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ռօա ɛռʝօʏ












My stardust flesh gets recomposed and refreshed,


My eyes red and bloodshot,


My teeth clenched together,


My fake pink hair glooming like glitters missing light.


I just clenched my fingers together and stared into the scrapbook that Dylan gave me earlier.


“is this really happening????


“how can Nare and Nara be princesses???




I lamented as I opened the scrapbook.The first page shows a picture of a very beautiful middle age woman.


On a close look,there’s a striking resemblance between the woman and the twins.


With my intelligence,I am able to point out that she’s the so called Elsa.


Not just Elsa but Queen Elsa Twinkle Jaiho of Amandor.


it was rumoured that she and her husband died in a plane crash but no,she’s alive. “she’s Fuckingly alive!!!!


“Queen Elsa is alive and her husband is stinkingly rich but with a memory loss.I just hope he won’t remember a thing!!!


I bite my lower lip at the beautiful Elsa in picture.No wonder the twins skin are like that.They inherit it from their mother.


It’s even a good thing that the twins knows nothing about their lineage.


Perhaps,it was hidden from them.


“mhesha,its midnight and you’re still awake.Why????


“is there any problem????


Jennie knock at my door.


“nothing,I’m on some stuffs” I lied and hide the scrapbook under my pillow.


“okay” she sigh and left.


immediately she left,I took the scrapbook again and wished that Elsa can be my mother….


Her looks is really attractive”.


I drool over her picture for a while before dropping it on the stand beside my bed.


I took my phone and call Dylan straightaway. He picked on the first ring.



(in call)


Any news” he said.


“yes,I just thought of a plan” I replied.


“what plan??? he asked.


I rolled my eyeballs and did a quick connection of the call to the mini projector in my room so that I won’t have to hold my phone while speaking with him.


“we can actually fool Elsa” I said with sad eyes and drop my phone on the bed…


“how???? Dylan’s voice boom in my room since I connected it already.




“Since Elsa hasn’t find out about her twin,we can actually fool her by sending some people to tell her that they know who her daughters her.


Then,we can pay some random twins money to get the job done” I suggested and took one cigarrete stick from a pack.


“mhesha,you’re so brainy and intelligent!! I heard Dylan chuckling on phone.


“okay,but what if Elsa opt out for a DNA test to confirm??? he asked.


I kept quiet and lit up my ciggerette with a lighter.


“Dylan,its common sense!!


the princesses have just one thing in common.The only thing they have in common is their waist beads.Since we have Elsa’s picture,we can buy exactly like her waist bead. With that,I’m very sure she won’t ask for a DNA text” I smirks.


“perfect.I will buy the beads tomorrow but don’t you think we will have to get rid of Nare and Nara’s beads to avoid future confusion???? he suggested.




“yes,we should.” I replied.


“so how do we get their beads???


Dylan asked,I kept quiet cuz I don’t have a single idea.





Next day





My head pounds slowly.It’s morning again.Attending lectures when am having headache will really make the day a stressful one to me because I have not still done my maths assignment.


“I don’t just know why I don’t like maths!!!!


I can’t even count the numbers of tutors that Richie employed to teach me.Instead of me to improve, I keep getting worse in maths.


“I just wish I can exchange how to write poems and paint with solving maths!!! I wished silently with both of my eyes shut.


Sluggishly,I opened the bedside drawal and brought out my timetable.


“jeezzz,maths class at 1pm” I rolled my eyeballs and slept back while saying “maths please be my best friend”.


Finally,I splint up and drag my weary body to the bathtub,I used the electric brush with little tooth gel on my teeth before I shower.


“I pray Jennie will be nice today” I muttered and came out of the bath in new underwears then I put on the newest cloth in my wardrobe since me and Nare are always wearing the same.


I brought out a pink bag and placed my notes and all what I need in it, including my drug nylon and two inhalers.


“swears,its not easy to be an asthmatic patient!!!


“I hope I won’t die soon!!


I smiled at my thoughts and went to the dining that is not too far from the kitchen.


“Good morning Aahma’ I greeted Elsa.



“morning sunshine” she flashed a smile at me.I nodded and took one apple from the dining.


“need my help?? I asked Elsa.


“no dear” she replied.


“ohk” I replied and fixed my funny mickey mouse stuff on my hair.Then I brought out my phone and started watching online movie.


I remembered I haven’t done my assignment,so i drop the phone and brought out my maths note as if I know what to write.


I followed the steps under the examples and used it to solve the given work.I know I solved nonsense. I felt bad but I just have to write it like that.


“should I dish breakfast???


Elsa asked.


“yes aahma” I replied and brought out my drug nylon.


“Aahma please pick me up by 4pm,I really want to follow you and Nare to the temple” I said to Elsa before I start eating.


“okay, princess” she replied and kept some things into my bag.




“I’m not one ma!!!!


“I’m just an ordinary dull girl” I smiled and took my drugs.


“you look like one” Elsa commended.


“thanks” I replied and stood up from the dining with my phone and bag.


“Be careful, okay” she said.


“sure” I replied and got to my car.




I reached school at exactly 12;56pm.


Just 4minutes earlier.


I fixed my mask in the car before stepping down with my bag and car key swinging in my little finger.



“wish today won’t be terrible!!!


I sighed and look around the school huge compound.


“I met Jennie’s eyes on me!!!!


“She wasn’t the only one,they were,up to six!!!


that’s why am always saying am unlucky.


Those looks interpret Jealousy and deep hatred. I over looked them because I have once lived with someone who’s more tough than them. .


I have lived with mhesha,


Mhesha and Alisha are the real monsters,I have lived with them and I didn’t die….


so,I don’t think I should be scared of them.They will only hurt but won’t kill.


I walked towards the hallway confidently like the model me and Nare had always pray to be…


“Department 0034”


I read the inscription and made an attempt to enter but some wicked hands pull me back. it was Jennie and Ivory.


“Jennie good morning!


I bowed for her.


I’m doing all this because am asthmatic.If not that am asthmatic, I know what I should have done to her.


I’m not merciful at all……


To be honest,am more wicked than mhesha….


“welcome miss asthma!


Ivory glared.


“follow us!!! Jennie commanded.


“okay” I replied.


They did wickedness by taking me to a very far place in the school even when they know my state of health.



“yes,stop!!! Jennie ordered. I stopped and bowed.


“listen to my new rules;


“On no condition must you associate yourself with anybody here because you’re just a poor commoner that doesn’t have a source….” she clicked..




“accepted” I nod.


“don’t you ever speak to anybody,if anybody tries talking to you nor sit with you,run away” she ordered.


“accepted” I nod again.


“On no condition must I see you buying anything in school” she ordered.


“Buttt….” I stammered…


I didn’t eat too much at home,I came with my credit card.


“does that mean i will starve and won’t drink water????


“Jennie can you change this particular rule???? I requested politely.


She slapped me hardly across my face.I raised my hand to slap my own back with hot tears streaming on my mask but then, I remember I have asthma…. she can just kill me here without anybody knowing.


I quickly put my hand down and played as a fool.


“always sit at the back seat” she ordered.


“aaaahhh Jennie please…..


“Do you want me to be a dullard forever???? I lamented.


Ivory slapped my second ear.


“ivory!!! I smashed,my teeth together, she slapped me again.


“accepted” I replied in tears.


“good girl” Jennie grinned and left with ivory.


I cried for a long time alone.


I’m very sure maths class will have start.


I checked time, it was 2pm.


“gaaaad,I cried for one hour!!! I lamented and took off my mask.


I cleaned my tears and wore the mask then,I start trekking to class.


The route was damn long.


but I made,it to the staircase.


“swears,I need to take,my drugs but I don’t have water and Jennie warned me not to buy anything.


“will I chew my drugs like that???


I exclaimed and lean on the stair rod.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories




I opened my bag.


“I’m so stupid for not coming with table water.I only brought straw!!!


“you see,I’m very dull!!!!!


“too dull to know book!!!


I held the drug on my right hand and the straw in my left hand, I ascend the stairs but it seemed as if am on the wrong track.


“why department 0001 instead of department 0032!!!


But wait, no one is inside this particular class,it had only one swaying chair and table with a smart board.


The inside was so beautiful!!!!!


“jeeeezzz!!! I smiled when I saw a table water on the swaying chair.


“maybe God answered my prayer” I smiled and took the table water.


“first time taking what doesn’t belong to me.God forgive me but I need to take my drug.



I entered the beautiful place and drop my bag on the table,I opened my drug nylon and the water,then I inserted the blue straw into the water.


I chewed the bitter drug then took water immediately.


“hope the owner won’t be annoyed??


I said loudly and removed my mask totally.




I heard someone close the door of that place…..


“ooohhhh nooo!!!!!


“Not Now Nara!!!!


“Jennie will kill you!!!!


I held my breath when I saw who it was.


“sooorrrr….yyyyy….I….I….I…just… use…..use my my….drugggs!!!


I starnmered with eyes closed….


I dare not open my eyes……


Jennie warned me seriously.


she said she will kill me and Nare if I should break any of her rule.


Little tears drop on my cheeks….


I closed my eyes and tried not to look at the person that I saw.












(drunk in love )



© adesola adeomowole m


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