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I still shut my eyes tightly,wondering why he did so and why his hands is still


touching that big place.


“why that big place???


I blink my eyes shakingly,not wanting to open it.


Seconds pass by,he is still holding there.


“Richie what are you doing to me??


“should I open my eyes?? I asked but his hands is still there.


“should I open it,am tired of closing it” I muttered.


“open it” he said.


I smiled faintly and open my crystal clear eyes.


He came to my back and removed my hair warmer away from my hair, making sure that my pure black hair fall on my big hips.


“I can actually make hair” he said while funding my hair.


“hun,when did you learn it? I asked because I know that he’s just trying to make him stay in his room.


“I learnt hair from Massey when I was 10years old” he said,I smiled,he’s really lying.


“That’s good but am not in the mood of plaiting my hair” I said.


“Why don’t you try it,I really can plait hair” he said.


“waaaaaatt,am not interested.


Plaiting her use to pain me,I would rather leave it like this plus its too long to be plaited” I said.


“no way,I’m gonna plait this hair”


he said in a sweet voice and then carried me to his bed.He joined me on the bed and brought out cutting comb from his jean pocket.




“has he been planning on making my hair???….


“He’s really funny.


“my fingers doesn’t pain,it will only make you sleep” he boasted.


“Rich, you can’t plait long hair like this,its too long for your hand” I said.


He smiled widely like he will get an award for touching my hair.


“I can handle hair like this….


“I’ve once plait Paula’s hair” he replied and dip the cutting comb into my hair.


“you plait Paula’s hair?? I asked,surprised.


“yeah,I’ve plait Rita’s own too.You know Paula and Rita are twins.I do plait their hairs” he blurts out.


I felt relaxed.At least he’s not faking it that he can plait hair.


I took one of the pillow and use it to cover my laps,he coughed playfully and remove the pillow away from my laps.


“You’re making my eye not to work my covering your laps” he said and started plaiting the hair.


It did not even look as if he know how to plait hair.


“Richie,it’d taking you much time to plait just one.What’s happening?? I asked. “it will bevslow.You know your hair is long,you can’t expect me to be fast with it” he replied.


I keep calm and waited for another 30minutes,he has not still plait any.


is he lying or what????


I squeaze my face and touch where his hand is on my hair,he has not plait anything.


“Not even a single one!!


“Richie,you’ve still not plait anything,why???? I asked.


“Nanarw,are you sure you won’t toy with my heart because I feel like you get more beautiful each passing seconds” he smirks in a tone that shows seriousness, then he removed his hands from my hair.


I keep quiet,not knowing what to say.


“answer me” he said and sat beside the space that I sat on in such avwat that his head was resting on my laps,almost close to my hips.


“what did you ask??? I asked back, pretending that I did not hear what he asked me.


“you heard what I said,so answer” he caught my silly pranks and stared deeply into my eye.


I look away shyly and use a pillow to cover my face.


“why putting that pillow on your face?? he asked and collect the pillow from my hand.


“why is my love for you so deep and different. Did you use charm on me? he asked in a very serious manner that made me stop laughing.


“No,I didn’t….i….didn’t…..use”


he smiled and rolled on my laps,after that he kissed tommy then touch the beads on my waist with his fingers.


He used the tip of his finger to count my twelve beads.


“where did you get this beads?? he asked with his hands wrapped on my hips.


“my grandma…..


“that was the last thing she wear for me and Nara before we got trapped into slavery and she warned us never to remove it” I said,he coughed playfully.



“are you scared am going to remove it?.Well,am removing it now! he said and sent his fingers to the base of my waist.


As he did that,cool breeze blew into the open window,making the cutting to shoot out,it looks like it’s going to rain.I can see the outside getting dark through the window.


“Richie,its going to rain,let me putbyhe windows in lock” I uttered and make him not to remove those twelve beads from my waist.


I stood up,he stood also and cast me a glare I can’t fully interpret.


I got to the window and place them in lock one after the other till the curtains stop blowing out.


“gaaad,how do I get out of Richie’s room????


I said to myself inwardly.


“you’re done so come back to bed” he caught me again.


“okay” I swallow the lump in my throat and went to join him in bed.


“I still want to remove those beads on your waist” he pouted and started removing them before I could think of saying anything.


Within a swift,he has remove them,he lay them on his bed.


“they look expensive” he said while admiring the small light that is coming from the white bead.


“where did your your grandma get this? he asked.


“I don’t know” I shrugged,not wanting to tell him the secret behind those beads.


“and you’re wearing it???


“you don’t want to tell me right?? he raised his cute brows up.


“No…..those beads are my mother last inheritance…. that’s the gift she bought


before giving birth to us, when she gave birth to us,she died.. but those beads were already with granny, so she usually wear it for us.



“that’s why we mustn’t remove it” I smiled,not wanting to cry for my dead mother. I just wish I saw her before she died but hell no,have never seen my mom….but granny said she’s very caring for a mother!.


Richie was still staring at those beads.After a while,he stop and wear it back on my waist till they stood firmly on my hips.




★Richie Miles★



Nothing is worth more than my head on her laps,it just feels do sweet having her as my girlfriend.


I wear her beads on her waist and tried to control my eyes to stop looking at her wide hips.Its so tempting.that I have to close my eyes while wearing back the waist beads.


“this girl won’t kill me with hotness” I click my lips and opebed the bedroom drawer,I brought out two enchanted live drama script and handed her one for memorization.


“are we going to practice today? she asked.


“yes” I replied with my eyes halfly closed.How stupid am I??.


if i should open my eyes,I will start looking at her….


“Richie you’re a bad boy!


I took my lips in and look into my own lines.


“should we practice here or in the studio? I asked,praying she will say here.


“here” she said,just as I had wished.


“okay,one minute to memorize what’s in the paper” I gave orders,she started memorizing her own but me,I was busy staring at the way she moves her lips.


“one minute passed” she said and took the paper from my hand,she keep them under the pillow.


I got myself and realize that I didn’t actually memorize anything.


“Say your lines first” she pointed out.



I blinked my lashes and pushed her into my arms on the bed with my hands wrapped all over her..


it really feels so good being her boyfriend and I don’t think I can stop loving her.


I lock my hands around her waist,she gasped. Her gasp actually made me close my eyes..


“start saying what you memorize” I speaks,with my eyes closed.


“okay….” she breaks her voice and started.


“I thought loving you is harmful!


“Until I find myself sleeping in your warmth,towards your danger,my heart is dauntless”


“Your voice is music to my ears…


“withdrawal was a painful process…


“but I understand this time that your heart belongs to me,truly and that all of you loves all of my red lips like they’ve never loved before” She minced her lines perfectly.


Just one minute and she’s able to cram all those things.


“this girl really amaze me” I said from sleep.


“which girl??? I hear her asking.


“no,no one” I replied and pulled her head to my chest.


★Dylan’s p.o.v★



Walking through the alley of the dark that had always lived in me,my heart still pound slowly.


I won’t rest till I get Nare!


I breathed out as I sneak into Enchanted Mansion.


“don’t ask how I come in???


I actually stole one of the spare key the last time I came to Richie’s house plus I know the password to his automatic smart door..



I sneaked in like the thief I had always been without anybody knowing plus I wore a black outfit.


That same color that match with darkness.


I sneaked in and got to the main door, I twisted the knob and tried the key,it wasn’t opening..


“damn it,how do I enter????


i slam my forehead and passed through the back door.


thank goodness,it was opened.


I got in without making any sounds and slowly tip toed to Nare’s room,it was opened too but no one is there.


I checked the romm opposite it and met her twin sister sleeping peacefully.


I went away……


Asking myself where Nare could be.


“maybe in Richie’s room”


reality got me.


“shut up,she can’t be there! I replied myself and tip toed to Richie’s room, the door was locked,no way I can get in.


I went to the window side and unlocked it, I saw them together on the bed.


Nare was lying on top of Richie with her tiny hands holding his white top.


Richie in turn had his hands on her waist while the duvet was covering them halfly.


“Now, what do I do???


I asked myself.


immediately I ask myself,I felt Richie eyes moving.


“wattttttt,he’s not sleeping!!!!!


“what the f**k????


I clenched my fist and hide beside the window.I can still watch them.



He kissed the sleeping Nare on her lips and remove her hands away from his clothes.Then,he got off the bed and slip his legs halfly into his slippers.


“jeeezzzz,where is he going to???


“did he know am here already???














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