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★Dylan’s★(at the temple).



I won’t count what I have lost because I was born with nothing. I don’t even have a rat not to talk of a horse,I don’t always have all what I wish for and that alone makes me feel less important.


The throne I relied on is not for my family,the throne belongs to Jin Jaiho the husband of Elsa Jaiho.My father is just a friend who by chance snatch the throne from Jin.


As if that was not enough,he sent them into an exile.


The only thing I don’t understand is how Elsa started working as Richie’s maid,everything just happened within a snap of a finger.


If only I can get married to one of the twins,then the throne won’t be lost. but now,I am finally losing when i ought to be winning.


This will be damn difficult!!!!!


I shrieked, while still standing in an isolated place somewhere around the temple.


Messages started buzzing into my phone,most of which are from mhesha.



Dylan are you there???


Text back!!!!!


Please widen your eyes.If you see them,text me “seen”.



Seriously,its really hard cuz many people are moving in an out of the temple,I did not even see anybody that look like Nare nor Nara.



I don’t think they will come”


I text mesha.



idiot,they will come” she texted almost immediately.



Elsa has never missed a day in that goddam temple” she added to her text.



I sigh and fixed my face on the wide entrance till I started losing hope of them coming.


I moved away from my hideout and approached my car.Just as I enter my car,I saw them.


Elsa,Nare and Nara.


Elsa’s appearance shocked me.


The Saree she wore reminded me that she’s the true queen.


“Gosh!!!! I gasped again at the earthlings beads around her wide hips.


Quietly, I step out if my car with a dark shade glass on my cute eyes.


“Aahma wait!!!


one of the twins chuckled. Elsa and the other twin stopped.


“ohh,sorry,I brought it!! she smiled, they started walking together till they got to the temple entrance.



Seen! I text m.


hunnn what are you still doing,follow then!!! m text.


I left my cat and entered the temple but I lost track.I didn’t see them again.



track lost! I text m.


Better start finding them because we really need to abduct one of them” m text.



I kept my phone and joined the mass congregation but I still couldn’t find their green lights.




“why do I have this bad feeling???


“feeling that someone is watching over!!!


“that same feelings I felt 19years ago,just immediately I gave birth to my daughters….


The feeling is damn painful but I endured and didn’t die.


I just wish my twins will survive exactly the way I had survived.


I look at the twins Richie asked me to take care off,I felt more pains.


“they can’t be!!! reality strikes me.


I look at Nara’s waist and saw exactly like my waist beads.I almost fainted but I manage to choke instead.


Those waists beads are exactly the same. I checked Nate’s waist too,it was the same.


I stylishly checked Nare’s left ankle, I saw the little tatoo,same goes to Nara.


“ohhh no!!!! I covered my face and allow my tears to pour.


“is this real!!!!! I blink back tears.


“ma’am Elsa are you acting film???


“why the cry??? Nara asked.


“nothing!!! I replied and look at their waist beads one more time.


“oooh,our beads are the same”


she shrugged while Nare kept quiet.


“Yes,its normal but the thing is that our mom is dead.I can even show you her grave.


She’s not a good mother at all!!!


She gave birth to us and die!!!!


She didn’t show us what it means to have a mother but we still love her! Nara uttered.


“You still love her???.


I asked.


“A little bit” she replied.


“why,you are suppose to love your mother a lot?? I asked.



“No,not in my case cause my mom is the cause of my asthma and heart cogentials”.


“She’s not a good mother at all”


Nara said,I cried inwardly.


“Anyway,I have forgiven her.


Me and Nare have forgiven her since”


she said.


“okay” I nodded silently but I won’t still stop looking at the little tatoo on Nare’s


left ankle….


The tattoo had the name of my husband in Hindi language…..


Hope to find my husband soon.




★Richie Miles……..


“Albert no!!


“I know am ready to go to any lenght in other to get rid of Emily Daniel’s but not this way..


“How can you of all people tell me to get close to Mhesha just to find out information about her mother’s hide out????


Even if we can always fool some of the people at all the times,do you think we can fool all of the people at all of the time????




“I would love to hear another way out.Getting close to Mhesha is absolutely outta the suggestion.


“You can…


“Richie that’s the only easy way for a smart person like you” Alberto protest.


I bite my lips and slip my feet halfly into my silver laid slippers.


“do you know that seeing that girl makes me sick” I smirks,he smiled.



“Give it a trial! he winked.


“trial???????? I gasped and plug in my headset.


“No, I can’t do a thing that will hurt Nare….” I replied.


“waooow,when did Nare become your girlfriend??? he asked.I shut my eyes halfly,recalling that I didn’t tell him about me and Nare.


“but you once said no relationship when you took her in???


Alberto asked,looking really confused.


“There’s relationship okay….no way I can get close to mhesha” I rolled my eyeballs


and walk to the smart door.


“Not now Richie!!


he stopped me by locking the door with a small remote.


“why not do this for your country???


“Like I said,it will give you more fames and it will make your competitors fear you while some might even hold you in high self esteem??? Alberto clicked.


“I have fames already,so I don’t need it again” i replied.


“do you know who Clifford Neil is???


he asked.


“I don’t want to know.Alberto let me out” I glared.


“Cliff is another competitor from Germany.Don’t you think you should get more fames by getting rid of Emily!?? he asked.


He really knows how to get me.


“I will try” I replied and threw him one if my phone,he imputed mhesha’s digit into it and handed me my phone back with a bow.


I phoned mhesha in his presence,she picked on the first ring, then I placed the call on speaker.



“who’s on the line????


her voice came up.


I felt headache just because her voice is terrible.


“Richie Miles” I replied, she kept quiet for a seconds..


Guess she’s falling for my traps already.






My heart pounds faster when I heard his voice in my ears….


I sip in my wine to be sure but hell no, its real.




“is this really Richie Miles????


I asked,really surprised.


“Can we meet?????


he asked with a voice that made my head swear.


I quickly pull the phone to my chest, no need to put it on my ears cuz I already connect it to my earplugs.


“Sure!!!! I replied with my teeth shaking already.


“will send the place we will meet”


he replied and hung up immediately.


“who’s that???


“Don’t tell me its Richie???


Alisha asked with slight jealousy.


“am ready to goooooo!!!!


“to any length oooo!! I shouted with my fake voice.


“Common tell us!! Tasha beckoned…


“well Richie ask us to meet”..I smiled.


“and is that not a trap??? Alisha asked.


“Nope,its not a trap but an opportunity to get Nare and Nara out of his mansion” I replied,smiling wildly.


“Will it work????


“Remember he’s not a fool to be fooled by a fool” Alisha signaled like she’s jealous…


“Are you not happy that he asked me to meet him???? I asked.


“aaah,noo,yes am happy!


she smiled but deep down I knew it was fake.










(drunk in love )




© adesola adeomowole. m.


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