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“should I stare back or run away??


“what if Mhesha catch me????


“ohh god,what do I do????


“because Sir Rich is coming more closer to me!!!


“mhesha is not going to take,it lightly if she finds out.


I breathe in and out while holding the knob lightly even if it won’t open, it should at least be my shield for now.


Rich stopped moving close to me when he,noticed that I was visibly shaking.Then, he went and sat on a low pub.


I was a little bit relieved.


I turned back and met him staring T my hands with the way it rested on the knob.


“Nanare you’re just wasting your time. if only you know how opportuned you’re” he speak slowly, my heart bit subsided.


“How am I oppurtuned??


“how did he even get to know my name??


I wondered,terrified.


“You’re a twin” he said and loosened his red bandana.


“Noooo,don’t find out about me!!


“Finding out about me will only cause me and my twins more troubles” I speak back. He kept quiet and rub his temples.


“why is it that you’re always scared whenever am around you???


“is my wealth too pronounced,am I too harsh or what???


he asked,I don’t even know what to answer him.


“or should I tell him about mhesha and Lisha???


I closed my eyes, not knowing what to say.


I opened them and met him standing in my presence.


“appa stop!!!


“Sir rich don’t take off your rings and expensive wrist watch!!


I mumbled,he wasn’t answering.


“Nare,let me get you educated”


“I don’t want to disappoint my dad and the entire citizens of India at large. Just let me get you educated because of my movie script!!


“I promise nothing will come in between us in the course of doing that.


“No intimidacy,


“No relationship between us!!!


“just make my script complete!!


Sir Rich started begging me,I felt cold shivers running down my spines. It looked exactly as if ices were dropped on my skin pores.


I opened my mouth so I could say something but my words were really floating.


“Don’t worry, I will protect you!!


“No one will find out that you’re with me.” Richie said,making another big bang to recreate itself in my memory.


For a start,I realized that he was standing in my presence and he was even holding my hands.


“How soon???



I hijacked my hands from his grip.


“I’m not interested!!!


“I’m not doing!!


“its not my wish neither is it where I belong to!!


I replied.


I rushed to the door,it was still locked.


“I know this is a trap for you to get me..


“I should come and. ……be ……appearing in your……scripts!!!


“what if wicked villians come running to get me….


“we can’t fool everybody!!!


I said,he kept quiet and wasn’t saying anything.


just then,the door opened.


A cute young guy came in, it looks like he came looking for Sir Rich.


“sir,is it going the we planned??


he asked Rich.


“Alberto,its not.She’s more strong headed than I thought. She’s not gonna allow me use her for ENCHANTED” Richie replied him.


The guy faced me and sigh.


“Nare do you know that this is an opportunity for you!!


“With Richie begging you is another greater opportunity!! he said,I drop my head down.


“if that’s the case,


“Richie you need to put all hands on deck because KD(another Diamond member) is now in Indian,probably wanting to take your rightful possessions.


“You need to trend smarter now because the while of Indian is now at your feet!!


Alberto said,Richie wasn’t saying anything.


Alberto faced me,I looked away.


“I understand you and your plight but this is still not the end of the world!!


he said,I nod my head negatively because I will not still agree.


Me that I’m still recovering from the beating Mhesha and Alisha give to me.


“I’m not doing!!


“I’m not even interested a bit!!


I lied,and quickly made my way to the door.



“ARE you sure you’re not interested?? Richie’s voice came up in a soft whisper.


I didn’t reply.


“Rich,I’m sure she has made up her mind” Alberto said.


“I’m not asking you,I’m asking her!!


Richie said bluntly and stared at me.


“Are you interested??


he asked,waiting for an answer.


“Nothing is gonna happen to you!!


“you will be staying in the enchanted mansion!!


“I will buy many clothes and expensive things for you!!


“Anything you wish for will be yours!


Sir Rich started begging me.


“Nare’s please!!!!!


“100zillion is not a small money, not to even talk of the fames and popularities that will follow.” Alberto said and went on his kneels.


“say yes!!!


Alberto said.




“I’m not sure I will cope…


“what about my twin sister??


I asked.


“mhesha won’t do anything to her!!


Alberto replied,still on his kneels.


“okay,yes! I finally breathed out.


Albeto stood up while Richie slam his forehead and exchanged puzzled glabce with Alberto.


The two smiled.


it seems they understand each other better.


“okay,follow me!! Rich commanded.


Like a fool in the christian doom,I followed him,forgetting that i have issues with mhesha.


He took another direction that will take us to the last floor.


“sir,this is not where I passed earlier, its this way!! I objected.


“all the same just follow me! he ordered.


I stopped and didn’t follow him.


“how do I tell him that I don’t know how to climb long stairs??


“any problem?? he arched his brows.


“nothing!! i replied and managed to get to where he was with shaking legs.


“sorry,my legs are not as strong as yours” I said,he nodded and took my hands.


“your walk is taking long.Should I carry you??? he asked.


“No! i replied and climb the stairs slowly till we got to the last floor,straight away to the parking lots.


Beside his car,a red car was packed beside it.


We got to his car, the person in the other car step out,he was actually wearing spectacles.


on his clothes were inscribe KD.


He smirks at Richie.


“Richie,its never written in the Diamond rules to speak nor walk with commoners not to even talk of using them in what we do!!! he said, Richie blinked his lashes.


“I belongs to the miles, not the Diamonds……


“I only bear Diamonds In my name because the Indian citizens felt that is what suppose to be!!


“they really look up to me and hold me in high self esteem!!!


Richie replied.KD couldn’t say anything.


“Nare,meet me in the car!! Rich ordered.


“if you know you’re who you are,follow him!! KD seethed.


I didn’t move, it just felt as of my feet was glued to the floor.


“Nare,I’m taking to you!!


Rich stretch forth his hands.


“okay sir!!! I replied and walked closer so I can take his hands.


I was quick to have fixed my hands into his.


“Not so fast!!!!


KD replied and separated me from Richie by yanking my left hands.



Richie wasn’t saying anything,


he just smiled.


I knew it right from time that this is the beginning of trouble.


I just pray it won’t last long……












(all of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



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