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“so you will go and meet with Richie?


Alisha asked with a fake smile.


“why not??? I rolled my eyeballs at hsr.


“no……am….not …its just!!



she winked and ran up the stairs to her room.She actually did that cuz she have a crush on Richie.


“She likes Richie too,I guess that’s why she run away” Tasha shrug.


“sooo what are you going to do when you see each other,what are you gonna do??? Tasha asked.


“what do you expect to do???


I fired back,she didn’t still keep quiet.


“girl, its a life time opportunity. Getting to know him more and all those stuffs every girls wish to have with someone sweet as him” Tasha curved out a smile. Just then,a message buzzed into my phone.


Miles Royals,6pm” he sent.


“Tasha look” i show her my phone while standing up..


“you’re lucky but can Richie actually send that??? she arch her brows.


“he sent it And I think he has liked me” I frowned and rush upstairs to my room.


I mixed my bath almost immediately and then plunge into the shower, scrubbing my body with the newest soap in my closet.


I step out of the jacuzzi and dried my body,I spent another 30min in treating my skin before choosing a matching g-string and bra to wear.


I opened my wardrope and got claded in the newest most exposed strapless body hug gown, I sprayed my hair pink and fixed fake lashes before painting my lips pink.Then I fit my feet into a matching pink sneakers with a pink purse.


I checked myself out in the mirror, I smiled and stuffed in some injection pills into my purse.


I rushed downstairs with my car key and other stuffs, Tasha was discussing with seesha when I got there.





“I must be the first to take a picture of you!!. Tasha exclaimed and started taking photos of me while seesha coughed in disappointment.


“Mhesha did you check your scores in the model exam you wrote last??? she asked.


*”none of your business!


I shut her out and post for Tasha who keep taking pictures of me.


“You ain’t changed mhesha!!


“you don’t care about your future!!


“you’re what we call a model without brain and certificate!!!


“a total disgrace to woman hood!!!!


she insulted…


“bitch,f**k off!!! I shot her out again.


She shakes her head and look at how jenny and Tasha are taking pictures of me.


“Richie will be waiting!!!.


I smiled with evil thoughts in my brains.


“well,the results of the exams are out” seesha mouthed.I just feel like slapping her.


I shot her a deadly glare and catwalk out to my white car.




I got to the place Richie texted,I knew instantly that he will be the owner of the place cuz the interior and exterior designs are out of this world.


I smiled and ignore the cheers I got from those who know me as a public figure…


“your table over there” one of the waitress bow before leading me to the VIPs section.


I flick my hairs ansmd sat with legs crossed while she handed me a menu list.


“assorted wine with grilled chicken” I placed my order and handed her the list back….


Now,I will need to use my brain like the deadly demon that I AM!!!!



Finishing Richie Miles with his wealth.







This is actually the thirtieth time I will catch Elsa staring at me and nares waist,she was crying silently as she stared at it.Nare didn’t even notice cuz she’s busy with her prayers.


Why all this???


Why do we have same tatoo and waist beads?????


I wondered and use style to check Elsa’s waist…


No difference at all..


“aahma,excuse me” I said and stand up from where I sat beside her,I walk out of the temple and walk far away from it till I got to a place that table water is being sold.


I paid and walked away to a more quiet place,in front of a magnificent building.


I opened my drug nylon and chewed the bitter tablets before drinking water…


Now,I feel better!


I sigh and kept my drugs back in the nylon.


“I better start going to the temple” I chuckled and drank more water as I walk.I didn’t know what happened but I know I bumped into someone and my water poured on his expensive white tux…..


“ohhh noo…..


I gasped openly and watch his expensive phone flying up, I was also falling too.


_______________adesola adeomowole





“Appa Liam,I saw the proposal and already accept it.I promise I won’t make it tiring, it won’t make me bored plus Richie might come over to help”


“please call back,I’m about driving in”


I speak to my foster dad and step out of my red car and walk towards to my gate cuz I already place it on smart lock.


I bumped into someone.


No,she was the one that bumped into me.


Her sweet strawberry sensation filled my nostrils first,then I felt that my white shirt got cold,my phone fly out, drugs and inhaler on the floor and the cute girl with long bouncing hair was falling slowly cuz she lost balance the moment she hit me.


My phone or the girl!!!!


“ohhh the girl!!!


I pulled her wrist and help her gain balance..


She turned out to be the most talented artist.My 27days girlfriend.


“ohhh my!!!


“sorry sir, I didn’t do it intentionally”


she bowed but me I was lost seeing how more beautiful she looks in saree.


she didn’t even know it was me cuz my face is masked.


“i didn’t do it purposely but I can….


“I can wash it for you……


she started blabbed.


I was surprised how fast she’s able to move her lips.Only journalists speaks like that.


Just too fast.


She pick up my phone, I wasn’t saying anything all through..


I’m already lost on her essence.. Such a pretty girl with cute dimples just like me.


I removed my mask.


“watttttt!!! she gasped and wanted to run away,I caught her and held her tei




“What are you doing sir???


“you should leave that place you’re holding, I might get hurt” she speaks fast.


I left her like an idiot.


just like she speak with charm.


I knew it,she will run away.


I caught her tactics and caught her this time.


My fingers flicked her Tommy, she choked and screamed.












(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole. m.

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