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★Jennie’s p.o.v★



Hurts filled my lungs while hatred took over my heartless heart that is always ready to shed millions of blood.


It was even mhesha that painted me the devil that I am.


She keep asking me to make Nara miserable and I really need to get it done.



“jenny,you’re lying!!


“you’re not the girl! Scot said.


my heart flinched and then shanked into trances of oceans.


“I am” I replied,raising up that same hair band Nara wear to school. It was all a plan.I know that this is nanara favorite spot that’s why I assigned Ivory (the school bully) to act as my informant.


Jealousy made me bought the same coloring book and notes with Nara,that same jealousy make,me to always buy anything she brings or wear to school. How stupid am i????


“liar,you’re not the one!!


“do you think I would be a fool thus time around again????


Scot shouted.


His shout made me cry.


it is the first time i would hear him shout.He’s just so calm for a sweet guy. Him shouting at me simply means he will never fall in love with me again,no matter how I try.




“you ladies are lucifers!!!


“Lucifer’s that don’t care about what other people feel,Lucifer’s that eat down the depth of ones heart like a cancer!!!..


“I had write to the stars of how you gave me scars!


“I have also talk to the moon of how you’ve left me alone countless times. And then,I came to this conclusion that you’re evil!!!!


“you’re leopard that won’t change spots!!!! he shouted and flick his hairs.


I started crying.


I cried while remembering the bad things I’ve done to him.


*******flash back********


“Jennie,I’ve been observing Scot earlier” Ivory said.


“what about him??? I asked while chewing gum like a slut.



“yes,he just find out about the most talented artist.Here are some proves” ivory said and positioned her phone in my front view.


She actually videoed how Scot stole glances at Nara and its obvious he’s drunk in love at first sight.


“you see….


“Scot is probably in love!


“you know its not a good news because all your popularities will varnish into thin air.You’re just popular because of Scot” ivory said and showed some cute pictures of me and Scot together.


“you won’t be popular anymore if Scot should get another girlfriend!!! ivory said sadly.


“I know And I will do something about that” I replied.






“Scot hear me out,I am for real! I said while trying to get him by looking through his eyeballs.


I wiped my tears and rush to hug him but he pushed me back with his diamond fingered hand.


“you disgust!!! he shouted and took plastic bottle water from his guard.


he washed his hand and threw the bottle at me.


“Scot am the one!!! I shouted again, this time I am miserable.


He smiled.


The smile made my heart melt.


“do you love me??? he asked with a smirk.


“of course yes and will want to love you more and more till death part us away” I replied.


“can you do me a favour?? he softened his cute face.


.”yes yes yes” I startled three times.


“you love me right??? he said.


“yes” I giggled.


“if you really love me,them tell me who that girl really is” he asked with his eyes half closed.


He hasn’t smiled but his dimples was deep already.


“since you love me,you should be able to tell me the truth” he uttered.


I opened my mouth to speak but nothing was coming out.


My words were just superfluous and I couldn’t speak because I love Scot for s£x and money.


He’s just so hot on bed and very good in pampering ladies to a fault. I can’t afford loosing him.


“you love me,so tell me” he said.


I swallowed nothing in particular.


His cute face changed into an angry expression.


“I know you ladies are evil!!


“heart breakers!


“bone breakers!!


“money reducing agents!!!


“Jennie,just get the f**k outta my way!!! he shouted.


I dare not look into his face nor disobey.


I pack myself to one side and watch him walk away with his white hair flying.


“ohhhh noo!!!


“I lost him!!!!!!!!!!






“Now,you will give your last breath!


the assumed villain pointed a gun to my forehead with her index finger placed on the trigger.


“stop this sick games!!!


“I didn’t do anything bad,


“all I did was to grow and glow” I uttered to the idiot that was holding gun.


“tell it to the gods.


“am really ready to see your mother cry for you and your wealth varnishing into thin air!! she blurts out and positioned her gun well.


I became scared but I didn’t show it out because I’ve never fought with someone holding a gun.


“look here!!! she said and slowly press the trigger.


Something pull me away from where I was standing, it was a very soft touch.


The bullet hit one of the masked instead of me.


The next thing I saw was that the gun fly out of the villain hand…..




I gasped in confusion as I watch Nanare handling the gun.


“how come???


“how did she do it and where was she hiding?????


confusion filled my memory.


Now,nanare’s hair was now unpacked. Everything was just covering her face,the longness made the villain confused.


“never seen such a great skill!


“nice work!!!


one of the male masked smirks at Nanare’s red lips.


I was jealous but I had to hold myself.


“Nanare……..!!!! I called her name.


“sshhhhhh!!!! she silenced with her long finger on my lips.


“who are you???


“what are you??


“where do you come from??


“where are you going to??



the wicked soul asked and signalled her fellow wickeder soul to surround the both of u


In a swift,they did.


Nanare was holding me and I wasn’t leaving her either.


“have been with the Miles for quiet long and have known their heirs always have the best female as girlfriend.


“Richie Miles, I must say you have a good taste for females…..


“she’s not bad…..


“she’s really pretty and smarter than your dumb mother that is just beautiful


without brain……


but look here, you’re both gonna die!!


she shrieked.


“stupid idiot what are you talking about???? I smirks…..


she pulled out another gun!!!!!


“sir Richie,I thought you said you can fight?????


“didn’t you fight 40assasins without swords?????


“fight for us?????


Nanare whispered.


“just keep quiet and don’t leave me” I replied, she smiled.


“what type of girl is she hunnn???


“she’s smiling when we are in danger!














(drunk in love )



© adesola adeomowole m



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