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“Gosh, Richie is here”


I said with fear in my voice while still holding kelvin.


“he’s not going to do anything,we are friends already” he replied.


“kd,am not joking.Just look at Richie’s eyeballs,you will know what am talking about” I said.


He left my hand and turn back to look at Richie, he saw the fire in his eyes and quickly handed me my bag. I collected it and hide behind his back cuz Richie’s looks are really killing.


“Nanare!!! Nara shouted my name, I pop my head out behind kd.


“come here” Richie gestured like he’s going to tear up kd’s flesh for kissing my forehead.


“No,Richie, its not what you think, Kelvin is now a changed person,he’s a friend and not an enemy” I said,he shot me a “keep quiet” glare.


“No,Richie,he helped me today” I said again.



“are you brainwashed or what??? nanara asked while Richie was just sending Kelvin daggers glares.


“Go and meet Richie before he do the worst, he’s not really kind” Kelvin whispered.


“waaatttt,I can’t. Do you want me to die early,his face is pretty hot” I replied,while holding him tight since I just found a friend in him.


Richie looked at the way I held him, guess he was so jealous because he did his lips in a manner that showed anger.


He got to his car and drove away angrily with Elsa and Nara.


“I’m so much dead but at least,am satisfying my friend by making him special.


“why did you not go to him when he ask you to come?? Kelvin diamonds asked.


“nothing” I replied.


“won’t he be angry” he arch both brows.


“NoPe” I replied,popping the p in it.


“he is over possessive,so over possessive that he registered you name with Nanare Miles” he said, I smiled.


“let me drop you then,but please try to get me and Richie back ad friends” he said,I made a reassuring smile and walk to his car since he said he will drope at enchanted mansion.


“soo,am a gentle man” he chuckled and open the car door for me.


“ohhh bestie” I giggled and wanted to enter his car but was pulled back by some


hands that looked like Richie’s own.


He took me in a bridal style.


“wait,but he left already!


“how did he?????


“no way,you’re not entering that goddam car!!


“are you so blind that you can’t see that kd is a real enemy???


“he’s a stranger and a villain!


“I don’t want you anywhere close to him,feelings are not even his friends. “Sadness is not far away from him,


Depression is even trynna fit into his life,he doesn’t have a heart cause if he has


one,he won’t be once cruel!


Richie blurts out.


“you will get punished for allowing him kiss your forehead” he said and made,me startled.


*Richie,am now changed,I don’t mean any harm. Don’t you think it’s high time we stopped this cat and rat sick games,it won’t take us anywhere,instead it will cause destruction and might ruin lives” kd retorts.


Richie shot a “enter your car and leave” glare with superiority.


Kd didn’t disobey.


“I hope you will trust me like you’ve always did before” he said and entered his car,then he drove away.


“Now,your punishment!


Richie snapped.


“what punishment???


“Richie let’s start going home before it starts raining” I uttered.


“yes,that’s your punishment. You’re going to run with me in the rain till we get home” he pouted.


“tell me you’re joking” I said.


“girlfriend, my car is not here,you should know am not joking” he smirks and pulled me along to him in the rain.


“but Richie,your mansion is far from here.Are we not going to collapse before we get home??? I asked, he smiled and continue running. one thing again,he wasn’t leaving me.


“awwww,my leg is hurting already” I mutters.


“its your punishment” he replied.


“but kd helped me” I retorts.


He frowned.


“another punishment for mentioning kd’s name near me,we are going to take a longer route home” he said,I almost choked.


“Richie,let’s stop,I might collapse. Cold water is not really good for my health and besides,a soon to be president like you shouldn’t be seen running under the rain,it looks kinda stupid and childish” I gasped.


He stopped running in the rain and look at me.


“you don’t seem to understand!


he replied and continue running.


I had no other choice than to follow him in the rain.


My right foot hit a stick,it really made,me mistook my steps. Slowly, I slump forward.


“Richie!!!! I screamed.


He stopped and pulled me,making sure that he fell in place,of me. it was my head that ought to hit the stone in front of me but instead,he hit his head on it,making me to fall on him while the,rain poured more.


I guess the pain was intense.


He didn’t open his eyes……


“Richie!!! I called his name, it was not still opening.


“Richie!!!! I called again but got no response.







“Scot,please try to forget sorrows, focus on your wealth.Also don’t open your heart to anyone for now because it might be dangerous” My mom said while rubbing my hairs.



“mom,do you forgive the person that killed our dad and took part of my wealth??? I asked,she started crying.


“did you forgive the person that sent shantel to kill your second son???


“did you forgive those Lucifer’s that broke my heart??? I asked.


“yes,I’ve forgiven them”


she replied while drying her tears..


“well,I haven’t…..


“I’m so gonna kill that idiot that stole half of my inheritance!!!


I said and rushed up the stairs to my room,ignoring the stupid bows am getting from the maids on my way.


I shut my eyes halfly and held my girlfriend close to my heart.


“yes,my diary is my girlfriend!!


I opened to the next page which is “306” and started writing.


“dinner at 7:20” a maid knock at my door.


“not interested” I replied and focused on what I was writing.


Dearest diary,


Maybe am meant to be alone,


Maybe am meant to face all struggles in life all alone.


Maybe no one care about me but pretend to do,


I have loose friends I never imagined would leave me just like that.


Do I have to feel lonely each time am around those people that try to cheer me up…..”


I closed my eyes but the image of the baby doll girl in pink appeared in my memory…


She appeared more beautiful and her image More sharp in my memory…


I remembered,how she drank water with her plum lips pressing on the,mouth of the plastic bottle.



She has the face of a f**king goddess that makes my body to reacts slowly with her..


“what’s this feeling?!??


“no,Scot, she’s a Lucifer – remember, Lucifer’s are extremely beautiful….


I opened my eyes fully and met my mom in my room already.


“why did you close your eyes like that?? “are you thinking of something?? she asked..


“no and I wasn’t closing my eyes” I lied then took my phones before rushing out.




“what’s this feeling,see you are,not looking where you’re going plus you’re closing your eyes” my mom snapped.


“Nothing,am just emotional.Just praying I won’t go into comma again” I replied and descend down the stairs to my living room. I turn on the plastered plasma on the wall.


Seriously,am getting worst with that girls image”. I sigh and look at my ringing phone,it was jenny calling. I pick it up just to hear the gibberish she wants to say.


“Scot,am really sick,am not feeling well” she said on phone.


“I’m not a doctor, stop telling me and don’t you ever call my number” I rolled my eyeballs and hung up.


“such an idiot! I mumbled and fixed my gaze on the television.






“Richie, open your eyes!


“stop pretending you’re dead” Nanare said and touch the,place I hit my head with.


“oouch!! I screamed and touched her hand on my head.


She smiled and stood up,I stood up also and took her to a place with shed so that the rain won’t continue pouring on us.


“I’m actually making you learn the way I was brought up…


Listen, this is what I want you to learn;


Be careful with friends who acts like everything is fine but deep down,its not.Those friends are what we call “beasts”….


“Nanare be careful of beasts in human clothing” I speak to her.


“kd is not a beast” she replied immediately.


*I didn’t say he’s a beast,am just telling you to be careful because I have been in the,midst of friends who are just monsters!


“so who’s the beast?.


she asked.


“I don’t know, I can’t tell who the beast really is” I replied kiss her lower lips slowly and steadily with my hands on her wide hips. She’s really tempting.




“hmm.. Richie this kiss is taking long, don’t you think we should start going home” she said and broke the kiss but I wanted more.


“I’m calling one of my guards to bring my car” I replied and brought out my phone.


“wait,Richie, did you see those people,they are looking at us” Nare said while pointing.


I look at where she is pointing at but didn’t see anything.


“what are you saying..


I asked.



“I saw 6guys with guns hiding there” she said like a scardy cat. I looked where she point to but didn’t see anything.


“Richie, let’s get out of here fast”


she tightened her hold on me.


“no way,we are going to stay here for a while” I replied.


“Richie!!!! she shouted..










watch out and stay tuned.






(drunk in love )



© adesola adeomowole m


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