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“Richie!!!! she shouted and held back my clothe with her fingers almost digging into my skin pores.


“Nanare,what’s all these??


I said,she tightened her hold on me like she wouldn’t let go.



“Nanare” I called,she held my clothe more tight.


“I say bend down big head” she ordered.


“for what?? I asked.


“just do it!!


“sir Richie,do it!! she almost shouted and then she dragged me down beside her.


I was confused but at least,I obeyed her.


“Nanare,what’s all this for??? I asked in a confused manner.




“yes,I just saw some people in blacks, am very sure they must have hide else where.Gosh Richie see what you caused” she mouthed.


“what did I cause?? I arch both brows


“your jealousy caused this???


she rolled her eyeballs.


“I’m not,its you” I snapped back.


“I see….


“jealous,over-possessive Richie! she smirks and held my wrist more tight.


“wait,why are you holding the jealous and over protective Richie?? I smiled.




“do you want me to die of fear??


“what if those people come pointing guns at me?.. she sneered.I held my laughter and smiled lowly with both my lashes flapped together.


“you can’t fight!!! I mocked,she frowned.


“can you fight also?? she retorts.


‘sure,why won’t I know how to fight.Am a soon to be president so I can fight more than everybody in this world. Don’t you know I once killed thirty assassins without no weapon when I was 18years???


Nare,don’t try me at all” I smirks, she chuckled.


“Richie the great!!! she laughed and it was more of a mock.


“yeah,it was Massey that thought me how to fight”I said,she laughed faintly till her dimples couldn’t go deeper anymore.


“the very first day I saw you,I knew it that you’re going to be a good fighter, so am not suprised” she said.


“yeah,I am Richie the great!! I replied.




“let’s stop talking,we are in danger” she cautioned. I brought out my phone and called more securities.


“but you said you can fight???


“you can fight so why are you calling more securities??? “Securities, not even security??? she caught me off guarded.


“I’m calling them so that they can bring a car,or do you want us to trek home??? I uttered.


she smiled “no go ahead,call securities” she said and slip her hand away from my hand.


I move a little bit away from her and placed a call,making sure that I connect it to my ear pub.



pat, I need 400guards,you can use the tracker to trail where I am” I said into my mouth piece before hunging up on the call.

I turned sideways to look at Nare,she wasn’t there anymore.


Big bangs started recomposing in my memory.


My girlfriend isn’t there anymore!!!


“where did Nare go to???


I shouted.Just then,I felt some presences behind me,I turned in a swift,it was four masked faces all claded in blacks.


Only one of them has a gun while the remaining were just unarmed.


I looked at the gun pointed towards me and confirmed it as a real gun and observed the trigger closely.


“who sent you???


I asked with superiority in my voice.


Then,I felt another set of people behind my back.


Now,I had been surrounded by 14 in total and they are all in blacks but the good thing is that am putting on white.


“who sent you ???? I asked with creepiness and darkness mixing in my voice.


“you don’t need to ask that!!!


“are you not the next president??


“the only one whose name has enter the golden book of India 40different times,the one whose wealth had broken universal record!!!!!


“you’re the only one whom India approved what we call “up most superiority” to!!!!!


“why are you so strong headed just like Severn Miles!!!!


one of them started blabbing.


With the way she speaks,I knew it that she’s a female.


An adult female to be precised.


“what has gotten into you??


“are you jealous and is that why you’re after me??


“am I the cause of your misfortune or did I tell lord-lashkmi(goddess of wealth and beauty) not to make you rich ad I am???


I asked rudely,not minding the age difference between us.


For a seconds, she kept quiet.


I’m very sure she’s shocked at what I said to her.


“how dare you????


“Richie Jophiel Miles!!!!



“how dare you talk to me in that manner?,your mother dare not talk to me in this rude manner not to talk of you this spoilt brat!!!!! She rants.




I puffed out waow.


she knows my middle name. Not many people name know me by that but she knows me with that.


She must be a close person.


“you will be so dead today???? she snapped and brought out a gun….


the goddam gun was pointed to my forehead.


“well now,am here to kill you so that ENCHANTED won’t be performed on stage because if it should show on stage,you’re gonna be ranked as the most handsome and wealthy person that has ever ruled India”.


“now,you will give your last breathe!!!






“gosh!!!!! I puffed out.


“sir should I call the doctor???


“bring your drugs!!!


“make tea!


“make coffee!


“cuz your body is cold even when you’re wearing sweet sweaters”


my maid muttered behind me.


“I’m fine.Just get my car key and two of my phones” I ordered simply.


That girl is really affecting my memory and she’s just so difficult to forget.


She looks like my dead brother.


She looks innocent like him,her voice is calm and always shaking like samilel’s own.


The only difference is that she’s dull and childish but Samiel is smart and matured.



“sir,where are you going???


one of my guards asked.


“my special place in school” I replied..


“ooh,should I come along?? he bowed.


“if you like” I replied simply.


He smiled and followed me to my car.


“let me drive” he said.


“nope,my hand is working” I chuckled and sat at the drivers seat.


“I don’t think someone will be there in school cuz its 7:49pm already” he cautioned.


“let’s try” I replied. and parked carefully outside the gate.


I step down and rushed into the school, straight away to the place I met that baby doll girl earlier.


“I know I will be broken again! I uttered, knowing fully well that she won’t be there.


I got there…..


she was there. I smiled and descended down the stairs till I was three steps away from her.


“hey” I called softly.


“hello Scot, I miss you and that’s why am waiting here” she replied and stood up.


“holy shit!!!!


“it was Jennie and not her!




“I know you will come if I say am sick” she smiled.


“holy crab!!!! I clenched my fist, so I won’t go into comma for seeing this Lucifer breed.



“See Scot, am sorry!


“I want us together again.I didn’t wait that time I saw you,I just run away after drinking water because I know how much have hurt you.You should be a able to figure out how much I want us back.I am the masked girl you’ve been seeing all this while” Jennie said.


“I am now damn confused!!!!


“you’re not the one,liar” I glared.


“Scot, am the one!!! she started crying. Then she brought out the colouring book,the maths note and the inhaler I saw with the girl.


I am damn confused!!!!




“jenny!!!! I shouted.


“swears,I am the one” she said.


Again,that sharp image appeared iny memory.


That girl looks tiny with wide hips,


She looks fragile and her skin seemed soft and spotless,she will actually pass by for a queen.


She was wearing pink all through, her bag was pink,her books were pink,even the childish mickey mouse stuff on her head had a pink hair band.


“I’m the one scott!! Jennie snapped.


“can’t you see???


she said and raised up that pink book and white inhaler.


This is my hair band too!!!


she brought it out too.


“soory for not telling you,am asthmatic and am the girl” she started crying.


I’m damn confused…..


is my eyes playing me?????


That girl was more beautiful and curvy than Jennie!!!


“confusion all the way”


I look into Jennie’s eyes.


“sorry” she whispered.


I shut my eyes.


swears,am still confused.












(drunk in love )



© adesola adeomowole m


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