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*****KD p.o.v********


Darkness clungs to the innermost layer of my eyes,ready to lick Richie up in his fury as he held the commoner.


“its none of your business how I do my things!!!


Richie speak,it sounded like an angle speaking.It got to a certain point that I started asking myself if he fell from heaven.


Everything about him just look really natural.



no facials,nothing nothing and he just look exactly like Seven Miles while his lips resembles that of Beauty Dana.


Sincerely speaking,I have this cold and harsh inner hatred for him.


I’m not always happy with whatever he’s doing and my main point of coming down to india is to steal his golden script that was titled ENCHANTED.


“that script really worth zillions of rupee!!.


“kd,I see what you’re doing!!


Richie uttered,making me to jerk away from my thought.


He glanced at the way I held the commoner tightly and gave me a simple look to leave her alone. I presented as if I didn’t understand the look and held the poor girl hand tightly.


“KD,you’re hurting her!!!


“you’re fingers are piercing into her tender skin pores!!!.


Richie uttered,trying not to sound harsh.


He’s a very hot tempered being who always try his possible best not to show his anger because if he do,am very certain no one will be able to hold him.


Its only Alberto that can hold me a little bit just because they’ve been together for years.


Alberto is the person Severn miles assign to watch over Richie inevitaes.


Aside that,he’s also meant to act as a mentor.


“sir Rich, he’s hurting me!!


“my hands hurts a lot!!


the poor girl sobbed,Richie’s eyeballs started turning blue till it became as blue as a sea that even the storm will turn the sea.


“KD,let go of her hands!!!


Richie said,trying not to shout but the angers were visibly hovering in his voice.


I wouldn’t still listen.


instead,I glance at the creature I was holding hands with…


she was damn struggling her hands off my tight hold with a shaking lips.


Those lips were so pure,red and natural.


I find myself lost in her lips….


that I forgot that Richie was standing before her.


“I think I know how to deal with you!!


Richie said and clenched his fists.


I left the girl’s hands because I don’t wanna see Richie’s angry side.


I left her hands,


she stopped crying and ran in a fast way to Richie’s side.


She actually hugged Richie unexpectedly that all her long hair flow backwards.


I stood shocked.


How soon?????


Richie doesn’t like girls….


He’s the head of the diamonds and ought to know the rules more.


“what will the members of the Diamonds say if they find out that a commoner is hugging Richie not to even talk of holding hands together?




Diamonds is a group formed by the top richest family in India.


Richie,Scout,Dylan and I are members with Richie being our leader.


Now,this is the main reason why I hate Richie.


Firstly, it was like this…..


when the diamond group was created,a leader needs to be nominated….


Richie and I wealth are equal so its either Richie become the leader or I become the leader but instead,the remaining members gave flimsy reasons and made Richie the leader.


I became solemn and keep quiet.


then,the Indians need to nominate the next president after Seven Miles.


Again, Richie and I made it….


but instead, the media choose Richie just because he’s more cute and he has the perfect figure of what the Indians wants in a president.


These reasons coupled together made me downcasted that I suddenly became jealous and forget how to live.



I became harsh to the core of the dead….


I was introduced to the word of the drug lords too…..


commoners became my worst enemies because they made,me remember how much things I’ve lost in life.


“its so sad that a pity man has to die in a pity way.


“Richie,the diamonds must hear this!!


I mumbled as the girl flung her straight hands around Richie’s neck with fear written all over her body.


“Richie didn’t you heard what I said??


I blurted out.


“so,I should kill myself???


he replied and made the girl to hide behind his back.


I fume in anger and brought out my phone,he smirks and drag the poor girl to his car before I could even think of taking their pictures.


“I lost this opportunity too!!!


I mumbled inwardly and got into my car also.


“maybe its not the right time to report them to the top most head of the Diamonds because I don’t have a prove!!


I puffed out air and walked to my car.


*****Nanara Nara*******


“where’s Nare????


“its been 15hours now and she’s not back!!!


“any idea of where she is????


Alisha asked as she climb down the stairs all wrapped in an orange towel jacket.


“I don’t even have an idea about her whereabouts” Gangaa replied with a bow.


“and you’re sure this is not planned by you???


Natasha pointed out…….


“no,I don’t know where my twin sister is!!


I replied with a bow.


“Nara hope this escape is not planned by you!! Alisha grumbled with her eyes blood shot.



“i don’t know!! I replied.



“then who???


mhesha fumed, arrogantly.


“we said we don’t know!!


“how many times are we gonna say it????


“and you’re asking as if you really care about her!!


Elenore blurted out to the idols angrily.


“who are you talking too??? Natasha furrowed her eyebrows and shot Natasha on her forehead.




Elenore shouted in pains and fell to the floor with blood oozing out of her head.


“Now,who planned Nare’s escape??


Natasha asked.


I swallowed my saliva and didn’t say anything.


“talk or I kill you all!!!


Mhesha blurted out,no one spoke.


“for the last time,who planned Nare’s escape??? Mhesha asked and tap her gun slowly and steadily on the table stand.


No one talk…..


we don’t want to get killed just as Elenore got shot.


*****Richie Miles*******


“is she that emotional that she can’t withstand small pain???


“I just pray things will work out as Alberto and I planned.


I still had my face fixed on the road with Nare’s sitting beside me on the drivers seat.


suddenly,my phone started beeping..


I glance at it,it was KD…


I puffed out air and cut the call.


Few seconds later,he called again….


I clenched my fists together on the steering and switch off my phone finally.


I continue driving through the long highway till I finally get to spint into my mansion.


I drove straightaway to the mansion and packed my car while the gates slam back automatically.




“please make me competent enough to keep the golden cover page of enchanted safely!! I prayed silently and turn sideways, Nare had already slept.


she had her face sealed to the window while her lashes stuck out to it.


“what do I do now???


“carry her or wake her up???


I asked myself.


“nope waking her up will do because I promise her that there will be no intimidacy nor relationship.


I sigh and tapped her shoulders lightly,she opened her eyes and used her palms to rub them.


“I know!!


she replied and open the car door.


I step out from the other side too and told my guards to retreat.


They nodded and left.


“follow me!! I pointed out to nare.


she nodded and started looking at the mansion in awe.


“is this where you stay??


she asked,slowly..


“follow me!! I replied…


she nod and walked slowly beside me.


She walk small,then she stopped.


“sir Rich, I don’t think I can cope??


she said and open her eyes wildly.


“you will cope!! I replied.


“no,I can’t! she replied and made a u-turn….


she started running towards the gate.



“my mind say that Nare you won’t cope!! she startled.



“hey,you will cope!!


I replied and drag her back by her wrist.


“how sure are you that I will cope??


she asked and part her red lips wildly and waited patiently for an answer.




I didn’t know what to answer her because I already got lost in her sight not to even talk of the lips.


“no relationship,Richie”


my mind reminded me….


I managed to hold myself and tried to get my eyes off her lips..


“90% sure!! I replied.


“no,you’re lying???


she replied and did her lips in a more tempting and inviting way…..


“is this girl really human????


I still couldn’t get to say anything….


she had already trap all of my attentions into her lips.


“I wish this will end So that we can just part ways.


“you see,I will not cope!!


she said and tried to avoid my gaze but it was damn impossible.


“so,you want to go back to where you’re always being punished!!


“I thought you’re gonna endure it all and make your money!!


I retorted,she kept quiet and did her lips in that same inviting and tempting way.


She raised her head and tilted her jaws.


“let me show you were you’re gonna stay” I said.


“okay” she nodded and started following me.


We got to the stairs and started walking side by side with our shoulders brushing each other.


Suddenly,she screamed.





“I will fall!!!!


she shouted as her body fling backwards just because her left foot missed a step.


“i will fall!!!


she screamed out loud with her hands flowing freely in the air.


“you will wound yourself!!


I screamed back and jump into her so that I will fall in place of her.


we ended up falling on the last stairs.


“is this a joke or what???


She made me wound my nose.


“sir rich,is it painful??


she asked and press her fingers against my nose.


“no! I replied,trying not to be harsh because she was still lying on me with her hands wrapped all over me.


“is she that scared???


“what about like this??


she asked and,pressed my nose the more.


“stop!! i replied and held her fingers.




“sir rich am sorry!!!!


“i didn’t mean to fall on you!!!


she gasped.


“but you’re still laying on me” i replied,she widen her eyes.


“i will stand up,am sorry”


she apologized and stood away from me slowly….


She lost her balance again and fall even more heavily on me with her nose and lips almost close to mine.


“is this some joke or what???

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I closed my eyes,


she closed her eyes….


I opened them,she opened her own too…..




“you see why I said I can’t cope!!


she mumbled and press my nose in a way that pain me.




“KD is outside,should we allow him in!!


one of my guards came in and met Nare and I in that awful position.




“he will hurt me!!


Nare mumbled and stood away from me totally….


she crossed her long hands around her body and came to hide behind my back.


“is she really human????










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