to Mhesha……


But can I really do that????


Getting close to mhesha just to know her mother’s hideout!!!!




“she might blackmail me.


But i just have to try.










(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole


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