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★Emily Daniels (mhesha’s mum)



Now,I think I don’t have a heart because if I have one,all thud sad emotions will stop and move in it’s own.


Well,I know Richie Miles doesn’t know what’s going on with me, but this time, am back as Emily Daniel’s version2!!


Forgiveness will never and has never fill my soul,my eyes didn’t allow me to see that those I once hurt are human beings because am a beast.


“I don’t care cuz beasts don’t care!


“I Emily Daniel’s must surely get what I want.if am not smart enough to get the father,then I should be able to get his son.


Again,I glance at the pretty girl beside him,a deadly smirk just escape my mouth.


She’s so pretty and have those cute lips you would want to pity.


No wonder mhesha cried on my shoulder that I should help in the little way that I can.


I stared at her and deeply felt like shooting her.Just as I thought,I positioned my gun on her leg and was about pulling the trigger when one of my armed men shouted.


“ma,let’s get out of here!!!


“our projector is beeping red already cuz securities are coming nearer” he shouted.I drop my gun and glared at Richie and the young lady.


“you’re lucky today,I bet you won’t escape the next one,I have been in this business for good 27years!!! I glared before leaving with my guards. ***********”****


Within few hours,we got into my residence.The same hidden place have been staying ever since Severn and beauty Dana shamed me publicly.


By chance,I dated some random politicians and was able to dupe 10 of them.. I toyed with their inheritance and changed their properties into my name.I gave birth to mhesha as a result of me sleeping with several men’s, I can’t even tell who mhesha’s dad really is.


.The depression alone keeps making me want to get revenge,on what I started.


“mom,how did it go???


“did you find them together???


“Did you shoot the poor commoner??


Mhesha bombarded me with texts as I drive into my secret hideout.


Severn miles mustn’t know that am still alive,if he knows,am sure gonna be dead.


“mom please teeeeeexxxxxxttt”


mhesha sent another message.


“couldn’t do anything, could not hurt anyone because he called securities” i texted my curious daughter.




“Mom but this was well planed by Dylan, how did you miss it????? She texted.



can’t text anymore,bye till then” i texted back then I switch off my phone.


I drop it on the phone stand and made my way to the shower, few minutes later,I step out with a clean towel on my body while I used my right hand to spray dye my wet hair.


.After that,I pick up my bed side land line and placed a call through Clara.


Clara my maid cause I really need a hot s£x.


“Clara which of the guys is available?.I asked.


“hmmmm Anthony” she replied with respect.


“tell him to come” I said and hung up.




A knock was heard on my door.


Guess its Anthony.


“come in” I said.


He came in shirtless,he was just on a black jean with his hairs spiky.


“let it be super hot.I’m paying” I said and loosened my towel to reveal my nakedness and the waist chain that I had on.


“sure ma’am” he bowed and walk close to me with his cork grinding against my laps.


“I’m so gonna enjoy” I uttered and unbuckle his belt as he lift me to the bed like a baby.


I opened my legs widely even when am old enough to be his mum.


He is 23years while I’m 43years….


Age doesn’t really matter,what matters most is the pleasure I would derive.


He trust into my pu**y after licking it with his tongue….


I moaned softly at first..but it later changed into a wild one because he was ridding me pretty faster than my age.


We did 6more rounds… .


After that,we slept on each others arms.






“my mom didn’t get her.Richie outsmarted her by calling securities!!


“Jenny was so foolish by allowing Scot to see Nara!!!!


“Dylan, is our plan not ruined”


mhesha wept..


“enchanted is in one month time”


“what are we going to do????


she asked then she wipe her tears with the back of her,palm before adjusting her transparent night gown.


“there’s virtually nothing to say because am also deeply hurt.


If Nanare and nanara should be recognized, then my family throne will disappear!!!!


I said with hurt revealing with the way I speak.


“what do you mean???


Jennie asked.


“there is a woman known as Elsa Twinkle Jaiho…..her husband’s name is Jin Jaiho.


Jin Jaiho and my father are just friends but the throne belongs to Jin and not my father…..


my father outsmarted Jin by snatching the throne away from him then he sent Elsa and Jin into exile.


We didn’t know that Elsa gave birth before she left into exile…


No one knew that she gave birth to twins..


Elsa and Jin were sold into slavery but now,am hearing rumors that Jin is alive……


Some said he isn’t poor anymore while some said He’s stinkingly rich but he had a memory loss!!!!!


Now,this is it…..


Jin mustn’t recollect anything and Nare and Nara,mustn’t be recognized!


But the worst part is that Elsa is also a maid in enchanted mansion but she doesn’t know that Nare and Nara are her daughters” I exclaimed.


“okay wait,am confused!!!!


“how did you know Nara and Nare???


Jenny asked..



“I did not even know that they are twins because no one knows that Elsa gave birth….it was Elsa’s closest friend that revealed the secret!!! I met Nanare once because she rarely come outside.


That day I saw her,I fell in love deeply just as the sail will turn the sea….


“yes,I was the one that bought the twins as slaves???? mhesha said crazily..


“you bought them as slaves then why did you allow Richie take them away??? I puffed out air.


“Dylan don’t blame me,he outsmarted me by tearing the evidence!!!!!! mhesha


scream out tears…..




★ Richie Miles★


“yes,I did it!!!!


“Richie,I must tell the whole,people in the mansion.


“Nanare the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Richie the loooooooseeeer!!!!


Nanare whistled as we got into the mansion.


“seriously,I can fight!!!


“its just that I don’t like fighting people that are wearing black” I said.


She smiled and said “liar”.


“okay,I accept!!!


“Nanare the winner,Richie the loser” I replied, she smiled the more like she’s deriving pleasure from the word “winner”.


“say it again???? she orders.


“Nanare why so childish???


I smirks……



“you don’t know how it feels to be a winner.. it makes one feels in top of the world” she smiled.


“we are both winners!!! I rolled my eyeballs.




“You know its only losers that beg and I can actually make you beg” she said.I made a lopsided smile.


“am a soon to be president, I can’t actually beg.I get whatever I want with a snap of my finger” I replied.


“really!!!!! she exclaimed and I wonder why.Anyway,I concentrated on my laptop…


She went out of my room and didn’t come back again.


Three hours later,I was done checking my mails and I confirmed some necessary transactions. I have not really tell anybody what happened today and will do that tomorrow.


I closed my laptop and wore a white overall royal robe before getting into the bed.


“is Nanare not coming???? I bite my lower lips and stood up lazily to her room..


I knocked but got no response,so I just open the door.


“holy crab???????


I mutters and closed my eyes immediately. The night gown was damn transparent plus it was pink in colour.


She was braless…….


The duvet wasn’t covering her..


The night gown was damn short!!!!!


I closed my eyes again….


I opened it and it landed on her wide,hips.Thank goodness it was covered.


I was tempted to carry her straight to my bed but I held my self.


I would rather steal a kiss and return to my room.



I sat on her bed and kissed her forehead, then I moved my lips to her lips…it was damn red,just the way I wanted.


I was about kissing her when those cute eyes of hers cracked open.


“Sir Richie, if you can’t beg,there won’t be any kiss” she retorts.


“Ohhh please and may I” I said….


She smiled that same victory smile, then I realized that I just begged her.


“holy shit!!!!!!!


“Nanare why??????














(drunk in love )



© adesola adeomowole m


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