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“sorrryyy….I…did…not…dooo… anything, I just….usssse my drugs”


I starmmered with little tears in eyes, not wanting to see that came in.


“Forgive me this one more time Jenny” I said like a fool but the person that came in didn’t utter a single word.


“Jenny,I won’t break any of your rules, I promise my mask again, just don’t spray gas on me!!!! I said but I only heard my echo.


It looks like nobody came in…


but someone just entered and slam the door.


I opened my eyes and saw the person,I was shocked……..


I closed my eyes and turned my back against him because he was looking at the table water that I drank.


Swears,I never knew that this place is his private place.If I had known, I would not have enter in the first instance.Taking is water to use my drug is actually another problem.


I turned to him again and bowed my head,waiting for whatever he have to say but he was taking forever to speak.I closed the lid of the table water and look at him instead.


if he will not talk,then I will apologize for invading his privacy.



I bat my lashes and opened my mouth to speak,he brought out his phone at the same time.


“hmmmm Scott I’m”


I pinched myself.


why will I call him by his name???


“he’s not my class plus he must be older than me.


“Sir Scott, I…” I starmmered,his phone started ringing.


He divert his gaze away from me and brought out his phone.


“Kelvin,what did you tell them????




“don’t worry,I will inform Richie myself,bye!!!


he hung up the call.


wait,he knows Richie!!!.


“so,you drank the water???


he asked.


Gosh,his dimples!!!!!!


solo deeep like my own.


“Yes sir,I will get another one” I replied and pick my bag that was lying on his table before walking to the door.


“you’re a commoner right???


he asked,I stopped walking and look at him.


I nod “yes”…


“are you the owner of this? he asked and pull out my lost coloring book.


I gasped “yes” and look away quickly to the door,I press the green button on the door but it beeped red.


“why red????


I pressed it again,it beeped blue.



“is something wrong sir?? I asked, he closed his eyes halfly like my voice have an effect on him.


“sir the door is not working well!!!


i said,he didn’t answer.


“sir what did you do to the door??? I asked, he wasn’t speaking,instead he was on phone.


“Be quiet for a second” he cautioned, still on phone.


I kept quiet for a second.


“sir the door,what did you to the door?? I asked because jenny must have been looking for me.


“Sir Scott, did you lock the door??


I asked again with an expressionless face.


“yes” he replied.


“open it,I don’t want trouble” I uttered.


“why are you hiding yourself away just because of an ordinary threat that you know you can fight for????


“why are you always losing your scores to jenny??


“Why??? he asked.


I looked sideways like he’s not talking to me.


“I’m talking to you” he snapped.


“Scott,don’t talk to me,just open the door!! I screamed.


He deep his fingers into his white hair.


“stop holding me down here!!


“Just let me go!!!


I frowned.I’m really trying not to go to the old nanara.


“why should I let you go??


he asked,I slam my forehead.


“you don’t have the right to question me” I replied and wanted to wear my mask,he hijack it and tear it into two.



“you’re pretty without this goddam mask!


he smirks and took his phone again.


“Scott!!! I screamed authoritatively and hijack his phone from him.


Now, I am back as the old Nanara.


The nanara that doesn’t pity!


“open the door and you will get your phone get back” I command.


He didn’t say anything,instead he brought another phone from his pocket, I hijacked it again.


“Scott,open the door!!!


I rant.Ranting is the least I can do.


He brought out another phone with a gold pouch.


I wanted to hijacked it but I missed target…cuz he taller than me.


So tall with s£xy long neck.


“Either s£xy or not,I must get out of here” I rolled my eyes and jump.


I took the phone away.


“open the door,you will get your phones” I ordered.


“give it!! he said.


“no open the door” I replied.


He stuck his tongue out like he has thousand of battles in his heart.


“Should I collect it in the hard way??


he smirks,my heart miss several beats.


“I don’t care,just open the door” I replied.


The next thing I felt was terrible.


“why so stubborn???


he said and pull me close to himself by my wrist,with the way he pull me, his lips mistakely touched my forehead.



His hands was holding my waist also.


I turned sideways and saw jenny and her crews standing in front of the transparent glass door.


Yes,this is the only chance I have because Scott lips was still on my forehead.


“Scott,I love you too”


I said and dipped my hands into his hair.




Jenny gasped…..


“Scott,I love you more and more!!!


I said again because with that I’m punishing jenny indirectly.


“what the hell???


Jenny banged the door furiously, then she ran away immediately with tears in her eyes.


Yes,this is the way to punish her.


“hey,why did you say that????


Scott pointed out.


“Because…… ” I was about saying, he shut me up with a kiss.




Scott stop!!!!!!!


I tried pushing him away,he did the unexpected by lifting me up in a bridal style.


“Scott wait!!!


“I didn’t mean……


“you didn’t mean what???? He asked…


“Nothing” I replied.


Gaaaaaaad,am I really doing the right thing????.












ENCHANTED ………………..


(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole m


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