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“Sir Richie,Nare can’t do such a thing! I said.He just stuck his tongue out and left the midst of his guards without uttering a single word. I followed him till we got to his room.


I couldn’t even enter.


All I did was just to stare at such an enchanting sight.So wide and expensively furnished with professionals paintings that really look like wallpaper.My eyes drifted to the floors,it was coated with tiny gem stones that shine little lights.


on one side on the floor was a painting of nanare putting on a queen dress costume.


I already feel like sleeping when my eyes saw the size of his bed that had ten different colored laptops on it and the air conditioner was pretty piercing into my skin pores.


The section opposite his bed,just far enough from it was a door that is halfly opened,it had a cool water floor that is blue in color. just cute and perfect.




“call Elsa” HE ordered.


“she’s here already” I replied.


he nodded and took off his cap,making his white hair to fall on his face.


“Elsa please turn on that”.


he pointed to a flat screen that was plastered up in the room.


“okay” she bowed and put it on.



The screen showed all what happened in the mansion today…but it didn’t show how nanare got lost.


“turn it off” Richie said,Elsa quickly turn it off by pressing a red button on the remote.


“my question now Is who remove the tracking device from Nare’s hair??? he asked,looking at Elsa.


“no,its not me”.I. and Elsa said at the same time.


“we don’t even understand what you mean by a tracking device???I. said.


“this is a tracking device” he brought out one from his pocket,then arch his cute brows.


“no,I didn’t even see anything like that on her hair when we were eating this morning” I said..


“who comb your hairs??? he asked.


“it was Elsa that combed me and Nare’s hair” I replied.


He stood up and touched my hair,guess he didn’t see something like that in my hair.


“Elsa did you remove this from their hair?? he asked.


“No sir” Elsa bowed..


“you must be kidding” he said and turn on the CCTV again.


“see,you removed it mistakenly while combing their hair.It fell off and you didn’t notice” Richie said,Elsa kept quiet.


“jeeeeezzz, it will be damn difficult to find her” Richie said and took a car key from the multiples that are on his shelves.


He walked out of his room,Elsa and I followed.


“Sir Richie, I’m sorry,I didn’t know.Its all my fault” Elsa bowed.


“no,its okay….is it not a mistake….


we are sure going to find her” he said. he’s just so nice for a human.


I’m not even kind to this level.


Right now,I’m still pitying that Jennie of a bitch.its not yet the right time to break her wings.


we got into the car with the guards, it was Richie’s car that drive out first, then the car that me and Elsa are in followed,then a black limo moved behind us.








if wishes were horses,beggers like mhesha would ride.I’m not really the kind girl but sometimes,one needs to be calm. Definitely, I will deal with her but not this way,even when I have always pray that she would change some days but instead,she keep getting worst.


She keeps ruining more lives,


She keeps destroying more homes just like history said her mother did.


She doesn’t like seeing people succeed, all what she likes is their failure. Seeing people fail makes her happy while tears is her favorite sport.


“I just wish I wasn’t born into this world” I muttered and leaned against the door.


Again,I started banging the dooor.


“is anyone there??? I heard someone asking from the exterior view.


that voice sounded like kd.


“omg,is that really kd!!!!


I banged the door more heavily again.


“is anyone there?? he asked again.


“yes,please can you help me get out of here?? I asked.


“who are you and how did you get in?? he asked.


I slam my forehead,he won’t help me if I should tell him am Nanare..


“are you there??? he asked.


I composed my self.


‘yes,am Na……”


I stopped when I noticed that am almost saying nanare.


“Na…..what??? he asked.


I rolled my eyeballs,thinking if another name that start with na”.


“is it Nanare…. I won’t help if she’s the one”. he said.


“No,am Natasha” I lied.




“is it mhesha’s friend?? he asked again.


“no,am Natasha Indu” I lied again.


“well,I don’t help people with the name Natasha” he said.


“please” I pleaded.


“nope” he replied and started walking away.I can hear his footsteps moving.


“Kelvin Diamonds wait!!!! I shouted with the voice I was born with.


he stopped moving.


“guess someone know my name?? he said.


“yeas,its Nanare, kd please help” I said while still hitting the door.




“I should help the lady that defeated me in fight,the first lady that slapped me” he giggled.


“let me start by asking this, who lock you up?? he asked.


“kd please” I begged.


“that’s not what I asked” he cautioned.


“it was Dylan and mhesha” I said, he chuckled.


“so what will you do for me if I get you out??? he asked,I keep quiet.


“speak up” he said..


“anything you want” I replied stupidly.


“I want your body” he said, making my heart to shank.


“deal or no deal?? he asked.


“can you ask for another thing?? I requested.


“nope,I want your body” he said..


“sorry, I can’t give that. its the dignity I have to protect for the,one who truly loves me” I replied and leaned in the door…


“then die there” he replied.


I shut my eyes while resting on the door.


Suddenly,the door open,making me to fall forward because my body was resting on the door..


“be careful” kd said and grabbed me by my waist just before I could fall.


I was really shocked that he help me out.


“thank you” I said,still shocked.


Did kd really help me????


I watch him as he step to my back, he pack my scattered hair up into a high bun.I was even surprised that he was able to roll the hair as long as it was.


“why is he acting caring???


“your hand??? he requested.


I look at his face then back to his hand,then his chest.I’m trynna figure out his mind so that I won’t be a victim of evil act.


“am a friend and not a stranger” he snapped out.


“nooooo,don’t touch me” I said,shielding my flawless skin from him.


“but I just help you! he said.


I started moving backwards.


Did not even know that there was a stone behind me,I hit my foot with it and flinch backwards.


“I know Richie taught you how to be stubborn” he said and caught my wrist.


“I don’t mean any harm,am now a friend” he said and took me beside him.


“so mhesha didn’t allow you write your exams??? he asked.


I ggasped “yes”,feeling a little bit scared of the tattoo on his left wrist.


“how about you writing it now??


he asked.


I smiled,thinking if this is the kd that I know.


he look me in the face and my lips but controlled himself a little bit.


“so we are friends” he said.


“yes” i smiled.


he took me to the admin manager office and asked for my pass card, I dropped my bag and opened my pink purse.


“I can help” he uttered and took my bag.


“Nanare Miles” the admin manager said.


“yes” I nodded and sat on one of the swaying chair while kd help me on holding my bag.


Swears,I owe kd a lot.


I turn on the system and started writing the exams. Soon,my time was up.I didn’t even finish the questions.


“give her 30more minutes” kd said.


“noted sir” the admin replied and increasedy time.



Finally,I was done. I clicked on the green button that had “submit” inscribed on it.Then,I stood up.


“thank you” I said to the admin and went out with kd.


“kelvin,thank you” I said and collected my bag from him.


“you’re going in the rain” he arch both brows.


“yeas,thank you” I said.


“come back,am not accepting thank you” he said.


“what do you want?? I asked.


He brought his face down with little tears clinging to it.He raised it up and look into my eyes.


“can you get me and Richie back?? he asked and kissed my forehead.


“just do it for me,I respect you a lot” he said.


Just then,I saw Richie with Nara watching me and kd like that.


“gosh,even Elsa was there!!!

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