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“jeeezzzz,did he see me already!


“shit,I must not get caught!


I muttered lowly and watch him slip his feet into his sliver laided slippers.


“what next??? I crackled my brain and hide beside the unlock window, making sure that my hands were resting on the window rod. His phone rang, hr pick it up and checked the caller ID.



“guess its an unknown number” I thought because he didn’t pick the call.He just look at the phone and leave it on the table stand.


He left the room…..


I was damn scared.I came here for his treasure room key and that key is there beside his phone.


“what if I enter through the window and he catch me????


“aaaah,it will be so bad!!! I slammed my forehead.


Just immediately, he came back and was wearing a royal robe.Another one was on his right hand.


That one belongs to a girl.


“why is he holding it????


I asked myself,them watch in silence.


He squat beside Nare on the bed and took off her hair warmer,after that,he removed the duvet over her.


I was shocked at the glowing skin that I saw. So fresh,clear and spotless.


He sent his fingers into her top and took it off…


Nare was sleeping all this while….


He removed her top,she was now left in a white singlet.


“why all this??? my body got jealous with my soul.


Slowly,he lifted her up and slip the royal robe into her body.


After that,he made her sleep well,making sure that he roll her long hair perfectly into a bun.He then use the purple duvet all over her.


“what a cute appearance in sleep???


i drooled at how she looks in sleep. so innocent and tender like the goddess that she is.


Richie took his phones and pushed chocolates into his mouth before joining Nare on the huge bed.


he didn’t sleep,he sat and make his back touch the bed gold built furniture.


“I don’t think my plan will work here??


“what me and Skyler did to Scot was really successful, I hope it works for Richie! I scoffed,my hand mistakenly hit the window.It sounded out,that sound made Richie look at the window.


“phew…..I hope I don’t get caught!


i still peep through the window side, Ritchie was staring at the window,I bet it if he


see me.


“definitely not!!!


He wanted to stand up but his phone distracted him and so he remain on the bed.


He pick his calls.


“Alberto, what’s the problem??


he said clearly into the phone while using his other hand to cover Nare’s body.


“Alberto, I can’t hear what you’re saying? he said again.


I guess the line went off because of connection problem.


He wanted to stand up again but his phone prevent him by ringing.


“I saw,it already!


“you can inform Gilbert Andrew about what have decide because am not going back to something less than that.He should be able to pay 900,000,000,000rupee naira notes”.


I heard Richie saying again.


I almost fainted.


“that money is just so much!!!!!


I covered my mouth so I would over come the shock quickly.


“Yeah,you have good luck….


“Gilbert is paying 1000,000,000,000 rupees!! Albert reply made me choke.


“why don’t you try him??? Alberto sounded like he’s begging Richie for a deal that will benefit him.


“wait,I will call you later” Richie reply and cut the call.I quickly hide beside the window,making sure that I didn’t leave traces behind.



Right on the bedroom drawer was the key that I came for.I blinked my lashes at the key,I will cart away with all his treasures if I should get that key.


Richie took the key and kept it in his robe pocket like he knew,someone is after it.


“shit!!!! I know it won’t be possible.


“To get Nare back is so hard,


“To get his treasures is extremely difficult!!! My mind raced as I watch him with deep hatred.


“okay,am interested.


“should I call Gilbert or you’re gonna call him??? he speaks into his phone.


“yeah,I’m timing to call him now’ Albert replied,he hung up.


My body shakes and drown in hatred.


“why is he becoming more rich each passing day ????


“or is it because of Nare????


my eyes fell on the sleeping Nare whose red lips was glued together in sleep.


“No,it can’t be her.Richie was rich already before he met her,he built this huge mansion when he was 19years. it can’t be because of Nare! Again,my hand mistakenly hit the window rod.


it was more loud, so loud that it made Richie suspicious.


“who’s there??? he queried.


“why are you hiding there and how long have you been there??? he asked with visible coldness in his voice.


I know what is going to happen,so I fled away.


He turn the hallway light but I had long gone.







I felt some hands caging me to my bed,it was so tender like my skin. I opened my eyes,it was Elsa.


She’s actually covering me with the duvet.


“did you use your drugs??? she asked.


“No,Elsa” I replied.


“why?? she asked back.


“its mid night so I don’t think its necessary” I replied but she was still standing there beside my bed.


“Nara,that drug is meant to be used every 8hours so as to reduce your heart seizure” Elsa said,I pretend as if I was sleeping.


That’s my life.


Me,painting and sleep are best friend, but this Elsa is trying to act as my possessive granny,making me to remember that I have bad luck when it comes to mother.


“use your drug,please!


“Not using it might make your breathing rate slow,probably leading to death” she lamented.


“I know” I replied sadly and took the drugs from her,I took it and wanted to go back to sleep.


“you have a grandma?? she asked.


“yes,granny amber” I gasped the name of my grandma.




“is it Amber Alice Jaiho??? she asked.




“why do you want to know??? I asked,curiously.


“please tell me” Elsa persisted.


“my granny is not Amber Jaiho. only kings and queens bear Jaiho. We are poor,my granny said our father died poor,perhaps the poorest” I shrugged, not wanting to get broken with my background. Its just so sad to recollect.



“can you just tell me your grandmother’s name??? she queried.


“Amber Alyssa Mia” I replied.


she slam her for head and stood away from my bed.


“gosh,she’s crying already!!!!


“ma’am Elsa” I called her name, she turned and look at me with tears in her eyes.


“why crying????


Her face really looks like whenever me and Nare cry but its just that our dimples are more deep than each others own.


“what’s happening???


“what can be happening?????


Elsa cried the more and left my room.





next day,morning


★Mhesha’s p.o.v


“you’re just a dull swine!!!


“what do you know how to do??




“just nothing!!!


“you’re terrible at first impression!!!


I yelled at Dylan who was with me in our living room with Tasha, jenny and Alisha.


“mhesha,calm down! Alisha said.


“calm down for what!!! I yelled,she shouted calm down and made my anger suppress.


“gosh,still can’t believe I will be disgraced publicly in the next one month by that poor thing!!


“by that poor dirty low lifeless bane!!! I rant till my voice denied me.



“you’re talking about popularity,


“what do you want me to say or do??


“Nare mustn’t get recognized publicly


“I have one month to get her back to the village,one month to make her my wife!!! Dylan said, I smirks.


“what do you mean by that???


Tasha asked.


“you won’t understand!!


Dylan replied with tears like blood in his eyeballs.


“hope Richie forgives me for betraying our friendship,he’s just so kind and does not deserve what am doing to him! Dylan said,I scoffed proudly.


I desperately want that poor thing out of enchanted mansion because she doesn’t deserve Richie.


She’s not even worth to be his maid not to talk of girlfriend” I rolled my eyeballs arrogantly.


“so what do we do??? Alisha suggested.


“only kd can help! Dylan said.


“arrgh,why kd???


“can’t Scot help???


“Scot is close to Xavier and sir Xavier is a rated top in Indian,he mustn’t know that people like Richie roll with Nare!


“Scot can help us,tell Xavier about Nare” Alisha suggested.


“Jenny can help us tell Scot about Nare! Alisha said, I saw sense in what she said.


“Jenny,there’s sense in what lisha is saying” I raise my brows.


“it can’t work!!!


“me and Scot are not in good terms, we broke up already! jenny said. “why don’t you threaten Scot to do it or does he not loves you anymore??


I asked,knowing fully well that scot loves jenny.


Jenny kept quiet.


“is he in love with another person???


I asked.


Jenny stood up and run out of our midst immediately.


“don’t put scot in this,it will be dangerous because he had been duped already” Dylan smirked.


“what do we do??? I asked but got no answers.










(I know U can’t love me)




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