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“so what do we do??? I faced Dylan who had his face down.


“yes,we need to do something fast because we are in this together” he replied.


“so difficult.Anyways, I got your back” Alisha chirped in.


“why didn’t you get Richie’s treasure room key in the first instance??? “is it difficult to get or what??? I asked,he scoffed.


“its not east at all” he replied.



“yeah,I know.


“For,me,Nare is not a problem,I can handle her because I know her weak points.She hates insults and embarrassment, I can actually threaten her with that.All you have to do is just to keep an eye,on Richie”


we really need to get that idiot out of enchanted mansion within two weeks” I said. Dylan nodded with a lopsided smile and left our villa to his car that was parked in our parking lots.


Immediately he left,I felt the urge to order someone around.




“where are you????


I rants,she banged into the living room and kneel down beside my feet like she would worship them.


“get the f**k!! I rolled my eyeballs,she stoop up immediately.


“I need some cookies,smoothies,chocolates,ice cream,chewing gums,milk shake,burger,sweets,candy,biscuit, peanut butter and a little of chirps” I ordered,knowing fully well that she can’t remember all what I said.


“okay ma’am” she bowed and left.


“you have 4minutes” I added,she rushed out. I took the remote and turn on the television that was plastered on the wall and started watching my favorite fashion show pending the time that gangaa will be back.


Gangaa finally brought them in a large tray and drop it on the low classy table in front of me.


“where’s the fruit juice???


I asked,knowing fully well that I didn’t ask her to bring fruit juice.


She kept quiet with a bow.


“you didn’t bring jam doughnut??? I asked and push my fake hair backwards.




“Mhesha you didn’t….. you didn’t….assssssk” she starmmered, I shot her a glare


that made her keep quiet.


“Chirps!!! I called and stretched my neat hand forward.


“it’s here….” she said.


“don’t spit into it” I scorned.


She shivered and place the small plate of chirps on my hand.


I took two pieces out of it and throw it into my mouth before crushing it slowly with my teeth.


I spit out on her face immediately.


“what the heck gangaa???? I rants.


“what happen again? Tasha said and took some of the piece of chirps into her mouth.


“horrible!! she remarked and spit it out on gangaa’s body too.


“why is it so salty and soft????


“chirps are meant to be crunchy and spicy” i speak fast in a clear ascent that she can never understand.


“mhesha,I can’t hear you clearly” she replied.


“how will you hear???


“You disgust!!! I rolledd my lashes at her.


“sorry” she bowed and took the tray away from my presence.


“so local” I muttered and grabbed the landline beside me,I ordered for the things I need.


After about 30minute,my order arrived. Tasha got it for me and place it on that same low table.


She took the wine beside Alisha and pour some quantity into a glass.


“tag me! I pout.


she smiled and passed me the glass of wine.


I started sipping in the wine with my gaze fixed on the fashion show.


Just then,seesha descend down the stairs with earpiece plugged into her ears.


“Mhesha is your exam not starting today??? she asked.


“what’s your business with that???


I remarked.


“I’m just asking you because I’ve not see you reading.Do you think this exam is like those one’s we usually pay educators to help us pass???


“swears,if you fail this particular exam,no way you’re going to become a worldwide known model” Seesha blurts out.


“I’m known already.


“everyone knows me” I replied her in a proud way.


“what’s your business??? Tasha protested.


“you can ask her again” Alisha replied while I drank all my wine at once.




“your exam is in the next 2hours and you’re drinking like this.You’re even sniffing drugs!! seeaha retorts.


“stop the sermons” I seethed and stood away from where I sat.


I staggered to my room and slump my dizzy body unto my soft bed,making sure that I hug my teddy tight.


I call the teddy “Richie”


“how stupid am I?????


“Richie kiss,me” I said and slam my lips on the Teddy’s pink nose.


I slept for one hour with my hair shattered all over my back.


“gosh!!! I said from sleep and made my way to the shower,I had a clean bath and step of my bathroom that had water floor stack naked.


I brought out my cream and rubbed it all over my body.Just because of that cream,my beauty is able to stand out a little.



I dress up into a white bumber short, a white sneekers,short black top with the white cardigan I bought from Tiffany.


I did makeup and then sprayed my hair light pink.


that colour made me look wild.


“I’m forgetting something!!!


“yeah,my seat number and mask.


“seat number “3”!


“why 3??? I shrugged and keep the pass,card in my empty purple bag.


I took my phone and purse and joined my guards who are waiting for me already in the car.


I put on my mask as they drove straight to the examination venue.


I’m just going there for going sake because my mom already paid the founder of the institution money to help me with my results.


We got to the examination venue, it looks classy.I can tell it that only the rich’s and the royals are allowed to get enrolled.


My guards stood outside beside my car while I enter the venue alone.


I got into the elevator,


it quickly open into a long and wide hall.


It was waooow”


The seats looks extremely furnished. it even had some tiny gems adhere to its arms.


“Masks are not allowed” the projector flash a warning light on my face..


I took off my mask.


With that,my crazy fans saw me and started shouting my name on a low tone.


My pride didn’t allow me say thank you and so they got shunned by my silence.


i sat on my seat and was pressing phone.Its not time to start,so no one can stop me from pressing my phone.


Everywhere was quiet.


Most of them had their gazes fixed on me but I care less.







“good morning ma”


Nara greeted me while pulling out a chair from the dinning.


Her looks really got me.


“good morning ma” she greeted again.


“good morning Nara,you look good”


I complemented.


“thank you ma” she replied and took her phone from her bag.


I don’t think she and Nare can be my daughters, they are just too beautiful to be mine.


“is Nare coming??? I asked.


“yeah,she have exams today.She’s almost done dressing up” she replied,still on phone.


“okay” I nod and command the other maids to set the dinning while I go get Nare.


I got to her room and enter without knocking,she was backing the door while looking for something.


I close the door, she turned back.


Her appearance made me wonder who she really is!.


Because all my life,I have never seen someone as spotless as her.


How can a person’s hair be as long as this????


“I don’t think she belong to this world,her appearance looked like a goddess own and I doubt it if she’s one of them.


“looking for something”


I said and tried to fight back the tears in my eyes as I watch her red lips that stick firmly like they’ve never been kissed before even when she had been kissed severally by Richie.


“yes,am looking for my pass card,its yellow in color” she said to me innocently.


“where did you keep it?? I asked because it looks like she’s running out of time.



We started searching her room.


“is it this one?? I raised up a yellow card to her face.


“yes,I’m sitting on seat number “2” she seemed and slip the yellow card into her bag.


She dump her phone into it and wore a fansy glass on her face.


She amaze me.


Everything about her and Nara makes me think about the person that gives birth to “beautifulness”….


“who can their mother be????


“ma’am, am late” she said.


“sorry” I replied because I was standing at the door.


She ran out of the room to the 2nd floor,a place opposite the kitchen.


She sat close to Nara who had almost finish her food.


She joined in eating till they are done.


“I wish you would be my daughters but I know you can’t be mine” I said, they turn back.


“ma’am,who are you talking to???


Nara asked.


“oops,no one” I lied.


She smiled back at Nare.


“almighty please protect my twins” I said absent mindedly again.


Nare and Nara turned and look at me.


“ma’am are you feeling well??


Nare asked while Nara arch her brows.


“yes,am having slight headache” I lied.


“sorry” Nara retorts.


just then,Roshni came in.Nare stood up and adjusted her bag belt



“can i see your pass card?? roshni requested.


“sure” she gasped and showed her the yellow card.


“omg,you’re sitting beside mhesha, hope you won’t get tensed up??.


“I will try….


“its an examination hall,she won’t try something stupid and besides,am going to pretend as if I don’t know her” Nare replied.


“oops,okay….we are good to go”


roshni said and tuck nares hair behind her hair.


They went out together to one of Richie’s car.




“Nare,please becareful,mhesha is horrible,she can do and undo” Roshni said into my ears in the car.


“I know” i replied with a dauntless heart.


“don’t look at her,just pretend as if she doesn’t exist,okay” she whispered again.


“yes” I blinked my lashes.


“well,there’s nothing to be scared of because Richie’s securities are here” she said,I closed my eyes halfly,not wanting to remember those bad horrible things mhesha did to me and Nara.


“You’re scared right??? roshni asked.


“Nope,i just remember something” I smiled it away.


“hope this will turn out good!


I muttered inwardly and step out of the car.Securities won’t be allowed in, so Richie’s guards stood outside waiting for me alongside with roshni.


I decide to take a short route because I’ve come here once with shantel and roshni.


I took the short route and took off the fansy glass that I had on.



I was almost getting to the elevator when some pair of hands touch my flawless


skin in such a way that I got hurt.




who could it be??????












(I know U can’t be mine )




© adesola adeomowole


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